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Screenshot Let's Play General A (100%) World of Light Nuzlocke (COMPLETE)

Thread Description
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Hard Mode (100% Completed 3/24)


Metal dragon bird/Smash ‘locker
Pokédex No.
Nov 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Dragon
  2. Steel
Pokédex Entry
This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also writes and is a huge fan of Smash Bros.
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Today we head into Dracula's Castle.

@Neosonic97: I was thinking Caeda was either Marth's wife or sister, but I wasn't sure which. Didn't know that about her color pallete though, but that's pretty cool.
I'm surprised they use Cain and Abel given the biblical story...also Triangle Attacks sound very handy, if a little annoying to set up.
Huh, I didn't realize there were that many Lords...also, Lucina basically has protagonist armor? I guess that's not too surprising.
I always thought Robin was the first customizable avatar-interesting that they started letting people create their own sooner. I've admittedly never been one for customization, so I feel like if I were to ever play one of the games with an avatar protag, it'd be pretty default...

@hobohunter: Nah, I can't say I have. That's where Nightmare (the AT) is from though, right?
Oh, so that's where they're from. Also relatable-sometimes I feel like I'm still bad at games as an adult :sweatdrop:
How do you and I keep agreeing on so much? That's almost word-for-word how I feel about a potential Smash 6.

@Bowser's Family Vacation: I actually didn't know what a castlocke was until you mentioned it :sweatdrop:
It's kind of tempting, but with 79 or so characters I don't really know how it'd work...I guess I could restrict it to my favorites? My original idea was basically something similar to WoL, only everyone's a Pokémon, and the gym leaders would be Galeem/Dharkon's generals (like the bosses in WoL). Still not really sure how to make it work, though :c
But Andross also has two eyes, one's just hidden behind the level :v:
How did you find that remix? And why does it work so well 😂
Ghetsis is definitely one of the hardest bosses of any game. Gen 6 league wishes it could be in his ballpark 👎
I just hope if/when the remake happens, they do something so that Hydregion doesn't get curbstomped by fairies...also, Sinnoh's actually my favorite region :D
Just hoping the (presumed) remake is more of a Platinum than a DP.
Anime Dedede has the funniest voice 😂
I think we all want to forget the CD-i, but at least it gave us an infinite meme pool?
Yeah, the scene where Lucina meets her mother wasn't quite as emotional since it wasn't animated like her revealing herself to Chrom was. It's still sweet though...also, what kind of logic is this Xander guy working under???
*reads Neosonic's other comment*
...Wait, he killed his own sister? 😱

About the Ghetsis vs. Necrozma debate: I haven't played the Ultra games yet, so I don't really have an opinion on Necrozma, while BW Ghetsis has always been brutal for me (don't ask me how I beat him deathless twice). But from what I've seen, Necrozma is absolutely terrifying, so I don't really know for sure which one I'd pick. Zoroark cheesing Necrozma does kind of ding it for me though.

Question: honestly, I'm torn-I've heard rumors that if a Smash 6 is greenlit, there would probably be a big roster cut (possibly half or more), which would be a big no for me, plus I don't know what could be improved from Ultimate. But at the same time, I obviously do want Smash to continue, and I want to see who else could get in later on, plus if there's a Subspace/WoL story mode and what it could be like. So it largely depends on the roster for me-if there's a big cut, I'd probably say no, but if not, I'd be all for it, especially if there's a story mode.
Either way, I wouldn't want it for a few years-I'm more than happy with Ultimate.

So what horrors does Dracula's Castle have in store for us?


Here we go...

Music: Dracula's Castle Intro (Vampire Killer)


That's not a reassuring start.


This is like 90% of zombie movies before they started making fast zombies.


Not hard.


So we have these hourglasses, which when touched revert the area back to how it started (but obviously the battles don't reappear).


We also have cannonballs, which alongside the cannons make up the main puzzle of the area.


The hellhound is very fitting for this section.


The characters make the funniest faces when they eat curry, especially in Ultimate because a lot of them look really...questionable 😳
Not sure who has the funniest, but Wolf here is definitely a contender 😂


My Fire-type is better~


There are also these ghost/demon things, which if touched...


...boot you back to the start of the area, and apparently knock your character unconscious in the process. They're harmless, though.
(if they look familiar, it's because they appeared in Smash 3DS's Classic Mode as the demon on the intensity selection screen.)


You get rid of them by shooting the cannonballs at them. Not sure how that works...are they magic or enchanted somehow? Does them being silver have something to do with it?


There are also these levers, which move certain walls around, which will come in handy later on.


Anyway, back to battling.


Easy, but why does Simon faint with his butt in the air like that? :psyduck:




I guess the Mewtwos represent the snakes, but shouldn't it be a bunch of Snakes? 🐍


Bad pun aside, another easy fight.

We could get a fighter now, but...


...I don't want to take my chances-this is IMO another of the game's top 10 hardest fights. Also, apparently Dry Bowser is a separate character from Bowser now?
(He's not really scary, but his first appearance back in New Super Mario Bros. was creepy as hell, since you actually saw Bowser's skin melt in the lava. Obviously it wasn't graphic, but still really fucked up for a main series Mario game.)


Going the other way instead.


This is a silly fight because there are so many Ganondorfs.


It's also really easy, since you only have to KO the big one. In fact, it's probably harder to get rid of all the little ones without taking the big one out in the process.


Flipping this lever lets us reach another fighter. It'll need to be flipped back later, though.


There are a lot of Mewtwo puppets in here...


Incineroar's back throw is hilarious to me, since before he flips over with the other fighter it looks like he's about to perform the Heimlich maneuver or something.


Also pretty easy.


Should I be scared of that? Because I'm really not...


I can't take extra damage from projectiles if I don't have any projectiles~


Another one down.


Pfft, that makes sense in a weird way.


Cruising right along.


Clearing that fight opens up the inside of this tower, letting us go further. But let's grab that fighter first.


Wait, Wario's favorite food is garlic, so why is he in a vampire's castle?


Why does it look like Incineroar's giving him a wedgie 😂


Another one for the squad. Wario's fun to use, even if he is kind of gross.
Also, classic Wario > biker Wario for me.


Flipping this back before we continue down into the cave.


Do you really need a fin on your head?


I threw the Lip's Stick at him for the KO. Probably shouldn't have used Sonic on a watery stage since he takes damage while swimming now, but it worked out.


Which opens a shortcut back to the first section. Also, the music changes in the cave:

Music: Dracula's Castle Depths (Starker/Wicked Child)
(Castlevania has some god-tier remixes in Ultimate. Not sure why they didn't fix the title of this track though.)


Another generic character. Did they use Shulk because his abs are almost as good as this guy's? :v:


Grabbing ALL the Assist Trophies!


Easy. K. Rool didn't even get to show up.


Two down with one shot.


There's another cannonball behind this fight, which is like the fourth Ryu fight with those exact buffs.


Got him out of the way just to make things easier.


And done.


*Hunger Games cannon sound*

That lets us get the chest:


Nice! These will be very handy when we get to Dracula.


Why is a little girl here? That's weird...
(I know she gets tough when she's older, and may fall in love with Alucard depending on how you look at it.)


And why does she have so many animals helping her?


Either way, not hard.


This lever actually messes a later puzzle up if you switch it.


Grabbed another cannonball up here, and there's a chest as well.




Into the second part of the castle.


Frankenstein's monster! 😲


You can't see it, but the Mii has a Jason Voorhees mask. Kind of a cute reference/joke.


A little tougher, but not too bad.


Beating them makes a fighter appear down here.


Hell yes.


I'm not even a Metroid fan and I was super pumped to see Ridley finally get in. He's a top-5 favorite of mine because he's fun as hell to use-Skewer has to be one of the most satisfying moves to nail successfully, even though it's vicious as hell.
The funny thing is, I'm about as far from Ridley personality-wise as you can get. Still love using him though 🤷‍♂️
Also, his music got the most metal fucking remix in Ultimate. Someone wrote lyrics for it from his POV and it's amazing (here you go.)

