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Screenshot Let's Play General A (100%) World of Light Nuzlocke (COMPLETE)

Thread Description
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Hard Mode (100% Completed 3/24)

Mr Spaz

I caught the big– OH SHIT
Pokédex No.
Jul 6, 2019
Under your bed. I found $50
Pokémon Type
  1. Electric
  2. Dark
  3. Flying
  4. Psychic
I'll admit, I skipped the 9-Volt & 18-Volt Spirit battle and came back later when I did WOL.
Also, I find it slightly amusing that your first 2 deaths were both of my mains. (Also, I came to main DK because of the Dr Wily fight, which I'm going to instantly assume you skipped)


Metal dragon bird/Smash ‘locker
Pokédex No.
Nov 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Dragon
  2. Steel
Pokédex Entry
This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also writes and is a huge fan of Smash Bros.
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Today we explore a foggy forest and take on the most challenging non-boss yet.

@SnackyTheSylph: That could explain some of the weirder choices, although I'm still not sure why certain characters (Cloud) don't appear at all...
...I totally forgot about Keeby! And Dream Course was the first Kirby game I played :facepalm:
We agree on the interface screwy ATs! And Shovel Knight is cool as well.

@Neosonic97: Hero is fun as hell, especially watching some of the crazy stuff that's happened with him in tournaments. And yeah, Mac is trash. Agree about Ness/Lucas/Snake being annoying as hell to fight too.

Mementos is a beautiful stage, and yes the music is amazing.

I kind of like the Fake Smash Ball though, mainly because it's hilarious to watch computers go for it not realizing it's a fake...

I've never been into Touhou (or the Pokémon/Touhou hacks), but you make a really good argument to add her into the game, especially with it being a series not repped in Smash at all. And creator approval definitely helps.

Agree on Rathalos, and Shovel Knight is cool as well. And no one likes the interface screw ATs...

As for boss Rathalos, yeah he's very well designed. I like how the items in the fight reference his weaknesses in his series.

@hobohunter: I'm still sad about it, especially since I didn't even have to do that fight...Sheriff is scary OP.
Oh, that makes sense. Wireframe Mac is still creepy though.
Resetti was pretty hilarious, especially when he would randomly imitate characters. Would've loved to see what he might have said in 4/Ultimate.
Yeah Mr. Wright is kinda useless. Even the random big skyscraper never really seems to hit anyone.

@Mr Spaz: I wish I would've skipped that fight, but I was dumb and thought it would be easy...
I feel really bad about that, but in a way it's kind of funny...
And yeah, Dr. Wily was an insta-skip.

Question: my favorite Assist Trophy is probably Rathalos-he's easily one of, if not the strongest one in the game, plus he's so big that he's almost unavoidable. I also like Tiki for the same reasons (plus I'm a little biased because dragons), and most of the pseudo-fighter ones (Knuckles, Krystal, Dillon, Alucard, etc.) are cool too.
Least favorite: Waluigi because I can't stand him and I'm so sick of people clamoring for him to be a fighter.
Nah, it's either Nightmare or Skull Kid because they aren't helpful at all, since all they do is obstruct the view/screw with your controls. The Nintendog barely gets a pass only because the dog is cute and only partially obstructs the view. Devil is also kind of crap-I've never really gotten any use out of him, especially now that the Squid Sisters do it better, and with catchy music. And Starfy is weak and borderline useless.
I would have said Tingle, but he actually could be useful (sometimes), plus he's gone, so...

Weird story I have to bring up about ATs: back in Brawl, I swear when I'd play as Fox or Falco, I would pull Andross as an AT way more than normal, and I always thought the irony was hilarious. But it didn't seem like it happened as much if I played as Wolf, and I don't remember anything similar happening with characters from any other series...

So we left off at Galeem's doorstep, but since we can't fight him yet, we're heading back to the mountain area.


Aren't you the guy who always gets blown up/falls in the chasm on Bridge of Eldin?
*checks Smashwiki*
Never mind, that's a Bulblin...


More difficult than I expected, mainly because K. Rool is so fat that even tiny ones can survive a while.


Is it weird if I think Shy Guys are kind of cute? Always wondered what's under the mask...apparently Luigi found out and it's horrifying...
But this is probably the closest we'll ever get to seeing it.


Decided to let Falco get some action. This fight was a little annoying, but not too bad.


I loved the animal buddies from DKC. Wish they'd bring more of them back...


Also pretty simple. Working my way toward a chest on the mountain.


This was a cool power-up, but ugh was it a pain to control. Still better than the shitty ass Spring though.


Easy if you stay under her.


A nice prize for such a simple fight.

After that, I went around the other side of the mountain:


I feel like Mewtwo would make more sense to rep a Gengar, but whatever. And I still don't have a sleep immunity...


Luckily Falco prefers the air. (and it helps that the upper platforms are safe but shhh)


Simple, but I really need to find a sleep immunity soon (spoiler alert: I don't and get roadblocked a bunch next part.)


I want to like this guy because dragon, but he's probably evil :c


At least the fight was easy.


The bus takes us...


...all the way over here, for another fighter!


Makes sense.


Another super-easy unlock. I like Isabelle over Villager, so I'm happy.


That clears some trees so I don't have to take the bus back, although the bus is still way faster.


I like the flying bike. Luckily we don't have to deal with Dillon as well...




And here's where the cave behind Rayman comes out.


There's a chest over here...


...Way to rub losing Donkey in my face, game 😭
(I should be salty-and I was at first-but this is actually a really solid find.)


Again with the invisibility...also, who?


But it was simple, especially since she wasn't even invisible, only the Villager was.


Into the creepy forest!


Why are there so many "team of 4 Pits" fights? Also Snitchbugs aren't really that annoying, except in the first Pikmin when one chases you when you have bomb-rocks in your squad...


This time, the Boss Galagas were all mine. Poor Pit never learned how to read...


