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Screenshot Let's Play General A (100%) World of Light Nuzlocke (COMPLETE)

Thread Description
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Hard Mode (100% Completed 3/24)


Metal dragon bird/Smash ‘locker
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Nov 12, 2019
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This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also writes and is a huge fan of Smash Bros.
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Today we clear out most of the remaining fights.

@redninjapuffle: Definitely agree on both of those.

@KirbySSU: Huh, I thought if you lost a character in the final battle, the next one just spawned onstage after a moment. Remind me to look later.
That makes sense, but I wonder why they waited until Ultimate to cut them, if that's the case?

@DestinyDragonGS: Someone did say you can skip the Crazy Hand fights, but I remember fighting that one (it was in part 15). The only thing I can think of is that maybe opening that dojo confused the game and made it respawn? I have no clue what happened :psyduck:

@Neosonic97: Yeah, Giga Mac is definitely up there. I take that fight on today, and...there is a casualty.
Oh wow, that is really interesting (and a sad backstory.) Also NetNavis sound like they would be helpful in our world for elderly people who don't understand the internet.
...When will people learn trying to contact aliens is a really bad idea? They're lucky Omega was a traitor.
Also, an organic Mega Man? That sounds really weird, but kind of cool at the same time.
*watches video*
...Holy crap, you weren't kidding when you said she was an idiot ._.
Do you have a video of the hardest battle (in your opinion)?
Hundreds of fangames? And I thought Pokémon had a lot o_o
And mangas too? Not sure if I'm more impressed or frightened by how big the series is...
Don't worry, you'll find one eventually :fingerscrossed:
At least they're starting to make them obtainable. Still wish Arceus would be legit sometime...
Question: I still think The Boss is the hardest fight in WoL, mainly because it's the one I remember struggling with the most (it's timed Stamina with a poison floor, and she gets Defense buffs). Giga Mac and Dr. Wily are very close seconds though, and Pauline is up there as well. Geno is brutal too since it's 5-on-1 and timed.

Well, our roster's fully complete. Now to clean up the rest of the game.


Missed the screenshot, but first up is Dunban.


He was easy. There's a chest behind him:


A little late for an enhanceable, but it's not bad.


Oh boy...this is gonna be rough. Although I did see a Youtuber inadvertently cheese this fight when Ridley tried to side-B him. Maybe I'll get lucky?


Nope. But we both have FSes and a lot of damage, so this is gonna come down to who lines up right and pushes B first...


...or a random up-air can kill 🤷‍♂️
Did not expect that, but I'll take it.

We get another chest for it:


Useless. At least in New Game+ the music chests give you SP instead.

Next stop, The Final Battle.


Bubblegum pink Greninja makes me cringe hard.


Much easier than the last fight.


And done. Not sure why they used Greninja instead of Inklings, but whatever.


...I always think "Naked Snake" means he's actually naked, and get confused that he isn't, even though I don't want to see Snake naked 😐


This is another of those "kill the original when they all look the same" fights.


Got kind of lucky there since I forgot which one it was. Luckily it wasn't a timed fight.


I know people shit on Slippy's character a lot, but from what I've seen of the series, Pigma is a million times worse. He's like 100x more annoying than Slippy, and considering he's actually the one responsible for whatever happened to Fox's dad...


Out of my sight. I really didn't want to use Ness, but it's in the rules...


What game is this from? And why am I not surprised to see a Snake teammate, and not just because he's a solider?
*pulls out soapbox*
Samus/Snake is one of the most popular ships in the Smash fanfic community (at least on FFN), along with Samus/Captain Falcon. It gets kind of annoying after a while...but it's not as bad as the relentless FE characters (especially the boys)/Link/Pit/Shulk ships.
Have some creativity, writers! You have 80+ characters to work with!
(Noting that I'm an avid reader who does do a little writing myself, but I haven't posted any of it. Shipping doesn't really bother me, I'm just sick of the same 10 or so characters constantly being shipped, when there's so many others that could be used.)
*puts the soapbox away*


Not hard.


This is cute in a weird way.


I took this shot because I thought it was funny how little the Mii was.


Unfortunately for it, being tiny made it die quickly.


...Is it bad if the only robot named EVE I know of is from WALL-E?


Who's gonna get an FS first?


Never mind, he's dead.


Luckily this isn't a required fight, because it's easily a top 10, if not top 5 hardest in the game.


It didn't go very well, but at least I got this, so maybe it'll kick him off the side?


No, but maybe the second will do it?


Oh no, Ness is dead. [/sarcasm]
Good riddance, to be honest. I can honestly say I don't care.

But that raises the question, how do I win this fight?


Maybe Simon will do better thanks to the same-series boost?


So far, so good.


I ended up flubbing the FS, but I think this may work...


And it did. I think Simon might be the biggest surprise of the run-he's done a lot better than I expected, especially since I don't play him/Richter very much.


Anyone think Eggman might be a potential new fighter in the future? Also, I really don't like this fight either.


I love the Gust Bellows 😈
(I thought this might turn into another "use Jigglypuff as a sac" battle, but given how that turned out last time, maybe it would work again?)


...Well, that was easy.


This should've been one of his alts instead of that pee-colored one.


I was so freaking pumped when they added Crocodile Cacophony as a track in Ultimate. This may be unpopular, but I like it more than Gangplank Galleon, although both are great.


And this fight is incredibly well-done too. But I've never really found it that hard, to be honest.




Do you think HGSS Lt. Surge was intentionally redesigned to resemble him, since they're similar (both American military)?
Also, he has the best music.


And finally, Min Min gets a turn.

(A/N: Should mention this now given the date of posting: no, I'm not using Steve or Sephiroth in this run-I meant to finish it in 2020 before either one came out. Also, I don't like Steve...but Sephiroth is awesome.)

As for the fight, well...it was rough. I wanted to get rid of Guile first, but that was a bad idea because he's tough, especially up-close. I finally gave up and went after Falcon instead, but it may have been too late...


...or she can narrowly take the win. Would have been really sad if she'd went down in her first fight.