Gonna stop here for now. We'll take on the rest of the castle next time.

Game stats:
Fights cleared: 440
Fighters alive: 56
Fighters lost: 3​


Next time, the upper areas of the castle. I may go ahead and fit Dracula in as well, since this area is a lot shorter than the other two were.
Question of the update: what is your favorite music track in Smash?

Alba Corbina

Johto League Champion
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 26, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Dark
  2. Fairy
Wow, I never realized Smash had such an interesting-looking story mode. If I wasn't so terrible at the combat I might actually consider getting the game for myself.


Just the worst
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Water
  2. Dragon
I mean Dry Bowser isn't separate from Bowser. take a look at Mario. There are so many various mario spirits. Why can't Bowser have multiple as well? But wait, you might be thinking "Well what about Mario Kart? Dry Bowser's a separate character there." And you're right. But also remember there are 5 Marios in Mario Kart 8: regular, baby, metal, golden, and tanuki. So like they're still the same Bowser, just he has a cool design so there's no reason not to include Dry Bowser in things.

Obviously Maria Renard is a disney princess and can summon animals at will through the power of song. There's clearly no other explanation.

Favorite track? Damn Skarm why you gotta make tough fucking questions like that? There are literally so many tracks it'd be super hard for me to pick just one. But gun to my head? I'd give it to Treasure Trove Cove remix from Banjo-Kazooie. It's super good and composed by Yoko Shimomura, one of my favorite JP composers (She does the music Kingdom Hearts as a reference).


S.P.D. Jack Landors
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
@crash nebula on ice
Pokémon Type
  1. Fire
  2. Dragon
Pokédex Entry
There once was a man named Gold Roger, who was King of the Pirates. He had fame, power, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams.
This castlevania part of World of Light is probably my least favorite location in the story mode. Still dig the boss battle tho.

Favorite OST: Probably megalovania for the memes


The Fastest Thing Alive
Pokédex No.
Aug 9, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Water
  2. Dragon
Pokédex Entry
Capable of casually moving faster than the speed of sound. His top speed is unknown, though some theorise it to be faster than light itself.
To answer the thing regarding Xander...

He didn't do it on purpose. It's more, Xander was about to attack Corrin, but Elise jumped in the way. (Elise is a squishy healer, Xander is a mounted knight with a legendary sword). It's heavily hinted at that Xander had planned to die to Corrin beforehand (due to his absolute, undying loyalty to the kingdom of Nohr, he could not join Corrin, who, in Birthright, sided with Hoshido), but this pushed him over the edge.

Anyways, some other stuff...

For the Medusa Heads, hey. At least you don't have to deal with unending hordes of them while trying to make precision jumps over bottomless pits. No, seriously. If you speak to anybody who's played Castlevania, chances are they'll have had some form of bad experience with Medusa Heads.

Skull Man's reflection focus is based on the weapon Mega Man gets from him, the Skull Barrier. In comparison to other Barrier-type weapons, it has the lowest offensive potential, but deflects any projectiles that hit it. If you've played Smash 4, it was a customization option for Mega Man's down special, alongside the default, that being the Leaf Shield, and the Plant Barrier.

All of Lucina's alts reference other characters (all of them females) from Awakening, actually! Her first alt, with the green hair and green and pink colour scheme, is a reference to Nowi, a Manakete who is first met in Chapter 8 of Awakening. Manaketes are a race of dragons who sealed their true forms into Dragonstones to avoid degeneration (which basically means loss of sanity). Despite looking like a little girl, Nowi's actually over 1,000 years old, as Manaketes age much slower than ordinary humans. Her second alt, with the black and white colour scheme and red hair, is a reference to Cherche, a Wyvern Rider met in Chapter 12 of Awakening. She was formerly a vassal of the house of Virion (the self-proclaimed "archest of archers") before joining up with the Shepherds. Her third alt is the aforementioned Cordelia alt. Her fourth alt, with the red clothing and green hair, is a reference to Tiki. You may recognize Tiki as the Manakete who is currently an AT. Believe it or not, Tiki actually originated in the original Fire Emblem, NOT Awakening, though she appears more grown up in the latter game, as Manaketes live a LONG time. Lucina's fifth alt, with the yellow and white clothing and blond hair, references her aunt and Chrom's younger sister, Lissa. Her sixth alt, with the black and yellow clothing and black hair, references the very much Yandere sorcerer from Plegia, Tharja (the target of her Yandere tendencies is Robin). And Lucina's seventh and final alt, with the purple and white clothing and slightly pale-ish hair, is a reference to the clumsy Pegasus Knight, Sumia.

It should be noted, however, that Corrin is NOT a Manakete, despite possessing certain similar properties. Corrin's human form is their natural form, and they only gain access their Dragon Form after their biological mother Mikoto is killed right in front of them. In Fire Emblem Warriors, Tiki's supports with Corrin have them discuss the differences between Manaketes like Tiki and Half-dragons like Corrin.

Now to answer the question.

It's really tough to say, though I think I can narrow it down to a few...

The remix of the main theme of Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a pretty neat song. I'm also partial to Final Attack, from the Metal Slug series. Oh, and who can forget THAT song? You know the one I'm talking about. The meme itself, MEGALOVANIA.
Last edited:

Bowser's Family Vacation

Johto League Champion
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Dragon
  2. Cool
Pokédex Entry
"Am I Mario's babysitter? Are you going to call me every time that guy blows his nose, or what?"
Bold of you to assume Xander has logic. He's afflicted with Fates writing. If you're interested in learning about Xander, I love these two videos about him. The channel, Faerghast, does some good Fire Emblem analysis, across the franchise. :)


This is like 90% of zombie movies before they started making fast zombies.



The characters make the funniest faces when they eat curry, especially in Ultimate because a lot of them look really...questionable 😳
Not sure who has the funniest, but Wolf here is definitely a contender 😂
Poor Wolf looks like he's in pain. :c To be fair, I think it's mostly the possession effect. It makes it look like the eye he does have left is infected.


Easy, but why does Simon faint with his butt in the air like that? :psyduck:
Simon Belmont went to the Captain Kirk school of posing.

I can't seem to find this clip in motion, but I swear it's even better in motion. No one will see your butt in the air!


Metal dragon bird/Smash ‘locker
Pokédex No.
Nov 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
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  2. Steel
Pokédex Entry
This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also writes and is a huge fan of Smash Bros.
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Today we head into the upper parts of Dracula's Castle and face the vampire himself. I was planning to put this one up on my birthday (this past Sunday), but got delayed because of work.

@Alba Corbina: Yeah, Smash and story wouldn't seem to go together, but WoL does a really good job making it work (and Brawl's Subspace Emissary-the only other Smash story mode-was equally epic).
Aww, you can't be that bad :c
I'd definitely recommend giving it a try!

@hobohunter: That's fair, and oh man don't get me started on MK8 having 5 Marios and 3 Peaches (why does Pink Gold Peach even exist?). I don't mind Dry Bowser though-he'd make a neat Bowser Echo/alt costume.
I could definitely believe that Maria's a Disney princess :v:
Because I'm evil >:)
Yeah, TTC is an awesome remix. Didn't know Yoko Shimomura composed it-that makes it even better because she's made some god-tier soundtracks (SMRPG, M&L, now Smash).

@REDalchemist: It's a pain to get around, but I don't mind it too much. And even though Dracula is hard as hell, I like the fight as well.
Megalovania is a good track too.