He never learned how to read x2


Here's another Master spirit!
IMO, Toadette is almost as overrated as Waluigi. I don't dislike her like I do him, though.


Fuck this Toad Mii-he kept divebombing me. The Villager did basically nothing.


Toadette runs another exploration, like Charlie. You only get SP from it, but it's still useful for leveling up spirits, especially since it only takes two hours.


Leaving her a squad and continuing on.


DKCR was a super solid game (so is Tropical Freeze), although I would have loved for K. Rool to make another appearance. Maybe with him finally getting in Smash, he'll get that chance? *crosses fingers*




But Shedinja is just a shell, it shouldn't have a spirit!


Obviously it only has 1 HP.


Between the near-constant invincibility and the Franklin Badge, they did a really good job with this fight.


Continuing on...


He utterly failed his recovery! I loved it.


Two chests, two nice prizes.


Owls are pretty cool, even though this one kind of has a resting bitch face.




Buffed magic is one thing, but what PSI attacks? Ness and Lucas aren't here! And neither of those help Ike at all!


Even though it was two-on-one, it was still simple.


Wigglers are cute until they get angry...


He wanted to be annoying and not go down easily.


The prize was worth it, though.


These two can build bridges if you don't already have someone who can.


Easy enough, and that leads us to another fighter!


I can work with this.


Also pretty simple. Duck Hunt is (are?) pretty cool, although they're kind of awkward to use sometimes. Also I loved their fake out in Banjo's reveal trailer.


Who the heck is this? Also, she doesn't even have a name?


Not hard.


That leads us to the power plant. I wasn't initially going to bother with it, but since I'm already here, may as well, right?


Maybe there'll be some useful stuff inside.

Music: Power Plant


The trick here involves powering these pylons to activate platforms that fill the paths.


You collect these Zapfish to do so and move them around as needed.


What sucks is, if we want to do anything in here, we have to take on a very annoying fight.


Dr. Light was a pain in my first playthrough. Mainly because Mega Man is a freaking psycho here.


Imagine my surprise when it ended up being really easy.


This is arguably one of the easier Legend-class fights since it's easy to get Incineroar off-stage and his recovery is ass. But since this is a Nuzlocke, I don't want to take my chances.


So we'll take the long way around.


Dedenne is a pretty weak Poké Ball 'mon-Togedemaru does it better. Of course, Tapu Koko does it the best.


Not sure why he got cut from the AT roster...


Made this fight simpler, though.


I know everyone hates Slippy, but is he really that bad? I mean, he invents stuff that tends to be useful...and here he can fix the Great Fox for you if you find him before ROB.
(Won't argue about his personality being annoying AF, though.)


The only hard part is chasing him down with Fox getting in your way.


This was another silly fight.


Not quite as ridiculous as the Ridley from last time living past 300%, but still up there.


That gets us a prize...


Not bad.


Another one over here...


Very nice!


Here's the "boss" of the area. I've seen lots of runs struggle against this fight, with good reason.


Let's hope for the best...

It ended up being a pretty vicious battle-he hits really hard. We were both getting seriously damaged...and then his FS meter maxed. I started to panic, because at this point-I'm nearing 90%-if he hit, Peach was a goner...and sure enough, he went for it...


But I managed to dodge! I may have screamed a little.


It was pretty much over after that, especially since my FS was ready if necessary.

...You know, I was starting to wonder if maybe I need to up the difficulty a little because things have been going remarkably well. But after that fight, I think I might be better off leaving it alone...


Interestingly, you actually get two spirits for winning.


That fully activates the power...


Which opens these gates, making getting around the map a good bit easier and opening the way to another fighter.


Speaking of fighters, before we leave, there's one we can pick up.


Not surprising.


Easy enough. I love how Pichu was supposed to be a joke character in Melee, then gets brought back for Ultimate and is suddenly good.
I like Pikachu more, though, but I feel like he'll be useful.


And with that, it's time to cross the bridge to the east side of the map. Sounds like a good starting point for next time.


But first, pulling these guys out since this is where I stopped playing for the night. 😒 at three of them being that level...

Game stats:
Fights cleared: 209
Fighters alive: 30
Fighters lost: 2​


Next time, we finally check out the east side of the map.
Question of the update: have you gotten into any game series because of their characters being in Smash?


Just the worst
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Water
  2. Dragon
oh plenty of series. I had never heard of Metroid, Kirby, F-Zero, and Earthbound before Smash 64 (admittedly I was also like 8). and Smash single handedly introduced me to one of my favorite series, Fire Emblem. I fucking love that series


The Fastest Thing Alive
Pokédex No.
Aug 9, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Water
  2. Dragon
Pokédex Entry
Capable of casually moving faster than the speed of sound. His top speed is unknown, though some theorise it to be faster than light itself.
I've just noticed that Byleth's not in your roster. Have you not got his Challenger Pack or something?

As for the question, say it with me now: FIRE. EMBLEM. Additionally, while I was kinda a fan of the series even prior (DQ IX was an amazing game), Smash did also inspire me to buy Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition.

Bowser's Family Vacation

Johto League Champion
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Dragon
  2. Cool
Pokédex Entry
"Am I Mario's babysitter? Are you going to call me every time that guy blows his nose, or what?"
World of Light players VS Super Armor:

Unfortunately, not all of those fights can be avoided.... >_> The map design can be awfully mean....


I'm sure Yoshi is happy to have you as a fan. Too many people immediately dismiss him as worthless because his up B is unconventional.... As for me, I just like making Yoshi noises. When you imitate one really well, it freaks people out. :P

I like Super Princess Peach as a meme. I should look into playing it so I can understand what I'm memeing better, but. *sweats in backlog*

I'm so want Smash Kart to be a thing. I think Mario Kart has been sleeping on the potential for using other Nintendo IPs for too long. Anyone else fancy racing with Kirby on a Warpstar? If you can't wait, Kirby Air Ride is an underrated gem.