With The Final Battle clear (minus the bad endings since I'm saving them for last), now we have to clear out the fights I intentionally avoided.


A few are in the Mysterious Dimension, and then the rest are in the Light Realm.


This guy creeps me out. Just look up his first appearance and how uncomfortably close he gets to Link, which ends up looking like he wants to seduce Link instead of fight him.
He is a good AT, though.


Restraining order served.


Kid Dracula was also easy.


So I have a funny story about this: I didn't know this form of Master Core existed for a long time. I was Skype chatting some friends on here (remember when that was a thing?), and just happened to be doing Classic at 7.0 for the first time. Needless to say, I spazzed in the chat because it was a shock.
(I did win, though. Still haven't tried anything above 7.0*, so I've never fought Master Fortress...I should probably do that sometime. Also, wtf is Master Core exactly? Was hoping we'd get some answers either before or when Ultimate came out, but nope...)

*in Smash 4. I have two characters in Ultimate (K. Rool and Wolf) who've cleared 9.9, and a few others (Falco, Lucario, Greninja) in the low-mid 9s.


Not too bad.


Why does dark matter look like an anime swordsman?


Back to Simon for the series boost.


Fuck off, Nightmare.


I think I spammed specials while it was dark, and apparently it worked.


So back in the Light Realm, the first thing I noticed was that I skipped a couple of fights in the space area where Falco was. Not sure how I missed this one.




She needs to put some pants on. Also, again with making the fight look like an overused ship 😒


I did skip this one intentionally since it's pretty tough.


Sometimes that's the best strategy, since it was easy at this point.

Ten fights left. Seems like a good place to stop for now.

Game stats:
Fights cleared: 605 (98.37%)
Fighters alive: 73
Fighters lost: 7​


Next time, we take on the five horsemen of the Smashpocalypse: Pauline, Geno, The Boss, Krystal, and Dr. Wily.
(If you're wondering, the other five remaining fights are James McCloud, Ashley, one near Ashley that's a Falco (I think it's an Animal Crossing character), and the two bad endings.)
The plan is to take on the eight remaining spirits, then (assuming I get through all those fights) do the two bad endings, then win the true final battle one more time to close the run out.

You'll have to wait to find out... *evil laugh*

Question of the update: how has your experience with online Smash been, if you've tried it?
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The Fastest Thing Alive
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Aug 9, 2019
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Capable of casually moving faster than the speed of sound. His top speed is unknown, though some theorise it to be faster than light itself.
By 'the hardest fight', do you mean in Touhou? I dunno about hardest fight (That one's obviously subjective), but I can definitively give you a video for the universally agreed upon hardest attack in the series.

This link leads to a video showcasing what is referred to by the fans as 'Gengetsu R*** Time'. Basically, in the fourth game, Lotus Land Story, the Extra Stage Boss, Gengetsu, has a phase on her last attack that starts if you take too long to beat it. It fills the screen with so many fast-moving bullets that losing three lives, including using all the bombs from said three lives (Bombs clear the screen and make you temporarily invulnerable) is considered excellent play.

The only attack in the series that feasibly comes close to Gengetsu's final timeout phase would be a move I've linked to before- Remilia Scarlet's "Fitful Nightmare" from Impossible Spell Card... but you have Seija's 'cheat items' to assist with dodging it if needs be.

For MegaMan.EXE's backstory, he literally is Hub, Lan's twin brother. Basically, originally MegaMan.EXE's DNA was exactly like Hub's, and thus Lan's (since the pair were basically identical twins), but because of this, it caused Lan and MegaMan.EXE to develop a telepathic link. This made MegaMan.EXE far more powerful (to the point where MegaMan.EXE is widely considered to be the most powerful Mega Man by a wide margin), and Lan capable of operating him through thoughts alone, but it came with some big risks- due to their link, Lan and MegaMan.EXE essentially mirror each others' physical states, meaning any damage MegaMan.EXE takes, Lan does too, and vice-versa. Naturally, Yuichiro didn't want to put Lan's life at risk like that, so he made a tiny, miniscule change to MegaMan.EXE, and sealed the original data away in a program called Hub.bat, which, when run, reverts MegaMan.EXE to the original state as Hub. More specifically, the slight change is his eye colour: MegaMan.EXE has green eyes, whereas Lan has brown eyes. They only learn this when MegaMan.EXE was mortally wounded, and Hub.bat was used to heal him, while also granting him a massive power boost. In later games, he gains the ability to tap into insane amounts of power through this link, commonly entering a form referred to as Hub Style.

To explain a bit more detail about Star Force Mega Man, while he is fully organic insofar as he's not a machine or data (he is part flesh and blood human after all), Star Force Mega Man's body is made up of Electromagnetic waves, more akin to Omega-Xis' body. This lets him enter machinery for various purposes. These include fixing malfunctioning machinery, hunting down rogue EM beings or even surviving in the Internet when he had to travel back 200 years in time to stop somebody from messing up the timeline, only to end up accidentally getting into a fight with MegaMan.EXE. Yes. this is canon.

Also, to be fair to the people of the MMSF world, it was more because the king of the FMians, Cepheus (FMians are named after constellations) was EXTREMELY paranoid and believed that humans would betray him, so he attacked them first (It's noted that attempts on Cepheus' life were common while he was young [from friends and family members, no less], so his paranoia was not unwarranted). It wasn't until Geo destroyed Andromeda, Planet FM's planet-eating superweapon, that Cepheus finally starts getting over his paranoia- notably through Geo actually empathising with him- like the FMian king, Geo was, at first, also afraid of making friends. To quote Geo on the subject:

"I shouldn't bother trusting others to begin with if they'll just betray me in the end... I thought the exact same thing."

MMSF probably has the best character development arc of any of the Mega Man series.

I mostly only go online when New Toy Syndrome strikes (read: A new DLC character comes out). Most recently, it's been with the One-Winged Angel himself.
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Mr Spaz

I caught the big– OH SHIT
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Jul 6, 2019
Under your bed. I found $50
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I don't think I've ever tried to do the Giga Mac fight as intended. I always just cheese it by running close to the blast zone, waiting for him to run up to me, and then just back throwing him over the blast line for instant kill. Ness is actually really good at fighting him that way.