@Neosonic97: Oh, she took the blow for Corrin? That makes it even worse 😢
Ugh, Medusa Heads sound like they're a major bitch to deal with. And of course they work in bottomless pits with them...
Skull Barrier sounds like it'd be pretty useful, especially since there are so many projectiles in the series. Didn't know it was a custom for Mega in 4 though (I played 4 a lot, and still do, but I never really messed with custom moves).
I didn't know all of Lucina's alts were other women in Awakening-that's a really nice nod to the game! Especially since one's her aunt and another can be her mother. And lol at Tharja being a yandere.
So Manaketes are dragons naturally but can take human forms? That's cool.
I hadn't paid the FE3H theme much attention until you mentioned it, but wow, it's a really nice remix. I like Final Attack too, and I've never played Undertale but Megalovania is a banger.

@Bowser's Family Vacation: Fates writing must be really bad for you to say that :v:
Will definitely check those out later-I like backstory/analysis videos.
If that isn't an accurate meme 😂
...Now that you say that, it kind of looks like he got kicked in the balls :ohdear:
But yeah the possession effect definitely adds to it.
Omg someone find a gif of that, it would be hilarious 😂

Question: my favorite music from Smash is easily the Dark Realm's theme. Close seconds go to Tabuu and Master Hand (64), and *minor spoilers* Dharkon also has awesome music.

So we left off unlocking Ridley, ready to head into the upper parts of the castle. We could actually grab another fighter now, but...


...we'd have to clear this fight first. I think I'm gonna pass, since it's a brutal fight and it's not a fighter I'm super huge on (Ken).


Instead, let's continue through the castle.


Not hard.


Not sure who this is...


Also easy.


That is a ridiculously huge shoulder plate.

This fight actually was a lot more intense than it should have been.


It all worked out, but I was surprised he did so much damage to me.


Well, that's a bad omen :ohdear:


It's pretty clever, though-that serious damage is 100%, which means the scythe will kill you if he uses it.


But if you either kill him first or equip yourself with a Fairy Bottle to counter the damage, it's easy.


Fitting for the area, but I feel like they should have been earlier.


A little annoying, but not bad. That opens up another character...


Nope. I already lost regular Pit, and no one really likes him, so I'll pass.


Exactly how many Belmonts are there???


He wasn't very impressive, though.


That has to be one of the creepiest Zelda characters outside of Ganondorf/the other villains.


Also simple. That leads us to the clock tower, and another music change:

Music: Clock Tower (Out of Time)


This is probably the biggest puzzle of the area, especially if you're trying to get all the characters (more on that later).


If you aren't, shooting this ghost is fine. But if you are, you can't waste a cannonball on it.

What you want to do is...


...shoot this cannon down here.


Doing so destroys the gears, as well as two of the other ghosts. This is the only way to get rid of the ghost on the bottom-left, and to get rid of the other with the amount of cannonballs available.
It also unlocks a chest.


Useless, even though the series has some amazing music.


Damn, that is a jacked werewolf.


He was easy, though.


Final cannon of the area. Again, you had to revert the wall after freeing Wario for this to work. That leads to another character:


Eh, okay.


He slipped on a Banana and made this face, which I thought was hilarious.


Not too hard. I like Robin okay since they're the most unique of the FE cast, but I don't really use them much. Also, male Robin > female Robin for me, at least in Smash.


I guess it makes sense for him to be the last battle here, but this is a very scary fight.


Simon isn't an issue-the problem is, Alucard is a very good AT-it's basically a two-on-one, especially since he has a lot of health.


Simon is pretty durable himself, though. But luckily I got my FS before getting killed.


And thanks to Double FS, he went down.


Oh boy...this is the fight I've been dreading since I started this run, especially when I realized I would probably make it this far...hopefully the Skill Tree has something that will help me :ohdear:

(Also grabbed Strong-Wind Resist, Improved Escape, and Meteor Smashes ^ while working toward the other stuff.)
You can tell I was terrified of this boss, for good reason-I think I literally spent over an hour trying to kill him on my first playthrough. I lost count of how many attempts it took, and that wasn't a Nuzlocke.


Well, we've made it this far, and I still have a lot of fighters...and there's no avoiding it, Dracula has to go down for us to continue.


I stared at the character screen for a very long time trying to decide who to use, mainly because I was pretty sure whoever I used was probably going to die. I ended up deciding to stick with R.O.B. since I'm not super attached to him-admittedly, it was basically the "throw Jigglypuff at Tabuu as a sacrifice" move again. But I figured many-if not most, or even all-the characters would fall here.

Either way, no matter what happens, this is so much farther than I ever expected to get. If this is where it ends, it's been a hell of a run.


Let's rock.


I love that Dracula's entrance is based on this:

He even throws the wine blood glass. I just wish we had the over-the-top dialogue-but not from the remastered version because it's not as funny.

Music: Vs. Dracula (Nothing to Lose)


Dracula only takes damage if you hit his head-attacking anywhere else will just pass through harmlessly.


He teleports a lot, so you're going to be chasing him.


His first phase isn't too bad, since he seems to have low defense/health.


This bat swarm/charge is one of his most common attacks.


And these fire orbs are also common. He also has an attack where he makes giant flame pillars, but he didn't use it.


So far, he doesn't seem that bad, right?


I mean, he's down and I barely have a scratch!




...he's not finished yet.

Music: Vs. Dracula Phase 2 (Black Night)


Dracula is the only boss with two phases/health bars. And this second form is what makes this fight so brutal. You'll probably already be banged up by this point, and he can kill you easily because some of his attacks-notably the claw swipe and electric wave-are incredibly powerful. But all of his attacks are lethal-even the poison beams are dangerous since they home in on you.
About the only thing in your favor is that you can hit any part of him for damage.

So here's the thing-I don't actually have screenshots of this phase because I was concentrating so hard on the fight. I was so focused on surviving that I didn't realize how much health he had left, and before I realized it...


...this happened.


...it's over?
First try???
*Skarmizard.exe has stopped working*

You have no idea how shocked I was that he went down first try. I'm pretty sure my mouth hung open for like five minutes after, especially since it kind of ruined my original plan for the update.
(I thought this was going to end up as a montage of "Defeat" screenshots as the fighters fell while I basically resigned myself to losing here, and if one did succeed, I would dramatically introduce them as the hero of the run. Kind of lost the dramatic aspect, but I'm not complaining that no one died.)

I think what helped was that I actually had an autoheal spirit this time-I didn't on my first run because Dracula's Castle was the first Dark Realm area I went to. That and I didn't use the Skill Tree because I kept forgetting it was a thing :sweatdrop:
I don't feel like R.O.B. was a better choice of fighter than who I used in the first run (Ridley) though, because I don't really play R.O.B. at all. I don't know how that worked...


You get two spirits for winning, one of each form, along with the usual goodies. Note that his first form is enhanceable, which threw me off since I don't know a lot about the series and I couldn't figure out what he would enhance into.
(He becomes Soma Cruz, who's his reincarnation/the protagonist in the two games set in the future.)


It's my castle now.


And with all three Dark Realm bosses down...


Dharkon shows his face eye. We're getting close to the end of WoL-just him and one more section to go.


Beating Dracula also opens a convenient path back to the entrance. We'll head out and take Dharkon on next time.

Game stats:
Fights cleared: 451
Fighters alive: 57
Fighters lost: 3​


Next time, we grab a couple more characters and then face Dharkon.
Question of the update: there are only 15 stages* that were in previous Smash games that aren't in Ultimate. Are there any in particular you wish would have made it in, or any in particular you're glad are gone?
*not counting each game's Battlefield/FD since they're the same stage with just aesthetic changes.
Planet Zebes, Sector Z, Icicle Mountain, Poké Floats, Mute City (Melee), Mushroom Kingdom (Melee), Rumble Falls, Pictochat, Orbital Gate Assault, Jungle Hijinks, Miiverse, Woolly World, Pyrosphere, Rainbow Road, Pac-Maze


Just the worst
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Water
  2. Dragon
Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a good one!