*mentions the Mario and Luigi series*

RIP, Alphadream....

Question of the update: which game in the series is your favorite (and least favorite, if you have one)?
My favorite would have to be Brawl...

Hang on! It's not for logical reasons! It's just that Brawl came at just the right time in my life: I was old enough to know some of the characters and some of the mechanics, but enough of the game was so new and strange, it was unadulterated wonder. Unfortunately, the time when I could happily roleplay in custom stages in Smash has passed....

As for least favorite, I never played Melee. Does that count?
You think the Sonic series has a lot of characters now? Have you heard of the Sonic Archie comics? There are s o m a n y people in them! Granted, less now, since The Super Genesis Wave. What's The Super Genesis Wave? Don't ask. Because I don't really understand. ._.

I've heard people complain about the obscurity of some spirits, but I'm all for Smash being a celebration of all games (yes, even the strange, forgotten ones). :)

Chrom: "Out of my wife!"

To be fair, Awakening implements children characters wonkily. But at least their existence isn't morally questionable, like they are in Fates!

Question of the update: if you could add any character to Smash, who would it be and why?
Oh, man, that's a hard one. I'll say Issac from Golden Sun because those fans need a bone thrown their way.
Oh, Flygon, the reason you never got a Mega is you're too perfect! I want a regional variant Flygon, though, as a bone thrown your way.

Where Boom Boom was for those 20 years is one of the world's great mysteries. My theory? 20 years of making a Boom Boom army with his one true love, Pom Pom.

Juste Belmont is just not very popular!


Oh, Palutena.... Your angel can fly now.

Lucina: "I challenge my-" *Bob-omb wombo-comboed*

Mario and Peach? Y'all are sleeping on the best ship!

As the official account of Bowser, King of the Koopas, here on the Nuzlocke Forums, I hereby endorse Mario x Bowser.


This guy just looks like a villain.
Lyon is more than just a villain. In my opinion, he is Fire Emblem's best villain because he confronts the tropes of the franchise. Here's a video about it, if you don't mind spoilers.


And he violently explodes. RIP Bowser?

I don't really have an opinion about Final Smashes.
Yay! Fellow Pikachu fan!

Sonic villains are edgy because the Sonic series still thinks that being "edgy" is the only way to attract attention. If there's one thing I hope for the entertainment world this decade, it's that I want non-serialized, more light-hearted shows, games, etc. to not be looked down upon as "lesser." Serialization can do great things. Tackling more serious topics can do great things. But neither are necessarily a "great thing" intrinsically.


Death by vegetable!


My feelings on Yoshi's New Island:
*kazoo intensifies* And then the track has the gall to have some pretty guitar in it intermittently. :( That's the SNES classic in there, begging for help!

Apparently, the Detective Pikachu game is bad, but going to the movie with my best friend was one of my favorite movie-going experiences of all time. Now, to get a Detective Pikachu cinematic universe, so I can feel that delight regularly, like my friends who love Star Wars and Marvel and stuff.

Question of the update: Subspace or WoL?
From a gameplay standpoint, I prefer World of Light, but I appreciate the fanfiction-y attempt to tell a story in Subspace more, so I gotta go with Subspace.

Oh, no, Donkey Kong! Assist Trophies are so hard to combat in this game! :(

It actually got really ugly, and I started getting worried I was gonna lose my other heavyweight...


But Bowser pulled it off and lives to fight another day!

Especially with the death of Donkey Kong, I have a feeling that Bowser will be very important....

Galleom gave me a lot of grief in my attempt at World of Light. I'm glad you cleared that fight deathless! ^^

I adore the Buzz Buzz fight. It's such a cute idea, and a great way to pay homage to the character tonally as well. "Huh? You're from the fut- Oh, he's dead."

Oh, Metal Ridley, you tried. :P

...So exactly how are there Kirby puppets when Kirby was never captured? According to Sakurai, Galeem analyzed Kirby at some point and made puppets based on that, but...that just seems flimsy to me. Maybe he unmasked Meta Knight and used him? Or captured a different Kirby somehow?
I don't know and it bugs me.
Finally..! Someone understands my struggle..!


He looks pleasant enough. I wonder how long it takes to find out he's secretly an Eldritch abomination?

Question of the update: your favorite and/or least favorite Assist Trophies?
Any Assist Trophy that blocks the screen, I hate. As for favorites, I'll say Shovel Knight because I think it's so cool that an indie game made it into somewhere in Smash. *looks at Sans costume* But no one cares about the Mii fighters! And it's optional DLC!
I think Shy Guy is cute too! I love the sounds it makes. :3

Spring Mario:

But I don't! Hint, game designers: Your power-ups, in a platformer, should never be harder to control than the base form!

Pit: *has wings*
Nintendo: *looks at myriad winged creatures* "You're Pit now."


But Shedinja is just a shell, it shouldn't have a spirit!
Silly, Skarm, this spirit is from someone who looked at Shedinja's back! *sweats in your Pokemon always having their backs facing you*


Who the heck is this? Also, she doesn't even have a name?

The one (1) fan of Hajimari No Mori:

Question of the update: have you gotten into any game series because of their characters being in Smash?
I was introduced to Fire Emblem via Smash, and my brother became a Kid Icarus fan. We both bought an F-Zero game because of Smash too.

I know... I know...


Metal dragon bird/Smash ‘locker
Pokédex No.
Nov 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Dragon
  2. Steel
Pokédex Entry
This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also writes and is a huge fan of Smash Bros.
  • Thread Starter Thread Starter
  • #46
Today we finally head to the eastern half of the map.

@hobohunter: We have that in common-I'd never heard of Metroid or Earthbound before Smash either (and I was also 8 when 64 came out). Also, happy birthday!

@Neosonic97: Nah, I'd played the last couple updates before Byleth dropped (I think about a week before). He'll show up today.