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Jul 9, 2019
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This Pokemon is very relaxed and enjoys analyzing things. This Pokemon is also quick to snark at anything that gives it an opportunity
Young Samus is from Other M. We don't talk about that game.

From what I've played of smash online. It functions. I actually have pretty good internet so it doesn't really lag for me but I've heard the horror stories.


Conqueror of the Fuchsia Gym
Team Alpha
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Jun 30, 2019
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Young Samus is from Other M. We don't talk about that game.

From what I've played of smash online. It functions. I actually have pretty good internet so it doesn't really lag for me but I've heard the horror stories.

Hey now, Other M is a fascinating game to talk about. Perfect storms of awful decision-making like that are rare, and ones that come out of franchises as established as Metroid even rarer.

I haven't tried Smash's online gameplay, despite playing a whole lot of the game over the past couple years. I guess I don't see the point in investing my time and money when I know the netcode can't handle network instability. At minimum, I'd be dropping the cash for a Nintendo Online subscription, and if I wanted to try and make my connection more stable to avoid ping spikes I'd be dropping another $13 or so on a 3rd-party ethernet adapter because Nintendo decided to leave an Ethernet port off the dock. No thanks, I'll pass.


The Fastest Thing Alive
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Aug 9, 2019
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Capable of casually moving faster than the speed of sound. His top speed is unknown, though some theorise it to be faster than light itself.
Hey now, Other M is a fascinating game to talk about. Perfect storms of awful decision-making like that are rare, and ones that come out of franchises as established as Metroid even rarer.

That is, unless your franchise's name is Sonic the Hedgehog, anyway. How Sega and Sonic Team managed to so colossally screw up not once but TWICE is beyond me (specifically, Sonic '06 and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric). I'm a huge Sonic fan, and tend to see good things about nigh-universally hated games in the Franchise (I actually enjoyed Sonic and the Secret Rings enough to 100% it), but even I can't defend those two dumpster fires. Even Sonic Forces was merely disappointing.
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Metal dragon bird/Smash ‘locker
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Nov 12, 2019
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This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also writes and is a huge fan of Smash Bros.
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Today, we take on the final few spirits. They include five of the hardest in the game...

@Neosonic97: Eh, hardest fight or attack, either's fine.
...Excuse me what was that attack??? O_O
And that person actually won? 😱
Fitful Nightmare is terrifying too! I thought fighting Sans looked brutal, but those...*violently shudders*
Oh wow, MM.EXE has a really neat (and sad) backstory. It's nice that he was still able to be with his brother though, and it sounds like it helped him fight too.
So Star Force MM is kind of like a Rotom? Also lmao that he ended up fighting .EXE.
...Ok Cepheus sounds a lot like me to be honest (I don't like opening up since it always got me hurt when I was younger, so I stopped trying). Maybe not quite on the level of what he went through, but...and I can relate to Geo as well.
That makes sense, although I feel like that would end up in nothing but ditto matches of the new character. Could be a good way to practice though.

@Mr Spaz: That probably would work a lot better than trying to fight him directly...I just get worried that I'd either accidentally roll over the blast zone and die or he'd just shove me over it. I guess I should've tried it since Ness is a character I don't mind losing, but...

@DestinyDragonGS: Oh, she's from that game? Maybe she should stay there...I haven't played it, but I've heard it's a dumpster fire (I have seen the "Samus BSODs when she sees Ridley" scene though).
Lucky, my internet used to be good but since the pandemic it's gone to crap.

@novadex: I just don't get how they screwed up so badly...I feel like Other M had potential but I've heard they royally blew the execution.
Don't bother with the online, it's not worth the money. You would think Nintendo would have at least tried to improve it, especially once the pandemic happened since a lot more people would be using it, but apparently they don't care...then again, given how they treat the competitive scene, it's not super surprising. I'm not even a competitive player and I think the way Nintendo treats them sucks.

Question: I never tried online in Brawl or 4. I had no intention of ever trying it in Ultimate either, but then corona happened and I thought it might be a nice distraction, especially since watching people on Youtube play made it look like fun. And I already had an online subscription from buying SMM2, so there wasn't any extra cost.
So I gave it a try...and the experience has been probably the least fun I've ever had in 21 years of playing Smash. I basically never won, since I felt like I was getting matched up against opponents way better than me (granted, I'd never played against other people before since I didn't have anyone to play with even before corona), so that sucked. I feel like the only times I did win were either in 2-on-2s where my teammate did better, or if it was a 1-on-1, I didn't really win as much as the other person lost (failed recoveries, lucky FSes). And of course, the horrible lag and certain obnoxious characters (Ness, Joker) made it worse. I haven't tried it in a while, and idk if I will again because it just wasn't fun. I'm not really competitive, but it'd be nice to feel like I don't suck at the game, and that's how it made me feel. Bonus points against online Smash since I can win fairly regularly in Tetris 99 despite not playing it nearly as much.
Idk if I just need more experience against other people, but...between the pandemic and me being super shy, it's not gonna happen. I would ask if we have any Smash groups on the forums, but I'm too shy/feel like I'd just be intruding. Also my internet is kind of shitty right now.


2 hours of getting unfairly bodied/struggling only to narrowly lose/fluking into a win was about all I could stand. And I think 10-11 of those 13 wins were 2-on-2s.


Yeah game, throw an online newbie into borderline Elite Smash, that'll go well.[/sarcasm]
It started me off at 3.4 million, and fsr keeps going up even though I hardly ever win/barely even go online anymore.
(Yes it's an old screenshot, but the point still stands. I was originally going to rant about this earlier, but it got pushed back.)


We're so close to the end...but most of those last ten fights are brutal, and I skipped them for good reason.