I'm pissed off Poke Floats didn't make it in. Sure it's a moving stage but I absolutely loved it. I was hopeful that they'd make an updated stage or something with more pokemon but unfortunately that wasn't the case.


The Fastest Thing Alive
Pokédex No.
Aug 9, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Water
  2. Dragon
Pokédex Entry
Capable of casually moving faster than the speed of sound. His top speed is unknown, though some theorise it to be faster than light itself.
Skarmizard said:
Exactly how many Belmonts are there???

Ohhh boy. There are a grand total of seven Belmonts in the main timelime, so I'll list them in Chronological order, starting from the first known vampire hunter.

That being Leon, who you just fought, he originates from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence for the PS2, which takes place in 1094- nearly 400 years before the next known Belmont. Trevor is the next Belmont. You may remember him as that one guy from the Netflix animated series. He teamed up with three others: the rebel Grant Danasty, the witch Sypha Belnades (whom he would later marry) and Alucard (Yes, the very same one who stars in Symphony of the Night. Trevor is actually who the Simon in the Alucard spirit battle is meant to represent) in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse for the NES, which takes place around 1476. After that is Christopher who appears in the first two Game Boy Castlevania games- those being The Adventure and Belmont's Revenge. He also had a son, Soleil, who got possessed by Dracula in the latter game. These games took place in 1576 and 1591 respectively.

After Christopher and Soleil comes perhaps the most famous of the bunch, Simon Belmont himself, the star of the first two Castlevania games for the NES, which took place in 1691 and then 1698 at the time. After him is his grandson Juste, who stars in the GBA Title Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, which takes place in 1748. And for the third and final Belmont of this time period, we have who else but Richter Belmont who stars in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood for the PC (Later re-released as Castlevania: Dracula X), which takes place in 1792. He would then later reappear in various other games, including of course, Symphony of the Night, where the infamous "Die, monster!" exchange comes from.

The latest known Belmont is Julius, the one responsible for Dracula's final death in 1999. There's actually no game based around this, but the events lead into Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and its sequel Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, both for the DS (which is the game where Soma Cruz comes from).

Skarmizard said:
So Manaketes are dragons naturally but can take human forms? That's cool.

It's more that they sealed their dragon forms away inside a Dragonstone. If you look at the Tiki assist trophy, you'll notice that she pulls something out before transforming? That's her Dragonstone. This was to avoid degeneration, as Dragons have a bad tendency to lose their sanity if they don't. Medeus, the main villain of the first and third Fire Emblem games (Y'know, the ones where Marth comes from) is a an example. Another example is detailed in the spoiler below:

The example I am speaking of is Anankos, Corrin's father and the main antagonist of the Revelations route of Fire Emblem Fates, though his solution was a bit different: He split his soul into two, one taking on a humanoid body. It was this version of Anankos that eventually got together with Mikoto, whom later gave birth to Corrin.

The good half of Anankos would later star in a Xenologue, Hidden Truths, which explains the presence of Laslow, Selena and Odin- or, as they're actually called, Inigo, Severa and Owain- the very same ones who appeared in Awakening.

Corrin themselves, as well as their child, Kana, are actually partial examples of draconic degeneration. In Chapter 5 and Paralogue 2 of Fates respectively, something happens that sets Corrin/Kana off (In Chapter 5, it's Mikoto dying, in Paralogue 2, it's Kana seeing Corrin struggle with a horde of invaders), causing them to temporarily go berserk, attacking any enemies nearby in a mindless rampage while assuming their full dragon form. Corrin actually nearly kills Azura in this mindless rage, but Azura manages to calm them down just in time. Azura then creates a Dragonstone for them so that they don't lose control of their dragon form.
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I don't actually see the point in you not grabbing fighters that aren't being guarded by strong spirits you don't feel like fighting (iirc, Chrom and Dark Pit). They'd just be extra reserves/sacrifices if everyone else dies, and the fighters themselves go down pretty easily, so there's really no downside.

Also, what difficulty are you doing this on?

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Ridiculous armor is the early Fire Emblem ~aesthetic~


Exactly how many Belmonts are there???


That has to be one of the creepiest Zelda characters outside of Ganondorf/the other villains.
To be fair, creepiness/existential dread is Majora's Mask's ~aesthetic~


He slipped on a Banana and made this face, which I thought was hilarious.
MFW when I slip on a banana? More like MFW when realizing how bad Fates' writing is. This is a sad expression, I think.

>Dracula's theme is called "Nothing To Lose"

Roy's our boy? Pah! ROB's our boy!

Question of the update: there are only 15 stages* that were in previous Smash games that aren't in Ultimate. Are there any in particular you wish would have made it in, or any in particular you're glad are gone?
I didn't like any of those stages, so I'm glad they're gone! It would have been cool to see the Pokemon balloons from Poké Floats in HD, though.


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Today we finally take on Dharkon.

@hobohunter: Thanks man! It was pretty good even though I had to work. I feel old af though (I turned 29).
Poké Floats was pretty fun-I'm surprised they didn't make a Gen 3/4 version for Brawl...

@Neosonic97: Only seven? I thought it was more...are the playable characters in other games not related to the Belmonts?
Also, the series goes back 1,000 years? Wow.
They should make a game about Dracula's final death-that'd be a neat way to close out the series (even though chronologically it'd be weird since Dracula got reincarnated anyway).
Oh, that's what she uses? I was wondering what it was for.
...Why do so many FE protags have evil fathers? Even though Corrin's is also good...

@Mr Spaz: You make a good point, and admittedly it's partially me being petty because they're characters I'm not big fans of/don't play at all...but you're right, that would make them good sacks if needed.
I'm actually playing on Easy, because the Youtubers I got inspired to do this by were playing on Hard but figured they're way better at Smash than I am, and my first playthrough was on Normal, so I thought I should play it safe. Kind of wish I had bumped it up to Normal earlier for some extra challenge, but I don't know if I would have made it this far if I did...

@Bowser's Family Vacation: Early games had such silly aesthetics :V:
That video is me looking at all the Toads in Sticker Star/Color Splash (and I say that as a fan of CS).
Majora's Mask looks like it'd be depressing and not fun to play :c
I really want to know what makes Fates' writing so bad 🤔
Oh that fits perfectly! R.O.B really came through-I was impressed.
Yeah an HD Poké Floats would have been neat.
Question: I actually miss a few of the cut stages-I really liked Rainbow Road, I would have much preferred Pac-Maze to stay over ugly ass Pac-Land (plus I liked Pac-Maze's gimmick more), Woolly World was fun, and Orbital Gate Assault-while a pain to fight on-was absolutely amazing visually. I'll never forget my first reaction to it-which was when I unlocked Falco in Wii U-it was basically "WHAT IS THIS 😱 ". But I really like it now, and I don't get why it got cut after they apparently spent a year working on it. Sector Z was also my favorite stage in 64, but you could say it stayed since Corneria is essentially the same stage, just smaller. And I'd be down for an updated Poké Floats, but now there's almost 900 Pokémon, so I don't know which ones would get to appear...

Before we head out to fight Dharkon, there's a little more to do in Dracula's Castle.


I was feeling really confident after taking out Dracula, so I decided to give this fight a try.


It's still a hard fight though, since the stage is on fire and Bowser constantly has curry breath and defense buffs.


A little rough, but we managed.


And our next fighter is:




...Apparently Wario ate my screenshots of the fight 😒
It was easy though. I like Peach over Daisy, but both are all right. I just wish Daisy would appear in a main series game sometime-I like her personality. I've found a couple of really good LM3 fanfics where she teams up with Luigi to exorcise The Last Resort, which would have made such a cool dynamic had it actually happened...
(Weirdly enough, even though I'm not big on MarioxPeach, I'm fine with LuigixDaisy. Maybe because they actually seem somewhat affectionate?)