@Bowser's Family Vacation: First of all, you have the best collection of reaction images/GIFs :D

-The map is mean indeed, especially since it's a big pain just getting around 😔
-The funny part is, his up-B isn't as unconventional anymore since it does give him some height now (not much, but...). And I used to be able to do a pretty good Yoshi impression when I was younger...can't really do it now, though. He does make the cutest noises.
-SPP is solid, but it's also pretty easy. Fun game, though.
-Hell yes, Smash Kart would be amazing! Especially since a lot of characters have already been/could easily become racers.
-I'm glad Brawl's getting some love. I always feel like it's the most underrated game in the series (how do you roleplay on a custom stage though?) And that's fair, can't get into a game you haven't played.

-The what?
...I'm so confused :psyduck:
-I like the random obscure series getting shout-outs as well.
-Not sure if I should be :ROFL: or ewww at Robin being Lucina's mom ._.
-He sounds like a neat character also.

-Flygon is pretty great, although I'm sad that the Mega never came about because of artist's block...a Galarian Flygon would be neat, though (or a Gen 9 regional whenever that comes.)
-That would explain why there are so many Boom Booms...
-dead at MarioxBowser :ROFL:
-I'm all for deconstructing tropes, will definitely watch later.
-Don't worry, he's fine!

-I guess that makes sense, especially since Sonic was supposed to be Mario's "cool" counterpart. And yeah, I'm all for respecting more light-hearted games/etc. I've never been into "mature" video games myself.
-My ears are bleeding from that music :(
-That sounds like a great time, and I'm all for a DP sequel/universe.
-Definitely agree about Subspace having more of a story being a huge plus. I would kill for a movie based on it, especially if the game VAs reprise their roles.

-ATs are a bitch in WoL :(
-Yeah, Bowser's really coming through so far since he's so heavy. Really happy he made it though that fight.
-It is a cute fight! Shame the character didn't get much of a role in-game...
-I'm not the only one! It just doesn't make sense-the whole "analyzed Kirby" just seems so unrealistic to me, but I don't have a better idea...
-Wait, what? Robin's an Eldritch too?
-Agree on both screen-blocking ATs being crap and Shovel Knight being solid.

-Same! I just hope it's not secretly hideous...
-Exactly. I wanted to cry every time I had to use the stupid Spring...that and rolling on the ball.
-I guess that would make things easy on them, especially since they had to make over 1000 different battles...
-So it's actually a human soul? 😱
-Again, you have the best reaction images :XD:
-Man, everyone got introduced to FE through Smash! Guess that makes sense since Marth/Roy getting in was the first time they came out outside Japan. Did your brother get into KI before or after Uprising?
RIP F-Zero :(

Question: to be honest, I wasn't into very many series when I was younger. Smash was my first introduction to basically any character who wasn't from Mario or Pokémon...
I would say Kirby and Star Fox are the series I'm most interested in now because of Smash, but I really want to try a bunch of the others as well, especially now that I'm older and know more about the characters/series.
I actually want to go back and play through a lot of old classics I wasn't interested in as a kid. Planning to start a Youtube channel to do that, if I can figure out how. Of course, it would also have Smash and Pokémon content.

We begin with a bit of a surprise-I sat down to play more about a week ago, and...


We get another character!
Which is really awkward from a story perspective-they're awful late to the party. Kind of like Sonic in Subspace...but at least he made it *eyes Wolf, Jigglypuff, and Toon Link*
And they made it as well. I feel like this is a good time to address this:
I was very underwhelmed when they were announced, because I don't think the game needs an eighth FE rep, and I figured it being another generic protag would end up being Corrin all over again.
But I also didn't really have a preferred character since most of the ones I wanted were already in (Ridley, K. Rool, Banjo and Kazooie). And once they released, I figured I'd give them a try, and they're actually kind of fun to use since they have some unique options. Wish they had more of a personality, though (like that girl in the reveal trailer who gives them the invite-she's funny.)

Anyway, let's see what Toadette has for us:


Not a bad haul for two hours. Like Charlie, probably will leave these off-screen from here on, though.


And we're off to the east side of the map!


Hair dye salespeople would make a killing in the Fire Emblem world :v:


Pretty easy. And that gets us another character:


Seems appropriate to use Pikachu to free her. Guess it would fit more if it was Zero Suit, though...


Our army continues to grow! I'm not really a Samus fan, though-I like her as a character, but I just never really got into her in Smash.
Raise your hand if you thought she was a guy for a long time. I definitely did.


That pisses off Galeem...


And signals our next boss, who isn't too far away.


That's kind of creepy.


Trying to knock some characters off the "haven't used yet" list.


Another AI fail-he rolled left and died. I was not impressed, but it was funny.


This mountain area is my least favorite part of the map-it's a pain in the ass to get around. And there really isn't much worthwhile up here except for a couple characters I don't use very much...


So we'll head in this maze first. Unfortunately, our first fight involves hostile Assist Trophies...


But it went down in a very satisfying way.


And Mewtwo went down right after.


...What even is that? Is it a ghost in a piggy bank???


And it's a teleporter maze, lovely.


At least it's not as messy as Silph Co.


Normal Rotom's kind of lame considering it has five forms and now it can go in a Pokédex or your phone...


And the fight was easy too.


This is funny considering how we just said how crap this guy is.


And he was completely irrelevant here.




Who? Also, "spin cycle" makes me think of a washing machine.
...It's not a washing machine sim, is it?


Very easy.


And we're on the other side of the maze. There's another submap we can explore...


It's the first world of DKC!
Confession: I didn't find this until I was 100%ing after beating the final boss. It made me really happy since DKC was a big part of my childhood.


Fittingly, most of the fights here are DK characters.


As much as I dislike Villager, I have to use him at some point per my rules, so...