Case in point-Pauline is generally considered the hardest fight in WoL. I personally think there're a few tougher ones, but I won't lie, she's up there.
(Also, I think it's funny that she was Mario's original love interest, then got replaced by Peach/shoved into the closet for 20 years only to randomly reappear in Mario vs. Donkey Kong, and then suddenly became a competent politician in Odyssey.)

The most consistent strategy I've heard is equipping a spirit that gives you the Staff at the start. So we'll try that along with something that boosts the power of shooting items.


It's bad enough the fight is timed, but to make it worse, Peach likes to run away from you, and your jumps are weakened. But on a stage like this, I can definitely see how the Staff could come in handy.
(Most of my fighter choices for these fights relied on who gets a same-series boost to get close to the enemy power, as well as who was the most expendable if needed. That's why I used Sheik, even though I don't play her at all.)


The hardest part of this fight is fending off Mario and Donkey Kong as they try to brutalize you and keep you from Peach. I have no idea if it's even possible to kill them both and then take her out in 1:30. Luckily you don't have to, you just have to pick her off.

And it just so happens she stopped at a perfect place for me to shoot her...


Boom, headshot!
That's one down. Way easier than I expected.


That's a unique effect. Wish it was available through an easier fight.

I decided to go with the closest fight next:


I absolutely hate this fight-there's a reason I think it's the hardest in the game. And yet you can run into it within the first couple hours if you take Marth's route first...


Again, going for the same-series boost. I heavily considered using someone like Kirby to try to suicide her, but decided to try this first.


Two minutes to take out 180 HP while on a poison floor, and she gets a defense buff when she drops to 150...I still say this is way harder than Pauline or Giga Mac.

So I originally thought I had something from the Skill Tree that neutralized poison. Imagine my shock when my health started dropping like a stone, and the facepalm when I realized there is no such thing on the Skill Tree.
But surprisingly, she was taking good damage each time I hit her, even with the defense buff. So the fight turned into this constant "jump -> down-air -> jump -> down-air" cycle. It was actually working, but then she got her FS with me at around 16 HP and her around 3. If you know computer ZSS, they don't miss with the FS.

One of us acted first...


...and it was me! That's two of the horsemen (horsewomen?) down!

...My jaw hung open for a moment after. I've never beaten that fight first try-I usually can't even beat it on the Spirit Board with something that weakens her. Plus I don't really play Ryu, and didn't have a poison immunity. I was fully expecting several losses here, so you can imagine my shock.


Decided to check the Skill Tree one more time after that, and this was the only thing left that looked really useful. I guess having an extra jump could be good, but I didn't plan to use Little Mac or anyone else with shitty jumps, so...


Third up, Dr. Wily. I said this before, but on the Spirit Board this is a really easy fight. But in WoL, it's pretty vicious since you can't weaken the minions like you can on the Spirit Board.


I really think a "KOs heal damage" spirit is the only way to survive this fight. And I think the best fighters are either someone with a reflector or someone with good projectiles.


I figured using Mega Man as well was a good strategy for a first attempt, and it felt thematically appropriate. And I have Metal Killer from the Skill Tree (thanks, Tabuu), so that might help.


One down. It was kind of hilarious to see one neutral-A shot/pellet do 7-9 damage.


That's two. They come at you in pairs-once you kill the first two, the next two show up.


Double kill! We're halfway there~ 🎶


And since I had the FS, #5 and #6 got blasted immediately.


*does it again once they're in range*


This is one of the coolest Final Smashes.


It didn't kill, but a couple of Metal Blades did, and that's six down.


The last two were easy. And now for the doc himself...


If you can get through all the Megas, he's easy. A couple hits later, I got another FS, so I figured I'd finish with style.


And that's that. Three horsemen down with no trouble...this is not how I thought these fights would go, but I'm not complaining.


I don't really think this fight is as tough as the others, even at that power.
...Now watch me get my ass kicked for saying that 😅


Decided to use the same spirit as I used in the Pauline fight, so I figured I'd try Ganondorf first.


...What does Ridley have to do with this fight? From my understanding, Ashley's a witch, not a dragon 🤔


Speaking of Ashley, there she is. But the top platforms are safe from her cloud.


Persistent little pest.


So the Mii showed up without me realizing-I think I'd gotten two or three hits in before I was like "oh, it's two-on-one now".


Bye, Ridley. And the Mii is not really a threat, so I figured I'd try to nail a Warlock Punch for the stylish kill.


It took a couple tries, but it worked.


*sees Sephiroth's Direct*
RIP the dream of Geno getting in Smash 😢
Also, horseman number four.


Simon's come through before, can he do it again? And this is another fight where a "KOs heal damage" spirit is almost a requirement.


As a hardcore SMRPG stan, I love this fight. Although I have no idea why it's timed when there are no timed fights in the game.
Mario starts off with a shell since several of his weapons in the game are shells. Not sure why Kirby is Mallow when they used Robin for him in his own battle (see part 13)...I guess because they're both round? And Bowser is Bowser.


Once you kill one of them, Peach shows up. She heals over time because she was the main healer in the game. This was also the first* game I know of where Peach got to be useful, and the first time Mario and Bowser teamed up.
*not counting SMB2 since it was a reskin of a completely different game. SMRPG was the first unique game Peach was useful in.


Kirby was inexplicably thick, but luckily got Star KOed before he could use the FS. And with a second character down...


Geno Sheik shows up. Again, not sure she's the most fitting character, but I guess it works. Since I had the FS ready, I figured I may as well use it.


So she got thrown in a coffin. But obviously, it didn't kill.


Time's getting a little low, but not too bad yet. Was waiting for the right time to try the FS again.


...To be honest, I forgot you only had to kill Sheik to win, and that the second FS killed. Was a little surprised, but not complaining!
Four horsemen down, one to go.


I like how all his stats are nice even numbers.


I have no idea why I skipped this fight until now. I can only assume it's because it's a Falco and because it was close to Geno and Ashley? 🤷‍♂️


Oh shit, this is buffed Falco. Am I in danger?
(It honestly crossed my mind, since all the "hardest" fights were going down easily. Would not have been surprised if this one randomly kicked my ass. Also, there's a reason I used Incineroar-you'll see why later.)