Anyway, back to the clock tower.


After resetting this area and shooting the cogwheel first to take out the extra ghost...


I had to go back to the cave to take this one out. If you get rid of every single ghost in the area...


...another fighter appears right before Dracula (or where he was). This is never mentioned in-game, so I don't know how people were supposed to figure it out unless they just tried to get rid of all the ghosts.


Very fitting.


RIP Richter's shield.


Another one joins the squad. I like Richter over Simon (mainly for aesthetic reasons, plus Richter has more of a personality), but they're both okay.

Now to head back to the Dark Realm...


...and take on Dharkon.


I think his intro is more epic than Galeem's, to be honest.


Also, his nail game is on point :v:

Music: Dharkon
(AKA Smash's most headbang-worthy theme. That's why it's one of my favorites.)


Like Galeem, you can only hurt him by hitting his eye.
(I used Peach because I thought it would be hilarious to defeat a dark chaos demon thing with a pink princess.)


And while he has some similar attacks, he has several unique ones.


Like this one where he creates a rift in the air, which slows you if you touch it.


He also uses the same nodes as Galeem, only Dharkon's are rotated and fire diagonally.


They still aren't super damaging, though.


This one is pretty weak, and you can score extra hits while he's flying around.


Autoheal is kind of busted in these long fights 😈


He also turns into a "gun" and first these laser bullet things at you, which don't do a lot of damage unless he racks up a lot of hits.


But he can also be stunned, letting you hit him with a frying pan or whatever weapon of your choice.


Now he's pissed, which means his attacks are stronger. Also his eye turns red...ugh this is starting to squick me out 😖


And now he throws his own puppet fighters at you. They still aren't worth fighting, though.


He made the tentacle longer, but it's still not very threatening.


That is, though!


You do not want to get hit when he flies through rifts like this-it's his strongest attack. I don't think it's as lethal as Galeem's "Off Wave", but...


53% is nothing to sneeze at. (Also I have no idea why I taunted...I think it was a misclick.)


This attack is still pretty much the same, but there's one notable difference:


...he ends it with one BIG shot. But really he's not any harder than Galeem...actually, Dharkon might be easier since you have more access to the Skill Tree and stronger spirits by now.


He likes to stay in the air and away from you, though.




And Peach's booty takes him down!


Dharkon goes pretty berserk when beaten.


He tries to reach you one last time...


...but fails and falls into the abyss like Galeem did.


And yes, you get 50 Skill Spheres for defeating him, too.


When defeated, he runs away, farther into the ominous dark portal.


And Galeem gives chase. Not much we can do except follow...

(For some reason, this cutscene isn't on Youtube by itself. Stop at 6:31.)
So now they're openly fighting, and we just seem to be innocent bystanders. But clearly they don't want us around either...


And now we're in the final section.


Galeem and Dharkon wait ominously in the distance...


One last section separates us from them. But it's the hardest section by far, even with no bosses to face. We'll begin the final battle soon, but there's a little bit of stuff to wrap up first.


Like a few spirit enhancements. Medusa certainly benefited from it.

Game stats:
Fights cleared: ...453, according to the game, but I count 455?
Fighters alive: 59
Fighters lost: 3​


Next time, we wrap up some unfinished business before heading to the final area.
For the first time since part 13, someone dies...
Question of the update: which section of WoL is your favorite (Light Realm, Dark Realm, Final Battle, or one of the submaps)?


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What are you talking about? Daisy was in a mainstream Mario game: Super Mario Land!

The reason that you don't like MarioxPeach is simple. PeachxBowser is the OTP. Dude keeps trying to rescue his baby mommy from some Italian plumber and unfortunately the plumber keeps beating him up. Honestly it's a very sad story.

Even if you made a mistake with that taunt it was a fantastic picture so I wouldn't consider it a mistake.

Favorite section? Tough. There are plenty of great areas. Probably the Marx section though. I always enjoy flexing my nintendo knowledge. Runner up would probably be the Street Fighter World Tour. Simple, but cool.

Bowser's Family Vacation

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"Am I Mario's babysitter? Are you going to call me every time that guy blows his nose, or what?"


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I'll lead off with the question: Final Battle for sure. Mostly because of A: The Final Boss, and B: the thing right before the Final Boss.

I mean, really...

You get to play as Master Hand! How cool is that?

Skarmizard said:
...Why do so many FE protags have evil fathers? Even though Corrin's is also good...

If you're a father figure in Fire Emblem, chances are you're either evil or dead (or sometimes both), though it's actually usually the latter. Only Corrin and Robin really have evil fathers. To list the known father figures to each FE Protag (Only counting the main lords, so you won't see Lucina's dad (that is to say, Chrom) on this list)...

Marth's dad, Cornelius: Died buying time for Marth to escape.
Seliph's dad, Sigurd: The protagonist of the first five chapters of Genealogy of the Holy War. Spawned countless barbecue jokes, courtesy of Arvis' Valflame incinerating him at the Battle of Belhalla. Needless to say, he hella dead.
Roy's dad, Eliwood: Marquess of Pherae, and protagonist of the game's chronological prequel. The rare exception, he lives to the end of the events of FE6, avoiding death where his best friend Hector did not.
Eliwood's dad, Elbert: Former Marquess of Pherae. Died protecting Eliwood from Nergal.
Eirika and Ephraim's dad, Fado: Former king of Renais. Dies standing his ground against Grado's invaders, possibly to buy time for Seth to take Eirika and escape.
Ike's dad, Greil: Founder of the Greil Mercenaries. Died to the Black Knight, Zelgius.
Robin's dad, Validar: Leader of the Grimleal, and one of the big baddies of FE: Awakening. Eventually falls to the Shepherds when they change fate and prevent Chrom's death.
Corrin's birth father, Anankos: Degenerated Dragon and ruler of Valla, the true Big Bad behind the events of FE: Fates. Eventually falls to Corrin's blade, just as he planned. Yes, you read that right- Anankos orchestrated his own death.
Corrin's first adoptive father, Sumeragi: Former King of Hoshido. Killed after an ambush by Garon, then turned into one of Anankos' puppets.
Corrin's second adoptive father, Garon: A puppet of Anankos, King of Nohr and the presumed Big Bad in all routes aside from Revelations. Either falls to Corrin's party or is eaten by Anankos.
Byleth's father, Jeralt: Leader of the Blade Breaker mercenaries and former member of the Knights of Seiros. Dies after being stabbed in the back, the events of which cause Byleth to spill his first tears.

Speaking of Sigurd in particular, his manner of death would later get him linked to other characters, whom can possibly die in that way, as it became a running gag that in at least one route of any given Fire Emblem Game (starting with Fates), there will be at least one character who dies by burning to death. In particular... in the Birthright route of Fates, Flora burns herself to death out of shame for betraying Corrin, in Gaiden/Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Rinea is killed, then brought back to life as an apparition wreathed in flames, in Heroes, Gunnthra gets torched and dies from the burns shortly after giving the heroes the key to stopping Muspell's forces, and lastly, in non-Black Eagles routes of Three Houses, in the Battle of Gronder Field shortly after the timeskip, should whatever side Byleth's on head to take the Ballista in the center of the battlefield, Edelgard will set it alight... which proves to be fatal for the person manning the ballista, Bernadetta- assuming Byleth's forces haven't taken her down already, that is.

Skarmizard said:
are the playable characters in other games not related to the Belmonts?

A few of them are, kind of...

To explain them to you...

First off, I really shouldn't have to explain Adrian Fahrenheit Ţepeş, or as he's better known, Alucard, protagonist of Symphony of the Night. You already know the drill with him. Nor should I have to explain Soma Cruz, the protagonist of Aria of Sorrow and its sequel Dawn of Sorrow. To put it briefly, they are respectively Dracula's son, and the being Dracula would eventually reincarnate into.