Made this fight more annoying than it should have been, but it all worked out. I do like that forward smash-dropping a bowling ball is hilarious. It's even funnier if someone like Fox can reflect it back up at him-I saw that in a video a few days ago and lost my shit.


Unfortunately, we got roadblocked right after since I still don't have a sleep immunity, and since it's a normal form stage, I didn't want to risk it.
If I ever find one, we'll come back.


So back to the maze we go. I read this character was apparently in contention for what ended up being the Ice Climbers' roster slot in Melee, but hell if I know why...


Again, trying to use as many fighters that I haven't used yet as I can.


Not too bad.


Don't think I want to risk it right now...


Could get another fighter, depending on what's in the way.


This could get messy.


It's a pretty clever fight, though.


The colors match up with the faster enemies...


But the Koopa Shellcreeper doesn't really fit.


And done.


...I really don't want to take my chances in another hostile AT battle, especially since the fighter isn't really one of my favorites. (It's Mr. Game & Watch.) I don't think it's worth it right now, but I'll probably come back later.


Ended up back at the start, but going the other way.


This is another fight I've seen people struggle with, but I don't think it's that bad.


But I figured I'd risk a character I'm less attached to just to be safe, because it can get messy.


But it was pretty simple.


I don't think something that vaguely looks like the Grim Reaper fits the Yoshi series...yes, I see the pun.




That leads us to a pipe, which takes us farther north into some clouds.


And we get roadblocked again by sleep floors! Also, when are Wart and Bowser gonna team up? We see Wart's army with Bowser all the time now.


Anyway, south we go...


This is a silly fight.


I shit on Villager all the time, but so far I'm actually kind of impressed.


We also need a Surf HM and a badge...just kidding, we just need a Lapras.


This guy looks like he's about as capable of fighting as I am. (Spoiler alert: I'm not.)


Easy, although I have no clue which AT was supposed to show up. Smashwiki says Kapp'n.


Fuck this battle. If I made a top 10 list of hardest spirit battles, this would definitely be on it-it's Rosalina with three Kirbys, and she can get a Final Smash at random, plus she's invincible for big chunks of time.
I might make that list later on, since a lot of them won't show up until the Dark Realm. You can probably guess most of them, though.

Instead, I went around the other way and took on the fight in front of that chest. It's King Hippo, repped by a very annoying K. Rool who loves spamming his down-B.


And unfortunately, I couldn't get rid of him before he got his Final Smash...but since it's a Stamina battle, it's okay.

Can we take a moment to appreciate how awesome K. Rool's Final Smash is? DK64 was a huge part of my childhood, so seeing this play out-even though I'm glad it didn't ever happen-is kind of satisfying. Especially since there wasn't actually a way to Game Over in DK64-you had to either quit manually, or run out of time in Hideout Helm, which was hard to do since you could have up to 50 minutes to clear it, but it was doable in 25. I don't think losing all the Kongs in the King Kut Out fight counted?


And done.


Well, that's useless. Why can't all the chests be Skill Spheres or SP, or even good Spirits?


Moving on...


Now it's Mega Man's turn to fight.


I love his up-air so much-it's so easy to carry someone off the top blast line for the win~


There's that Lapras!


And we have a counter for the no swimming effect.


Didn't really need it, though.


Here's another shop.


Inkling teams are my nightmare, because holy fuck they are annoying as hell since they never shut up.


He has a very nice selection! I didn't initially realize the Skill Spheres were sold in sets of 5, so when I noticed that I bought them, as well as Samus's other suit since it gives you poison immunity.
The music hurts my ears, though.


Back to the map, and this girl has Daffy Duck's beak!


We're suddenly fighting lots of Isabelle puppets, which could be bad considering how those fights have gone...


Never mind.


One of my favorite pseudolegendaries!


Up-air for the win, and that leads us to another fighter.




He leads with Squirtle and swaps randomly. It hurts me to fight Charizard...


But it's worth it to get him on our side. When I used Trainer back in Brawl, I'd play as Charizard 90% of the time, even with the stamina mechanic. When 'Zard was made a standalone character in 4, he was up there with Falco/Lucario as another of my favorites. And with the stamina mechanic gone here, I only play as him-I just don't enjoy Squirtle/Ivysaur nearly as much, while Charizard is my favorite Pokémon 🤷‍♂️
(Blastoise is cool too, though, and had he been playable instead of Squirtle I'd probably split 40/60 between him and 'Zard. Venusaur is meh...also male Trainer > female Trainer IMO, but I'm glad they added the option.)


Beating him cleared up this path, making it easier to get around this section.


And with Lapras' help, we can head into the sea toward our third boss. We'll do that next time.

Game stats:
Fights cleared: 230
Fighters alive: 33
Fighters lost: 2​


Next time, we head to the southern island and take on our third boss.
Question of the update: how do you feel about the concept of "clone" characters/Echo Fighters?


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Thanks for the birthday wish! It means a lot!

Orbulon isn't a ghost, he's actually an alien. And he's obsessed with pigs. He's a weird fellow.

I dunno why, but I've always enjoyed playing as Ivysaur the most. He's just the most fun for me. Also in college I would annoy my friends by constantly telling my pokemon what move to use.

Personally I love echo fighters. I'm in the camp of "the more the merrier." I understand why people aren't fans cause it could be argued they're taking up other, more diverse character slots. But I think Sakurai did a good job officially recognizing them and categorizing them as echoes. I think the overall smash community now doesn't hate them as much. It'd certainly be neat if more echo fighters came in the DLC packs as well (along with new characters of course)

Bowser's Family Vacation

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"Am I Mario's babysitter? Are you going to call me every time that guy blows his nose, or what?"
My brother got into Kid Icarus after Uprising. I feel like pre-Uprising Kid Icarus fans are a rare breed.... >_>

Your thoughts on Byleth are pretty much the Fire Emblem fandom's opinions on Byleth in their game. Three Houses has a really good cast -I mean, the best in the series, because while there are individual characters from other games who are better, the overall ensemble has never been this good. Forgive me if I'm overgeneralizing, other Fire Emblem fans, but the most I hear about Three Houses characters being bad are debates about the morality of the lords (which I honestly feel is a good thing because, really, I'd rather have a lord who isn't a good person than a cardboard cutout of a person, like, say, Roy) and characters like Ignatz and Cyril being called "bland."