So this fight is a little weird-every so often, a bunch of food appears, and so does Isabelle/a Villager. She went down easily enough.


A couple of back throws took him out too.


Rinse and repeat for the last one. Now for the bird.


Uh, Incineroar, you might want to move your hands up a little 😳
(That's why I used him. Back throw cracks me up.)


And done. He was actually blocking a chest:


Not bad.
There's one last fight in the Light Realm, way on the other side of the map. Luckily all the characters run at the same speed on the map...getting across it at Incineroar's actual run speed would have been painful. He's still one of my favorites, but yeesh he's slow.


I still wish they would confirm what actually happened to him/whether he's dead or not. Unfortunately, the series isn't doing so well at the moment (Zero was apparently a bomb, and it's one of the only major series not to have a game on the Switch yet), so I doubt we'll ever know for sure...
But depending on how you think Spirits work, maybe this could be a happy reunion for Fox? I found a fanfic where a fighter let Hinawa's spirit into their body so Lucas could see her again, and was kind of inspired to do the same with his.
Also, he and Fox are practically twins. I think they even use the same model in 64, only James has sunglasses. So did Fox get anything from his mom? Who even is/was she?


It felt thematically appropriate to use Wolf here. I considered a Fox ditto, but this felt more fitting.


All those buffs kick in when he hits 50%. It makes him a lot tougher to beat, and on top of that, his FS meter also fills quickly (which isn't mentioned). I couldn't kill him before he got the FS, and he nailed me with it...


I love the alternate lines they have for hitting each other.


But he was wrong-it was not Wolf's end. A few more hits took him out.

He was also guarding the last chest in the game:


Pretty good final prize.


And with that, we've cleared the Light Realm completely. In fact, there's only one more spirit left in the game.


It's back in the Dark Realm, which means we get to hear the god-tier music one more time.


Deep in the Mysterious Dimension-in fact, right next to where Wolf himself was...


...is the final spirit fight/the fifth and final horseman.
I don't know if she and Fox are still considered a couple or not, since the last game she was in (Command) had I think nine different endings, with none confirmed as canon. Some of them see her and Fox happily together (one even sees them have a son), while she leaves him in others, either to join Star Wolf because she fell for Panther, or to go off on her own as an emo bounty hunter who changes her name to Kursed (yes, that's an actual ending, and yes, that's the correct spelling.)
So I don't know. Hell, for all we know, she and Falco are secretly a thing 🤷‍♂️


Sticking with Wolf since he still fits thematically, and because I like that power level. And he's one of my favorites.


This starts off as a copy of a Brawl event match, only I think that match is on Lylat instead of Corneria.


But then Krystal shows up, and a reasonably tough two-on-one turns into a brutal three-on-one. She's a great AT when she's on your side, but not in this fight.


If only Wolf had a teammate :c


Also, Fox stole copied his clothes.


So Fox actually KOed her for me-he grabbed her by accident and threw her when she was at high damage. Talk about a rocky relationship :v:


Which means this is back to being that event match.


Trying to take Fox out first since he has more damage...


I think this ended up being the most difficult fight of this final stretch.


So he actually teched off the top of the stage, slid off the side, then recovered. I was honestly impressed.


Unfortunately for him, a good up-smash did him in, resulting in a Star KO with a scream that-while not as horrifying as his Star KO scream was in 4-is still pretty solid.


But now Falco's gonna want revenge...this might be bad.


...So I originally took this screenshot because I thought the evil grin Wolf makes when he grabs someone was appropriate for this match, but looking at it now, it looks like...something else is going on 😳
Also, I have an FS ready, so this is basically over as long as I don't miss.


He dodged the first one, but luckily I have a double.


Again, love the secret lines.


And that's that.


Not only is that the last fight in the Dark Realm, that's the last spirit battle in all of WoL. All that's left is to fight a couple of gods again.


Only two battles stand between us and 100%. But I think this has run a little long, so they'll have to wait for next time.

Game stats:
Fights cleared: 613 (99.67%)
Fighters alive: 73
Fighters lost: 7​


Next time...everything ends. It's time to wrap things up for good. We'll be fighting each of Galeem and Dharkon individually, and then taking on both at the same time one more time.
Final question of the update: do you watch any Smash Youtubers, and if so, who?


Probably playing DragonBall FighterZ
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Redninjapuffles are known to want to create their own nuzlocke stories or comics, however, many have yet to start one.
I mainly watch King of Skill (Brent) he makes really good montages
Good luck at the final boss

War Anvil

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I like your Sakurai, but not your players. Your players are so unlike your Sakurai.
QotD: Coney, King of Skill, Expand Dong Man, and pretty much any decent person who Smashes (As in this game) well enough to make their own montage vids. I also recommend IzawSmash for the best competitive analysis of each character.

Here's to you finishing this long journey!

Mr Spaz

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Well, with Wily out of the way, I may as well tell you my secret method of cheesing him, which you wouldn't have been able to do even if I'd told you beforehand:
Step 1: Metal Killer
Step 2: Franklin Badge
Step 3: DK Down Special. Basically, 100-Man Melee


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> I thought fighting Sans looked brutal

Thing is, the fight against Sans is a game of memorizing how each attack goes and in what order they come at you- the order in which Sans attacks you is always basically the EXACT same, which makes him kind of easy by Touhou standards (Also the fact that the fight is a lot more forgiving when it comes to getting hit, owing to Undertale being part RPG), simply because there's an element of randomness to some of the bullets in most Touhou patterns, which means that what may work in one run of an attack would not work in another. That's not to say there aren't easy attacks in Touhou (Again, Icicle Fall -Easy- and other spell cards with similarly exploitable safespots), but Touhou attacks typically use a combination of random and aimed bullets which make them typically harder to dodge than Sans' mostly fixed attacks on an average basis, at least as far as Normal/Hard is concerned (Easy is usually easier [I'm looking at you, Kanako], and Lunatic is pretty self-explanatory- it's for lunatics).