Shanoa, the protagonist of Order of Ecclesia, isn't related to the Belmonts at all. Basically, due to a prophecy, the Belmonts were not allowed to touch the Vampire Killer whip until 1999, so they could not step up to fight Dracula. Basically every game past Symphony of the Night features a character who ISN'T a Belmont as their protagonist due to this plot point. Shanoa utilizes Glyphs, which give her abilities not too dissimilar to Soma's. She eventually kills Dracula through a set of three glyphs collectively referred to as Dominus, which are made from Dracula's remains.

Nathan Graves, the protagonist of Circle of the Moon, is from a different vampire hunting clan altogether. He wields a weapon known as the Hunter Whip, which can alter its properties through the use of magic, though like the Vampire Killer, it is a holy weapon. It cannot evolve into stronger forms like the Vampire Killer can, though.

John Morris, protagonist of Castlevania: Bloodlines, is a member of the Morris Clan- an offshoot of the Belmont Clan who can wield the Vampire Killer's full might, though only with a special ritual, and this comes at the cost of shortening the wielder's lifespan the more they wield the whip. He would eventually die due to this, but told his close friend Eric Lecarde to not tell his son how to unlock the full power of the Vampire Killer.

Said son, Jonathan Morris, starred in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. He's childhood friends with Charlotte Aulin, who is descended from the Belnades clan of magic users, who have had close ties with the Belmonts ever since the beginning, with Sypha Belnades, being a member of Trevor's team to slay Dracula, and Sypha ends up eventually marrying Trevor after the events of Castlevania III.
Though as he is not a full Belmont, Jonathan does not initially have access to the Vampire Killer's full power, and must eventually undergo the ritual to unlock its full power.

Reinhardt Schneider, protagonist of Castlevania 64, is an interesting case in that he IS technically a Belmont, as he's shown to have the holy blood needed to wield the full power of the Vampire Killer. It's hinted that his name change was due to feelings of self-doubt. Much like Trevor and Jonathan, he also worked with a Belnades descendant, Carrie Fernandez.

Cornell, protagonist of Legacy of Darkness, is a Werewolf who came into conflict with Dracula when his forced abducted his adoptive sister Ada and hoped to sacrifice her to Dracula, though this was mostly bait to draw Cornell in, as Dracula's servants wished to steal Cornell's power.

The last protagonist to go over would be Hector (no relation to the axe lord from Fire Emblem), protagonist of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, a former general of Dracula's who fled after growing tired of killing, but comes into conflict with Dracula's forces when his former comrade and another of Dracula's generals, Isaac, manipulated witch trials to have his wife burned at the stake.
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Today we round up most of the remaining fighters and take on an old enemy. But someone pays the ultimate price...

@hobohunter: I meant another game besides Super Mario Land, so she could show more personality because she's just interchangeable with Peach there :sweatdrop:
Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Peach and Bowser were actually the real couple, considering she treats Mario more like a brother than a boyfriend...hmm 🤔
Especially now with Junior in the picture.
Now that you mention it, it did turn out to be a great picture-I guess sometimes misclicks work out 😅
Yeah, Mysterious Dimension is pretty great. And I'm not into Street Fighter, but that's a neat section as well-I love the world map in it.

@Bowser's Family Vacation: Oh wow, that's almost identical o_o
That would be the most random reference if it was intentional.
Hey, we did! Who says princesses have to be useless?
A very appropriate reaction to that statement :ohdear:

@Neosonic97: Final Battle is pretty cool, especially because Master Hand is playable for once. I'm glad they made that a thing finally, even if it is only for one battle. Maybe he'll be playable in Smash 6?
Jeez, RIP Fire Emblem protags' dads 😢
Are moms just as doomed? You told me Corrin's is...
Also, Ike's dad was killed by the Black Knight? That would make for one awkward moment if Ike pulls him as an AT...and wow, that is a lot of people who burn to death :c
Oh wow, that's a lot of protags. It's cool how most of them are similar to Belmonts even though they're not related. Bonus points for having some female protags also (Shanoa, Charlotte). I just wish we knew if any of them were involved in the battle of 1999...if they ever end the series, they should make the final game based on that battle.
But does Jonathan die early because of the Vampire Killer ritual?
Question: My favorite area of WoL is easily the Dark Realm for aesthetic reasons, as well as the god-tier music. Favorite submap...I'll go with Mysterious Dimension for largely the same reasons, plus the questions are fun (if a little easy). I also like Dracula's Castle because the puzzle is actually a little tricky.

So it's almost time to begin our final assault on Galeem and Dharkon...


But before that, there's a few things to take care of back in the Light Realm.


This guy seems kind of generic compared to most of the Punch-Out cast...


Figured this would also be an opportunity to knock a few more characters off the "haven't used" list.


He lucked out and bounced off the rope, so I couldn't take advantage of the shield break and Warlock Punch him out.


So I Doriyahed him instead. (That's a word now :v: )
That gets us another character:


Ehh, I guess?


Another easy unlock. I don't really mind Little Mac too much, even though he's crap since he can't recover worth a damn. I guess he can be decent on walk-off stages though.

Moving on:


Back to the base, because...
*flashback to Part 9*


A long time ago, I lost someone close to me here.


Now it's time for revenge.


And it feels appropriate for Diddy to take this fight down.


Sheriff is gone.


There goes Incineroar...


And that's that. Donkey can rest now, he's been avenged...

Now back to the teleporter maze, so I can pick up another character:


After this fight. Nikki is a cute Assist Trophy, but who even is she?


Too many Miis!


I like how the swordfighter is the last one standing after he had the most damage earlier.


And done.


And now we get probably the weirdest character in the game.


He put up a decent fight, but the Beastball took him out. I don't really have an opinion of Game and Watch-I mean, technically he's not really a "character" per se since he was created specifically for Melee. Judge is one of the most ridiculous things ever though, and he had the most WTF moment in Subspace (apparently he was the source of the Shadow Bugs).


I ended up running into Wart again afterward.


Not hard, but then again he's not hard in SMB2 either. Still wish he'd get to make another appearance sometime though.

Now back to the Dark Realm.


I thought I remembered a chest behind this fight, so I decided to take a chance since I have so many characters.


It actually isn't that bad as long as you don't let them get off Judges-or as long as they don't hit 9s.


Decided to kill the last one in style since I had the FS ready.


And done.


This also fully revealed the Dark Realm map.


There's the chest.


Eh, I already have several of those.

Now to the Mysterious Dimension:


Why does he have a split wiffle ball haircut 😂


Also not sure why he has a R.O.B with him.


Well, he had a R.O.B.


He died from the poison thanks to Poisoned Smash! The Skill Tree is amazing.


This is another fight I'd put in or close to my top 10 hardest.


Mainly because Corrin refuses to die and Double Final Smash is very lethal.


I basically ran around the stage and threw axes and crosses at her so she couldn't use the FS on me.


Took a while, but it worked. And that gets us yet another character:


Yep. Also I feel like having Azura guarding him is a reference, which is neat.


Also pretty easy. I'm gonna be unpopular here: I don't mind Corrin that much-in fact, I kind of like them since they're actually unique because of the dragon form. I don't remember if there was a lot of backlash when they were announced, but it seems like they're one of the most hated characters now (possibly even more than Byleth) and I don't really get why outside of "too many FE characters".
Another unpopular opinion: male Corrin >>> female Corrin.

Anyway, next stop is the Sacred Land.


@Mr Spaz made a really good point about grabbing characters that are out in the open since I can just sack them if needed. So I decided to go ahead and grab Chrom after all.


I thought using Lucina to free him was appropriate, and it apparently made him not fight back. I still say Chrom's my least favorite of the FE cast in Smash, mainly because he's a clone of a fighter who started as a clone himself. I don't really mind Chrom as a character (from what I've seen of Awakening, he's kind of adorkable), but I don't need him in Smash. So no, he (probably) won't get his chance today.