Ash is you, the innocent person enjoying navigating the world.
The clingy Abra is teleporter mazes, which always find a way to get into the game. >_>

Considering the shovelware that made it onto consoles like the Wii, I'd be shocked if there isn't a washing machine sim somewhere out there! There's a fire place sim on the Wii, for Pete's sake!

Silly, Skarm! The Grim Reaper belongs in every series! Also, the Grim Leechers remind me of this Kirby enemy, for some reason.

I think that's just because of the skull motif, though. XD



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*teleports behind you*
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often forgets that selfdestruct exists
whew, read this entire run in one sitting and lemme tell ya, it's worth it. I didn't know I liked the idea of "Nuzlocking" other games as much as I do now after reading your quest - I might even come up with something down the line tbh

also, it's too bad you don't have - I think - any rules regarding DLC spirits. Spirit Gruntilda makes the The Boss battle waaaaaaaaaaaay easier. still vietnam flashbacks though

to answer the question - I'm fine with echo fighters for the most part, but only if they add something to the roster, even if it's only cosmetically or lore-wise. for example - I'm all there for Daisy since she's not exactly a carbon-copy of Peach, and female representation is always a plus in my book, but I don't think Dark Pit was all that necessary.

the more the merrier though, it's not like I'm against having them


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Capable of casually moving faster than the speed of sound. His top speed is unknown, though some theorise it to be faster than light itself.
The green-haired girl who appears in Byleth's reveal trailer is called Sothis. She basically plays the role of a sort of spirit advisor to Byleth, given how only Byleth can see or hear her. She also appears in Byleth's Final Smash, lending them her power to perform an empowered version of Byleth's signature combat art, Ruptured Heaven (Which he needs to wield the Sword of the Creator [That's his whip-sword] to use). Byleth having next to no emotions is kinda a plot point, and it also earned him a moniker which carried over into Smash as his boxing ring title: Ashen Demon.

I'd like to explain more about Sothis, Byleth and the Sword of the Creator but that goes pretty deep into FE:3H Spoilers, so I'll put it into a spoiler tag below.

Sothis is also the progenitor god who created the continent of Fodlan (Which is where Three Houses takes place). The reason only Byleth can see or hear her is because they sort of have her core implanted into them- done to save their life, as they left the womb stillborn. This is also the reason only they can use the Sword of the Creator. The reason the Heroes' Relics have a very bone-like look to them is because they are, quite literally, made from the bones of beings like Sothis (Sothis' own bones were used to create the Sword of the Creator). You may have also noticed that Byleth's hair turns green like their seventh and eighth alt when they use their Final Smash in other palettes. This is because Byleth's hair colour changes like that when Sothis willingly merges with Byleth, granting him all of her power at the cost of Sothis being unable to appear before Byleth any more- it's this scene that the start of Byleth's trailer is based off of!

The other three weapons Byleth wields are also legendary weapons belonging to each of the three main lords of the game: Aymr belongs to Edelgard, Areadbhar belongs to Dimitri and Failnaught belongs to Claude.

As for the question, I'm all for it, as long as the character makes sense as an echo or clone.


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This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also writes and is a huge fan of Smash Bros.
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Today we head to the southern island and take on another boss.

@hobohunter: No problem, I hope it was a great day!
An alien obsessed with pigs? I have so many questions...
Oh man, that sounds like it was a lot of fun! Now I kind of want to do the same thing.
I swear, we could be twins-that's basically word for word how I feel. And yeah, I'd be up for some Echoes as DLC (honestly, I'm kind of expecting at least one of the second Fighters Pass to be one).

@Bowser's Family Vacation: Yeah, I doubt very many people even knew what KI was until Pit randomly got in Brawl and then Uprising came out...I know I'd never heard of it, and it's not too much older than I am...
You know, I've heard Three Houses is really good, and part of me is kind of inclined to try it, especially if the cast is so good. But I kind of don't want to play as a character without a personality...and I've also never played a Fire Emblem game.
That Abra GIF is adorable, although it's annoyingly accurate. Did we really need a teleporter maze when the map was already so confusing?
...A fireplace simulator? Wow, they made some trash for the Wii ._.
Which is sad because there are also so many good games :c
Haha, I can see it. Bombers are pretty cool, too. And that is another hilarious GIF :D

@CompleteWingback: That really means a lot to me! I'm really happy you enjoyed it!
Honestly, I'd never really thought about lockeing other games until I saw this concept (well, I kind of thought about doing a permadeath run through The Great Maze a long time ago, but...)
I don't officially have a rule against DLC Spirits, but most people I've seen do WoL lockes generally only use ones they can get in WoL. Then again, most of them straight-up banned the DLC, but I didn't, so I'll definitely have to think about it.
That's definitely fair (and Daisy was one of the Echoes I was most excited about also), and damn, no one seems to like Dark Pit, haha.

@Neosonic97: I totally brain-farted on Sothis' name when I wrote that...
Huh, that is really interesting! So is Byleth technically dead the whole game? Also, I guess that makes them a really powerful character, since she's literally a god inside them.
Eww at the weapons being made out of her bones.
And that's really neat-also explains her line when they use their FS. Sad that she basically sacrifices herself so they can use it, though :c
Is she always as sassy in-game as she was in the trailer? Because that would make her a favorite character.
I had read about their specials each being based on Edelgard/Dimitri/Claude's weapons (guessing they're the lords of the Three Houses?). A very cool nod to the game as well.