Cirno's Ice Sign "Icicle Fall" from EoSD (Stage 2)
Kyouko's Echo Sign "Mountain Echo" from Ten Desires (Stage 2)
Kyouko's Echo Sign "Power Resonance", also from Ten Desires (Stage 2)
Sekibanki's Flying Head "Dullahan Night" from Double Dealing Character (Stage 2)
Yoshika's Poison Nail "Zombie Claw" from Impossible Spell Card
Seiga's Demonify "Excessive Zouhou Rumo" from Impossible Spell Card
Sanae's Divine Virtue "Bumper Crop Rice Shower" from Mountain of Faith (Stage 5)
Mokou's Fujiwara "Wounds of Metsuzai Temple" from Imperishable Night (Extra Stage)
"Saigyouji Parnirvana", Yuyuko's Last Word from Imperishable Night
Cirno's Ice King "Frost King" from Impossible Spell Card
The final fairy before the boss from Imperishable Night's Extra Stage

It should be noted that most of these exploits only work on a specific difficulty (if there's an option to alter difficulty that is- all ISC spell cards, plus Saigyouji Parnirvana and the Extra Stage stuff are fixed-difficulty). For instance, the Icicle Fall safespot ONLY works on Easy. On normal, Cirno fires off an shotgun burst of bullets meant to punish anybody who thinks about using that safespot.

Thing is, Fitful Nightmare is easier than it looks because in Impossible Spell Card you get a bunch of 'cheat items' which allow Seija to use additional abilities, such as a camera flash that clears bullets, or a jizou statue that lets her survive a hit (you normally aren't allowed to get hit once).

If anything, The True Pacifist Final Boss is closer to an actual Touhou fight (even though you can't actually lose), and that's mostly because all but one of his attacks are copies of Touhou patterns (In fact, all but ONE of the Touhou-based attacks are copied from the same character's patterns in one game, and to put it simply, this hasn't gone unnoticed by fans, as this fan animation shows).

As for Smash Youtubers?
Lythero (if you can call him that), Alpharad and King of Skill.
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I watch a fair amount of Introspektive and a tiny bit of Alpharad. I've tried to watch other smash players but they tend to be a bit click baity for my taste (I know this applies to Alpharad to a degree but you know...)

Final boss time. That means we need final boss music once again! Time to call on my second favorite series Ys.

For Galeem We have the final boss theme of the Oath in Felgana

Why because he's the strongest foe of course!

For Darkon we have the true final boss theme of Ys Origin

because just listen to it.

and finally for both we have the final boss music of Monstrum Nox

Because I like the song that's why.

All though the true final boss themes of Lacrimosa of Dana might work better now that I think about it.

Boss rush:

Final battle:

Also yeah for some god forsaken reason online will use your GSP gained from stuff like World of Light to match make you. It's very annoying


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I'd copy-paste the Zorua Pokedex entry, but I'm too lazy.
QotD: Coney, King of Skill, Expand Dong Man, and pretty much any decent person who Smashes (As in this game) well enough to make their own montage vids. I also recommend IzawSmash for the best competitive analysis of each character.
Ah, a fellow person of culture! Coney's awesome. His Smash stuff lured me into his variety content which is hysterical, I think he's one of the best small(ish) YouTubers out there.

...What does Ridley have to do with this fight? From my understanding, Ashley's a witch, not a dragon 🤔
Ashley, iirc, has a little red demon henchman named, well... Red.

Good luck on the last two fights! Even on easy, 100%ing World of Light as a Nuzlocke is deeply impressive, I respect it! I haven't even gotten around to 100%ing it in vanilla.


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Jul 9, 2019
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This Pokemon is very relaxed and enjoys analyzing things. This Pokemon is also quick to snark at anything that gives it an opportunity
Oh right before I forget there is actually a Nuzlocke Forums Smash Discord. It's not very active but some new faces might liven the place up a bit: https://discord.gg/bXANWZ2K67


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This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also writes and is a huge fan of Smash Bros.
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Today we kill a god, rewind time, kill another, rewind again, then kill both for good.

@redninjapuffle: Ooh, I'll have to check him out-I'm always excited to watch Smash montages!
Thanks! Cross your fingers no one else falls...

@War Anvil: Decent person is a very important key phrase after what came out last year...and I'm not big on competitive, but that may be something for me to check out sometime to see where my faves stack up.
And thanks! It's been a long road, but it's been fun...and I'm a little sad that it's ending.

@Mr Spaz: Man, I wish I hadn't lost Donkey, he could've been really useful :c
Come to think about it, his down-B was the only way I beat an event match in Melee when I was younger (it was one where you fought a bunch of Kirbys), and that sounds like it would make Wily super easy...

@Neosonic97: I didn't think about that, so you're probably right on that point, especially looking at some of the batshit crazy spell cards you've been linking. *shudders at what Lunatic mode might consist of*
I like that some of them are still exploitable though, and that harder difficulties take those into consideration.
Huh, I never knew the pacifist boss was so similar...also, that animation had some adorable art 😭

@DestinyDragonGS: Oh man, I loved Intro when he was starting out-I thought the way he was devoted to 'Zard was hilarious/kind of sweet. I'm glad he's gotten huge, but I'm kinda bummed he seemingly dropped 'Zard, especially for freaking Piranha Plant...and yeah, a lot of Smashtubers are awfully clickbaity (sometimes it works, though).
Those are some awesome tracks! The third one would fit perfectly with this final battle, and the fourth would go amazingly with the boss rush.
...Ew, that sucks, but it would explain why it's so screwed up for me. *looks at the several hundred hours on my main account*
I wonder if maybe I should set up a spare account and try online that way? Sounds like it might be the only way I wouldn't be hideously outmatched, since my main account has several hundred hours on it and this one was only for this run...

@Zorua3: *looks up Ashley*
Hey, you're right! Now it makes sense.
Thanks! I still can't believe we actually made it this far, considering some of the BS-tier fights along the way...
Next time I think I'm gonna go up to Normal, although I highly doubt I'll 100% that one, considering how hard some of the fights were on Easy...
Don't feel bad for not 100%ing it-WoL is long and has some brutal/borderline unfair sections.