Going for one more character while we're here.


Another top 10 worst fight. And it's another female Corrin 😒


I mean, it's essentially three-on-one, even though Riki doesn't do much.




And done. I underestimated Simon-he's put in a lot of good work.


I thought this fight would be easier, but it was not...


But I figured if I can push him off stage, it'll be easy since Ryu's recovery sucks.


So that was my plan, but...


...I got pushed off instead, and Richter fell to his doom...

I was honestly getting to a point where I really thought I wouldn't lose anyone else-I mean, we got through the whole Dark Realm without a casualty. It sucks because I didn't have to do this fight-I only went back to get another character, but...I guess the game had enough of me not losing any fights.

So I decided it was appropriate to use Simon to avenge him. It didn't start off much better, mainly because I was trying to kill off Akira first...


I eventually got rid of him, but this looks really bad, right?


Nope-this time I pushed him off to his doom. Karma's a bitch.


And here's the hint for unlocking the other fighter with the clock.

So was this fighter worth losing Richter?


Honestly, yes.


Naturally I had to use Bowser to rescue his son.


Interestingly, the Clown Car's eyes will also be red/purple in WoL.


Not too hard. I actually like Junior, although I'm not the biggest fan of keeping him in the Clown Car, even though it is unique. And I like that they added the Koopalings as alts, even though having them in the Clown Car doesn't really make sense (and having Shadow Mario as their Final Smash makes even less sense). I still want to know who the mother is though, since Peach is very insistent it's not her 🤔
(My headcanon is that Bowser adopted the Koopalings. I don't accept the retcon of them not being his kids anymore when supposedly they were for 20+ years. Whether he adopted them before or after he had Junior is up for debate.)


Freeing Junior clears this path, which isn't really helpful if you already cleared this section. It'd be handy if you went up that path initially, though.

Two more stops to make...


What makes me laugh about Kraid's dojo is that the translator basically has no idea what he's saying. I think this is the only time he's ever been able to "speak", but don't quote me on that.
Which makes me wonder-we know Ridley is very smart, but he's never spoken in the games. But can he actually speak? And what would he sound like if he did?

Final stop, Dracula's Castle.


Grabbing another meat shield if needed.


He was ridiculously easy. Both Pits are among my least favorite characters, but weirdly enough, I think I like Dark Pit a little more than normal Pit because I'm secretly emo. Hopefully he won't die like the original did...


And we'll try this fight while we're here.


I figured going two-on-one was the best strategy.


With the defense nerf, we were taking out big chunks of each other's health. Eventually this happened...


And down he goes.


I believe this is the strongest spirit in the game, or at least in WoL. Just look at that starting power!


And we'll grab Ken too.


Not hard. I like Ken more than Ryu for the same reason I like Richter over Simon (aesthetic/personality), but I don't use him much since I have no idea how to do the input moves. I swear sometimes I end up doing one unintentionally without having a clue of what I did...


All right, all the cleanup's done. Now to take on the final section for real...next time.

Game stats:
Fights cleared: 470
Fighters alive: 65
Fighters lost: 4​


Next time, we head into the final battle.
Question of the update: what are unpopular opinion(s) you have about Smash?


Just the worst
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So here's the thing about Corrin: They're fantastic in Smash, but they're terrible in FE Fates. People were initially excited (Ya know, excluding the "too many FE characters" crowd) at his reveal because It as the first glimpse of Corrin since Fates hadn't come out it (it did in Japan but I'm referring to Western reactions). Then Fates did come out and... a lot of FE fans don't like it, for many reasons that I won't get into. So as a result, that excitement of Corrin turned into hate because of how bad the game was. And despite being the most unique FE character, people are thinking he was just added to the roster as a advertisement to a bad game (ya know like Roy technically was, but his game was good and FE was never in the west before melee anyway so he gets a pass).

Unpopular opinion eh? I dunno honestly. Cause usually someone out there will agree with what you think about something (just look at how much we get agree on things). And personally I feel all my opinions aren't even that unpopular in the first place. So I can honestly say this is the first time I can't answer your question.


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To add on to what Hobo said. it also doesn't help that she was nerfed to shit in Ultimate. Mainly with making the Dragon moves (you know their defining attacks) much much weaker (just look at the counter) which heavily reduced the difference between them and the other FE lords.

He's a good hot take. Melee is cluncky as hell. It's honestly the kind of game where shit just works when it feels like it. Hit stun being the biggest offender and a maybe this is the fact that I play way too many fighting games talking but a lot of the advanced tech confuses me. Because a lot of it falls into either "Why is this here" territory (L canceling) or "This is way too easy" (Wave Dashing).


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Are moms just as doomed? You told me Corrin's is...

Also, Ike's dad was killed by the Black Knight? That would make for one awkward moment if Ike pulls him as an AT...and wow, that is a lot of people who burn to death :c

Oh wow, that's a lot of protags. It's cool how most of them are similar to Belmonts even though they're not related. Bonus points for having some female protags also (Shanoa, Charlotte). I just wish we knew if any of them were involved in the battle of 1999...if they ever end the series, they should make the final game based on that battle.

But does Jonathan die early because of the Vampire Killer ritual?

To answer your questions about FE moms...

The only other FE protag whose mother is actually mentioned by name is Byleth's mother, Sitri, and her name is only mentioned in the Cindered Shadows DLC. There's a funny thing about that.

So, you know how I mentioned that Rhea can kinda sorta be considered Byleth's grandmother? This is because Sitri was a homunculus created by Rhea meant to serve as a vessel for Sothis, Rhea's own mother. To that end, Sitri could be considered Rhea's daughter.

However, after falling in love with Jeralt, the two had a kid, that being Byleth. Just one problem... Byleth was stillborn. They WOULD have died, but Sitri chose to have Rhea basically implant Sothis' heart into Byleth. This saved Byleth's life, but at the cost of Sitri's.

While not their mother, the sort of mother-figure of Chrom and Lissa, Emmeryn, their older sister, is kinda similar. In Awakening, the king of Plegia at the time, Gangrel, offered Chrom an ultimatum: Give up the Fire Emblem or Emmeryn dies. Emmeryn opted to take the choice out of Chrom's hand and, after giving a speech which touched the hearts of many Plegians, chose to throw herself off of the cliff she was stuck on.

As it turns out, Emmeryn DID survive, but she suffered from amnesia due to the fall, and she can be recruited in Paralogue 20. After the defeat of Grima, she moves to Regna Ferox and lives out the rest of her days as an ordinary woman.

To answer your question about Jonathan: I don't know. It's not mentioned. Given how his lifespan is only shortened if he uses the Vampire Killer after the ritual, however, and he vowed to ONLY use it against Dracula (or if the player opts, doesn't unlock its true power at all) it's certainly feasible that Jonathan lives a full life. It's even possible, given that Portrait of Ruin happens in 1944 and Jonathan is 18 at the time, that Jonathan or a child of his is the one who returns the Vampire Killer to the Belmonts in time for Julius to wield it in 1999 (If it were Jonathan, he would be 73 at the time).

And yes, Ike's dad was killed by The Black Knight, though Ike does eventually, after a long time, get Zelgius back for that, though only because Zelgius allowed him to live. See, Zelgius' goal was to fight Greil at his strongest, but when they had their duel which ended in Greil's death, Greil had robbed himself of the usage of his dominant sword arm. So Zelgius decided to let Ike grow stronger, in hopes that he could become as strong as- if not stronger than- Greil was. Given how Ike's one of the strongest lords in the entire series, stat-wise (And does eventually defeat Zelgius), he was correct.

Also, here's a funny fact in Fire Emblem pertaining to Ike: Azura (The songstress from Fates) has a strength growth of 60%. In comparison, Ike has a 50% strength growth in Path of Radiance, and in Radiant Dawn (the famous 'buff Ike', the one used in Smash 4), he has a strength growth of 55%. This came about as a result.