Question: I'm all for adding clones/Echoes, since it means more characters for us to use without Sakurai having to work himself even harder than he already does (we got six extra characters in Melee because he decided to add clones). Especially since most of them are deserving of a slot, but aren't necessarily that different from the "parent" character. I'd be kind of silly not to like them, since one of my two favorite characters (Falco) started as a clone.
The only two that really bug me are Melee Ganondorf being a Captain Falcon clone, because they're not from the same series and it doesn't really make sense (Brawl fixed that though), and Chrom because he's an Echo of a character who was originally a clone, and I really don't want another "clone of a clone", even if Roy isn't a clone anymore.

So we left off at the beach with Lapras ready to surf us across the ocean...


This is neat, although I wish they would have added a Fly equivalent to make getting around the map easier.


There's actually a fight along the way. I decided it was Snake's turn, since it looked pretty simple.


And it was.


And we're at the southern island. Hopefully there won't be any nasty surprises.


Ugh, more Isabelle fights? Also, they're both adorable.


Never mind, it was pretty easy.


Alolan Exeggutor is by far the silliest regional variant. It's so ridiculous that I kind of like it.
(I haven't gotten very far in Gen 8 yet, so I may be wrong and there may be an even funnier Galarian form I haven't seen...)


Ironically, I think it hurt her more than it helped. And Palutena is actually a clever choice here, given her up-smash is a big light pillar.


Poor Emperor Bulblax got nerfed hard between the games-he went from an epic final boss in Pikmin 1, to one of the weakest bosses in 2, to getting cut completely in 3 (he does exist in 3, but is unused/unfinished).


Kind of annoying, but not too bad. Luckily I had enough health to survive his FS if he'd used it.


That'll be very helpful. Would've been nice for that Condor fight a few parts ago...


Moving on. I never really got into the Wave Race games-I think I preferred the chaos in Mario Kart more.




Here's another Master Spirit, who I didn't actually find on my first playthrough until I was 100%ing after I beat the final boss.


Also easy, especially since Toon Link's dumb ass got spiked by the ship.


He runs another exploration. This one gets you lots of snacks, but it takes the longest: ten hours.
He's also kind of a jerk, but the snacks/EXP are worth it.


Anyway, there's a chest behind this fight.


Imagine the smell three Warios would have... 🤢


Not bad at all.


And a very nice prize! Fun fact: it takes exactly 3,000 Skill Spheres to learn everything on the Skill Tree. I wonder how close to that we'll get?


This could get messy...


Or not. I'm still not very comfortable using Snake, but so far he's doing well.


And now we can get around the mountain area.


I thought about skipping this fight, but then I figured as long as I avoided Tapu Koko it should be manageable...


And it was! It helped that she was dumb and threw the ball right at the top of the stage, so I could just stand at an edge and wait it out.


One more fight before the boss area. It's been a long time since we've seen one of these pillars, and they still won't go away.


What the heck does a hamster have to do with ice floors?
Oh, he has good traction on them.


Luckily we just got an ice immunity.


In we go.


That takes us to the Forest Hill, and...


Rathalos greets us immediately. Of course, we aren't going to just run up and fight him.

Music: Forest Hill


Wouldn't Kirby actually make more sense here, even though we're still not sure where the Kirby puppets came from?


Since Isabelle fights have been really annoying, I figured I should use her for a bit. This fight was simple.


Even if we wanted to just fight him immediately, we can't, because he just flies away when you approach.


Ugh, not a fan of this thing.


Luckily it was pretty easy.


Tauros is another 'mon I'd like to try sometime. And this is another pretty clever fight.


Not hard, though.


This button creates the bridge, which would get us another fighter. But I don't really feel like fighting BOTW Zelda (DK/Falco/Zero Suit Samus/Inkling, then Link and Zelda, all in a Stamina battle), especially since I don't care for the fighter (Toon Link) at all.


Huh, there was a Triceratops named Tricky in Diddy Kong Racing as well. I wonder if that's just a coincidence?
...Apparently they were going to be the same character at first. It's neat to find out stuff like that.


Another simple fight.


My other favorite pseudolegendary!


He put up a decent fight, but not too bad.


The fact that Rathalos keeps ignoring us makes me wonder if he's just defending his territory and not allied with Galeem at all, kind of like Rayquaza in Subspace...also, free chest!


Not a bad prize.


That is adorable and I want one.


Probably the toughest fight yet, but still not too hard.


Do moles need sunglasses? I guess it would be hard for them to adjust to the light above ground...


I actually got the kill with a Pitfall. That's arguably the most stylish kill so far, and probably one of the only ones since I'm not gonna try to make those kind of plays in a locke.


I feel like this chase sequence needs the Benny Hill music :v:


Man, Rambi's cool and all, but what happened to the others? He and Squawks are the only ones we see anymore...


Isabelle's kicking some ass. Would be hilarious to use her against the final boss if we/she makes it that far.


Eventually he gets tired of running and flies up to the peak, where you can fight him.


...After this battle.


They put up a hell of a fight, but we pulled through.


Boss time! And they actually reveal his identity first, which is the only time they do (except Galeem/Dharkon).


Buffing up first. I also went for Braking Ability ^, Thrown Items ^, and Fast Final Smash Meter. Also picked Landing Lag v, mainly because I want to work toward something down there for a certain fight in the Dark Realm if I make it there. You might know the one.

Confession time: I stared at the character select screen for a really long time trying to decide who to use. Not really sure why, because Rathalos was the easiest boss for me the first time around. I think I was overthinking it...


I'm pretty sure this is the strongest spirit combo I have. And it's a solid set for this fight.


That is terrifying!

Music: Rathalos


Rathalos has a lot of cool attacks, like this one where he flies into the background.
(I went Falco because he's one of my best characters, and Bowser already fought a boss and I don't want to rely on just one or two characters. Was kind of tempted to finish the area with Isabelle, but figured she might not be the best choice.)