Question: I definitely watch a few Smashtubers-Alpharad and Choctopus were the inspirations for me to do a 'locke myself, since they were the first ones I saw going through with it. YEET Smash/Dragon Smash make some awesome/hilarious montages of competitive shenanigans (even after the pandemic, although it was definitely more entertaining before), and Little Z and his friends are just hilarious to watch play/crap on each other.

So before we can get to 100% and close things out for good, we actually have to go through the bad endings. But since neither of them is the true ending, I'm just gonna treat them as "what if" scenarios.


I guess we'll fight Galeem since he was the original villain.


I figured it was appropriate to use Dharkon's spirit against him.


Let's go.
(I went Kirby since it felt fitting to use the lone survivor of Galeem's attack against him.)


Neither one has any new tricks, so I basically decided to use these fights to show off anything they didn't use before.


...and that each individually isn't that much of a threat at this point.


At least he decided to do that.


Not a new attack, but I wasn't sure I showed off the stronger version in the first fight.


Oh fuck. This is his strongest attack-aka the one I referred to as a bootleg of Tabuu's Off Waves.


Luckily I didn't have a lot of damage before-it doesn't do a ton, but it has very strong knockback.


We're getting there...


I think on higher difficulties there are either more wings or they stab faster.




And done! That's the end of WoL, right?


Uh, why are the rewards so puny?
*demonic cackle*
...What was that?


Why are the Hands exploding?


Ohhhhhh fuck.


We fucked up bad!
Yes, you did. And now this world is mine.


Fucking hell, do you really have to torture him like that, Dharkon?


Begone, heathen of light!


And good riddance, Smashers. You have no place in my world.
Oh fucking shit, did Mario just straight-up die? This is...way more horrifying than I ever would have expected in a Nintendo game.
(It's a very cool ending, though. I got chills the first time I saw Mario collapse like that.)
Silence, mortal!


I suppose I should thank you for getting rid of that wretched light being. Now this world will sleep in darkness for all of eternity!


This world is mine! *demonic cackle*
...Not so fast.
What can you possibly do to stop me now? Your precious "fighters" have all perished before me!
Simple. We're going back in time.
*laughs* How? You have no power in my world!
Maybe, but here's the thing-I'm not in your world. And I have more power than you think.
*holds up controller*
*enraged screech*


...That was way too close. So fighting Galeem solo was a very bad idea.


Although we are one notch closer to 100%.


Maybe we should fight Dharkon instead?


Yeah, let's do that.
(Why do I feel like this is also a very bad idea?)


May as well use Galeem's spirit against him.


I don't really have a particular reason for using Rosalina, I just picked her since she hadn't fought a boss and in a way it kind of fit.


Here we go.


Again, just gonna show off if he uses anything he didn't use in the first fight.


Nothing yet, but I do adore how Luma helps Rosalina.


At this point I started wondering how far I could go without getting hit.


Then he went for his strongest attack, but missed.


Halfway there~


Now he's just copying Galeem.


Seriously, this is just a fancy version of his wing stabs.


Damn it! I was hoping he wouldn't go for that so maybe I could pull off a no-damage fight.


Oh well, let's just finish him.


...That's new.


Not really sure how to describe this attack-basically he stabs at the stage, and does decent damage if he hits you. Unfortunately I lost my Luma ☹


However, if you can reach his eye you can hit him in the middle of it.


And he's done.


The new Luma spawning in the cutscene cracked me up.


Ugh, pitiful rewards again? Oh well, at least it's over.


...Why does this seem familiar?
*chorusing laughter*
Oh fuck.


That looks bad.


You can't really see this without watching the whole cutscene, but Dharkon's eye actually widens in fear here-it's a nice touch.


And then he gets literally blown to pieces.
Now it is time-first I shall purge this world of this wretched darkness.


This is really hard to screencap, but you see a bunch of flashes, and then...
Fall, you miserable hellspawn!


Dharkon is disintegrated into nothing. I'm getting a really bad feeling again...


And now, I have my full strength once again.


I will not make the mistake I made last time...


I won't capture you-I will purge you all from my world!
Oh fucking shit, not again.


(So all of these fighters are required to beat the game, presumably because of this cutscene and the one right before you go to the Final Battle map for the first time. Fun fact: you only have to grab 20 characters to get the true ending.)
Mario (obviously), Fox, Simon, Pit, Bowser (from Giga Bowser), Samus, Young Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Sonic, Cloud, Greninja, Ike, Meta Knight, Roy, Dark Samus, Palutena, Bayonetta, and either Marth/Pac-Man, Sheik/Yoshi, or Villager/Lucario depending on which path you chose
Silence! No fighters are necessary in my new world!


After I claim this world, I shall claim the entire universe!


All shall succumb to the Lord of Light! *chorusing laughter*
You done yet, Galeem?
Excuse me? Who dares speak to me so?
Yeah, I'm just gonna go ahead and go back in time again.
You shall do no such thing!
Sorry, but that's out of your hands...uh, wings.
But my power is absolute now that that heathen of darkness and all your beloved fighters are no more!
Maybe, but I still have this. *holds up controller*
You wouldn't!
I am.
*chorusing shriek*


Well, now we know-don't fight either one solo.


But it wasn't all bad-that gets us to 100% of World of Light. Technically, we could go ahead and stop now, but...neither of those really feel like an appropriate ending.


So let's go for the proper ending and kill them both one more time.
You mean let me kill 'em both again.
Oh for the love of-stop talking, I'm not doing story! This is a let's play!
Ask me if I care.
Ugh...fine, just go kill them again.
Now you're talkin'!


Anyway, rocking the same squad and the same spirits as the first fight. It worked once, so why mess with a good thing?
Besides, I have to rep my "main", especially post-8.0.0.
What's with the finger quotes?


Time to finish this.

So since I already did this battle once, I didn't feel like I needed to take as many screenshots unless something notable happened.


Then the game promptly threw a dead character at me in the first puppet mob.