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Today we head into the final section.

@hobohunter: Now it makes more sense, but...I really want to know what's so bad about Fates since both Bowser and now you have brought that up. Is Corrin a bad character in it or really badly written or something? Maybe that's why they seem more hated than Byleth now, since I've heard Three Houses is really good...
That's fair-to be honest I don't really feel like I have any super unpopular opinions myself, especially given how much we agree on.

@DestinyDragonGS: I'd heard they got nerfed pretty hard, and if they nerfed their dragon moves that badly...no wonder they're so hated now. (I never use counters though, so I don't know what happened with it...)
I like Melee, but I definitely agree that a lot of the advanced tech confuses me to heck, especially when a lot of it wasn't even intentional. I watch tournament compilations sometimes, and half the time I'm like "O_O how are they doing that???"

@Neosonic97: So technically Byleth's mother (and Byleth themselves) shouldn't have existed? I feel like Rhea broke about a million laws of ethics by doing that...I can understand why though.
I had no idea Emmeryn survived that...does she ever get her memory back?
...Aww, that's a shame :c
Hmm, I guess it depends on what the player does/headcanons...also, if Jonathan did live a full life, I wonder if he helped Julius in 1999 in some way? Obviously not in the actual fight, since a 73-year-old man really shouldn't be fighting...man, they really should have made a game based on the battle of 1999. Big missed opportunity...
So Zelgius basically screwed himself by letting Ike live? I get the "honor" and "wanting to fight at their strongest" aspect, but he really screwed himself on that one...
Not sure whether to :psyduck: or :ROFL: at Azura having higher strength growth than buff Ike. And that picture is hilarious!

Question: I feel like my biggest unpopular opinion is either "I don't really mind Corrin or Byleth" or "I don't really care that Snake's back" or maybe "I liked The Great Maze".
This one might rankle competitive players, but I don't think we have any, so: I genuinely don't see the point of Project M. There's nothing wrong with Brawl that warranted remaking it into basically Melee 2 (I do like that it brought Mewtwo back though).

So after two whole maps, over a dozen submaps, six bosses, four Hands, and fighting both Galeem and Dharkon, one final section separates us from them.


Here we go...

Music: The Final Battle

As you can see, there are both light and dark spirits.


And these are some of the toughest of the game. Maybe not Pauline or Tabuu-level, but they're up there.


This one isn't too bad, if you watch the Bullet Bills.


A lot of the ones here are enhanceable also. Kind of lame to put a bunch of enhanceable ones in the last section...


I wish they would have given the dark spirits purple eyes on this screen as well as in-battle.


Also not too bad.


Seriously, like a fourth of this section's spirits are enhanceable.


And we thought we changed a lot from being children... (although I honestly don't feel like I look much different now than I did at 8, and I'm pushing 30 ._.)


Ridley wasn't too big for Smash after all!




Hell no. This was by far the most aggravating fight in this section on my first run-it rains Bob-Ombs, plus both Roy and the metal Sonic he's teamed with are brutal.


What is that design? He looks like he has a peacock tail for hair or on the back of his coat... :psyduck:


Ridley's time to shine. So I decided to see just how many Skewers I could pull off in these fights, and let's just say it was brutal-one Skewer took away 79 HP.


And the next one killed.


Three enhancables!


Moving on.


Skewer counter: 4


Very easy.


From what I've seen, I like General Pepper, but he doesn't seem to be very effective since Fox is always having to help...


Skewer counter: 5


Another one down.

So, the thing about the final section is, you need to fight roughly the same amount of light and dark spirits.


If you fight more of one than the other, this happens...and if you let it get too imbalanced (I've never tested it, but I read somewhere around 12 is the tipping point), one of Galeem/Dharkon will be inaccessible. But that is reversible.


A lot of Assist Trophies show up here as well.


Decided to get rid of Zero first since he's annoying (unless he's on your side, obviously.)


Skewer counter: 6
(Also, trailer callback!)


And done.


That's four enhanceables.


And we're rebalanced. Which isn't really a big deal since you can reverse an imbalance, but keeping it balanced lets you skip certain fights.


I was wondering why Wolf, but then I saw the Wolverine claws and it made more sense.


Lucky 7!


And then I screamed in his face to finish it. (I know it's actually fire, but the idea of Ridley just screaming in someone's face is hilarious to me.)


Enhanceable spirit counter: 5


This is another annoying fight.


Reflect and curry is not a fun combo.


I'm not 100% sure if this was a Skewer, but eh, we can throw it on the counter too. (8)


And he's gone.


Why did he get dropped from the AT roster?


Decided to mix things up and throw him off with side-B.


And since Ike's recovery sucks, it worked.


Ugly creature.


He's such a big target that nailing these was easy. (9, 10...possibly 11? I forget if there was a third or not...but I think there was.)




Wouldn't Bayonetta make more sense since she can turn into a bat?


No Skewers this time, but still pretty simple.


But it unbalanced the map again.


Rebalancing it...


This wasn't really a hard fight, but it was...interesting, I suppose.


I was trying to get rid of Issac, but he ended up right at the edge of the stage, and I didn't want to risk it, so he kept throwing hands at me.


Got rid of Roy, but it's still three-on-one...


Finally got rid of Isaac, and somehow, I still hadn't gotten hit by this point.




And that gave me my FS.


Which only hit Palutena for some reason, but destroyed her since she had so much damage. And since I have Double Final Smash...


I did it again.


That was messy, but fun.



That also leads to this section's first fighter:


Why is Roy in the last section? I get why the others in this section are here, but what made him threatening enough to keep him here?




...I missed the victory screen, so now it looks like the Skewer killed somehow ._.
Anyway, Roy is...okay, I guess? I didn't really miss him much in Brawl and wasn't planning to buy him in 4 since I like Marth and Ike more-I only did so for completionist reasons. But it's good to have everyone back, and he does have the best Star KO in Ultimate.


Unlocking fighters also unbalances the map. And as you can see, we have more Hands to deal with.


Gonna take this one on while I'm here.


I can't Skewer a Hand, though :(


At least this one tried to be interesting by using some new moves, like this snap that stuns you.


And...whatever that is.


That position makes it look like he's petting Ridley's chin or something.


After fighting all these hands, they're easy.


In fact, this was a flawless victory-he never hit me.


No more boss-tier rewards, though? Weird...it'll make sense later, though.


So when you destroy one Hand...


...the other side's deity notices, and calls in additional forces:


Namely another fighter and another Hand.


Which severely imbalances the map. To be honest, I kind of feel like if the map gets too imbalanced, it should lock you into a bad ending, but I guess that would suck if you didn't know it would happen.


Anyway, rebalancing it again.


Decided to give Ridley a break. I was a little worried about the sudden FS, so I wanted to kill her fast before it came into play.


And it worked out. And that leads to another character:


I really wish I could pass, but it's obligatory to get the good ending :(


Lots of shield breaks lately. If only one had been against a Jigglypuff (why is that a mechanic though?)


Another easy unlock. I really don't like Dark Samus at all-it (she? Still not sure) creeps me the hell out and I'm not a fan. I get why it/she got added, but...hard pass.


While I'm here, gonna take this Hand out too.


That is disturbing! But at least he did something unique too.


Spamming up-B while he's stunned.


Another flawless victory. It's not quite "Luigi wins by doing nothing", but still satisfying.


No big rewards here either.


And now Galeem calls in his forces.


Revealing the last two fighters and the final Hand. We'll take them on next time.

Game stats:
Fights cleared: 488
Fighters alive: 67
Fighters lost: 4​


Next time, we unlock the last couple characters and reach the penultimate battle.
There is another death...
Question of the update: if you could add any music to Smash, what would you add (up to five tracks)?
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