Other than that, the first mob was uninteresting.


As usual, decided to shoo him away before he could get annoying.


Then I found out you apparently can fight your own character in these mobs. I guess it's just RNG if it happens or not, but I really thought it was programmed to never choose your character.
He just knows I'm the best.


As well as two more dead characters. Apparently the game really wants to throw the ghosts of my failures in my face...


RIP the LuigixDaisy ship?


Someone's trying a little too hard.


Not that it worked.


Two more of the fallen...yep, the game's officially rubbing my losses in my face.
(That or very suspicious RNG-it can't be a coincidence that out of 70 possible characters, it just happened to pick five of the six I've lost (not counting Terry since it won't pick DLC fighters.))


Do your worst.
Can you not tempt them?


And they say Falco can't fly!


Surprisingly, the last dead character (Ness) didn't show up here.


I never noticed it, but puppet Squirtle's eyes don't really look much different from normal. I noticed it with Lucario since he's my co-"main", but not with Squirtle.
Can you drop the finger quotes? Either you main us or you don't.
I don't have a main because I'm not good enough to main anyone!
Says the guy who soloed the final battle with me and 100%ed this game with only seven losses.
...I mean against other people.
It still counts for somethin'.
I just feel better saying I have favorite characters over mains. But thanks.


Anyway, off to the boss rush.

So I decided to challenge myself to try to kill each boss with a down-air. I was gonna try to fight them in the same order as last time...


...but then I hit Rathalos first and ruined the whole thing.
It's fine, I'm gonna kick all their asses anyway.
Fair enough.


Oh you poor sweet creature, that is the worst thing that could have appeared right now.


That's one.


Yeah, the order got completely scrambled.


Doesn't really matter, though.


Two, and I just now realized he looked right at the camera at the perfect time.


So what exactly is this battlefield supposed to be? Most of the others are obvious, but what the heck is this one?


Anyway, three.


Maybe I should have tried to kill each boss with down taunt -> down smash to be funny? Probably wouldn't be able to kill Dracula's first form with it though...


It almost looks like he wants to hug.


But then he rudely threw his cape in my face 😠


That's four, although I have absolutely no idea where I am in the second shot ._.
At the very top, by his horns. Had to go high.
Oh, now I see.


This didn't hit for some reason.


But this one did, and that's five.
(Wtf is that hitbox? :psyduck:)


And that's all six. Now for the final battle.


So far, the last phase is uneventful.


They don't realize that since they won't work together, they can't stop me.


It doesn't matter what fancy attacks they use.


It doesn't matter how many puppets they throw at me.


It's gonna end the same way every time.

I wouldn't quite say that, but you're right-this would be a lot tougher if they worked together.


And Dharkon is down for good!


You'll be joining him soon, Galeem.


I said it last time, and I'll say it again-your fatal mistake was letting anyone escape. You could have done whatever you wanted to the world if you'd made sure all the fighters fell.


But you didn't, and that's why you'll never succeed. And since you're almost dead, I think it's time to wrap this up. Any last words?

No? That's what I thought.
Let's finish this in style. Ready, Falco?
You know it.


Join your fellow "god" at the bottom of the ocean.


Bow down, scrubs. The godslayer is back and better than ever.


And his name is Falco Lombardi. *imitates mic drop*

...I already said that.
It sounds cool, though.
Eh, fair. Guess all that's left is to watch the ending one more time.
I'll grab the popcorn.

Full ending for posterity:

Final game stats:
Fights cleared: 615 (100%)
Fighters alive: 73
Fighters lost: 7​



Well, here we are. A 100% World of Light Nuzlocke.
I never thought I'd pull it off-I'm still surprised I even won to begin with, let alone with only seven lost fighters. But it was a hell of a ride, and a lot of fun.
When I started it, I wasn't expecting much attention-I thought it was just gonna be a fun little thing to do. But I'm so happy it blew up like it did-it really means a lot to me, and in a way, it's helped get me through this whole pandemic and everything. Whether you've been around since the beginning or just popped in recently, thanks for reading. I've never had the chance to talk Smash with any other fans, so that's been my favorite part, along with learning so much about the different series repped in Smash (as well as some that aren't in).

I don't know what I'm going to do next-I'm thinking about a Smash-themed traditional 'locke, since Brawl's the only other game with a story and that's already being LPed on here. (S/O to DDGS for getting it going!)
Just gotta figure out a game and exactly how I want to make it work...also, if you want to do a WoL 'locke of your own, go for it-I'd love to see someone else take it on!

Until next time, happy Smashing.


Probably playing DragonBall FighterZ
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Redninjapuffles are known to want to create their own nuzlocke stories or comics, however, many have yet to start one.


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This Pokemon is very relaxed and enjoys analyzing things. This Pokemon is also quick to snark at anything that gives it an opportunity

Sorry I had to do it

I've learned many things over the years and one of them is that Ys games will always have a great soundtrack Adol for smash just for the music alone

I don't know when this was written but the subspace run is actually finished and I bet you'd do a better job then me so go for it. (seriously my commentary started to drop in quality pretty fast and just kept dropping until the final battle where it went back to being decent I guess So yeah after like part 5-7 ish just skip to the finale) and yes I am very proud of beating Tabuu on intense.

You could use the Castlocke ruleset created by Spectacles for a smash themed locke

Also I completely forgot to mention Mock rock who is a really good smashtuber


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This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also writes and is a huge fan of Smash Bros.
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@redninjapuffle: 🎊

@DestinyDragonGS: That was pretty cute, actually c:
Heh, I wouldn't mind some characters getting in just to bring awesome music with them, even if I'm not a big fan of the character.
You shouldn't be so hard on yourself :c
I mean, you beat Tabuu on Intense? I've never done that, so you kinda win by default there. Plus I'd bet money your commentary is better than anything I could do...but I might still do it if I can figure out how to take/make video (or maybe use my phone for screenshots although I don't know how they'd turn out...)
That's an idea, but I'm just not sure how to make it work with ~90 characters... 🤔

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