Also I figured a good air fighter would be handy.


This is honestly a pretty easy boss fight, though-mainly because there are a number of items that spawn that gimp him badly. It's hard to see, but Falco's holding a Deku Nut.


And if you hit him in the face with it, he's stunned and you get free hits.


You also get Pitfalls, which bury him if he runs over them (but they don't work if you throw them at him, like they do in normal fights).


By the time he recovered from the stun, most of his health was gone...and then a second nut showed up right after.


So he ended up being really easy. It's kind of a shame, because I agree with @Neosonic97 that he's an incredibly well-designed boss. But I'm not gonna complain about an easy boss when any loss means that character's gone for good. And he's still a kickass Assist Trophy.


I feel bad for him, though :c


For some reason, his spirit is only a support instead of a primary like the other bosses.


Standard boatload of prizes.


And another violent explosion.


Beating Rathalos finally knocks these pillars down, so we can finally use the pipe that's been blocked off since nearly the beginning of the game. But more importantly...


We can finally take on Galeem! Soon he's gonna pay for what he's done...but there's still a little bit of map to check out and a few more characters to grab, so we'll do that first and then take him on.

Game stats:
Fights cleared: 250
Fighters alive: 33
Fighters lost: 2​


...Yeah, it's the same as last time.

Next time, we explore the last bit of the map with the DLC characters, since I figured it's as good a time as any to use them.
One of them won't survive...
Question of the update: how do you feel about Sakurai and the work he's done as the series' creator/director?


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I can't thank Sakurai enough for everything he's done. we wouldn't be here without him. And I wouldn't have encountered so many good nintendo series without smash. So yeah, dude's amazing.

Bowser's Family Vacation

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"Am I Mario's babysitter? Are you going to call me every time that guy blows his nose, or what?"

I love Alolan Exeggutor for its ridiculousness too!

As for gen 8, it has some fun Pokemon too. :)

Considering the path Emperor Bulblax is on, in Pikmin 4, his files won't even exist. :( That, of course, assumes that Pikmin 4 exists.... >_>

Tauros is a fun Pokemon to use. Be warned, though, if you use Tauros in gen 1, you'll never be satisfied with non-gen 1 Tauros.

Huh, there was a Triceratops named Tricky in Diddy Kong Racing as well. I wonder if that's just a coincidence?
...Apparently they were going to be the same character at first. It's neat to find out stuff like that.
The Kongs need to visit Krazoa Palace!


That is adorable and I want one.
Where is that bab from!? I demand that Moosh be a recurring thing! Like Toon Link is! For some reason!

Speaking of babs, Rathalos can also be made cute!

Everything that can be a bab should be a bab. :P


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often forgets that selfdestruct exists
Sakurai is such an amazing person all-around. He's talented, hard-working, genuinely loves and cares about his product, and deserves nothing but the best. The very idea of people angry-tweeting at him over the years over extremely menial things sickens me to my stomach. This man has dealt with abuse which no person should've ever have to deal with, least of all him. Smash Ultimate is amazing not only by itself, but because of how "complete" it feels, like an homage to the Smash Bros. franchise and that is in no small part thanks to Sakurai & co.

so, yeah, I might be a fan :P I do wish he would stop circlejerking Fire Emblem tho

as for the update - woooo, Galeem time is coming!! are you planning on unlocking every single fighter before facing it? that would make sense.

and yeah - I was underwhelmed as hell too when Rathalos turned out to be a punk-ass support spirit which only boosts air attacks.


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Capable of casually moving faster than the speed of sound. His top speed is unknown, though some theorise it to be faster than light itself.
To reply to the stuff about Three Houses:

Err, not quite. Sothis' Crest Stone kept Byleth alive, despite his heart not beating. Not technically dead, not wholly alive either. Practically completely devoid of emotions though, at least until Chapter 12, where his father, Jeralt, dies (and Byleth sheds his first tears).

Sothis' Crest Stone only really granted Byleth two things. One was the ability to use the Divine Pulse, which can basically be considered save states: Byleth can rewind time if they need to, though this does have limits: They can't rewind long periods of time, and they can only use it a few times per battle. It's also not infallible, as even with Divine Pulse, they failed to prevent Jeralt's death. The other is the Crest of Flames, which grants Byleth additional power on their attacks occasionally, as well as allowing them to wield Heroes' Relics without harm (And allowing him to wield the Sword of the Creator, which cannot be wielded by anybody who does not have the Crest of Flames, period).

Speaking of, Heroes' Relics harm anybody who wields them if said character does not have a Crest, and the relics cannot draw out their full potential if wielded by somebody who does not have the weapon's corresponding Crest. This can be noted by the fact that other three relics that Byleth wields glow a different colour than the Sword of the Creator: Due to his Crest of Flames, he can wield them without harm, but cannot use their full power. Aymr requires the Crest of Seiros to draw upon its full power, Areadbhar requires the Crest of Blaiddyd, and Failnaught requires the Crest of Riegan.

It should come as no surprise that the most prominent bearers of these crests are, again, Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude respectively, the three main lords of the game, and the second most important characters, just below Byleth (Well, I'd actually say Edelgard is MORE important to the plot).

Sothis also doesn't sacrifice herself for the FS. I did say it was only based on the scene where she does. The only reason she had to sacrifice herself (That is, unless you decide to go for the S Support [Byleth can S Support anybody whom they has an A Support with at the end of the game], at which point she reappears all of a sudden) is because otherwise both she and Byleth would die.

Yes, Sothis is very sassy in 3H too. The first time she really communicates with Byleth is mocking them for throwing themselves in front of an axe meant for Edelgard in the Prologue of 3H. To quote the beginning of said conversation:

Sothis said:
Honestly! What are you accomplishing with that little stunt?! It's like you're trying to get me killed, you fool!
Sothis sighs.
Well, it's fine. If you don't know the value of your own life, you're not going to protect it very well, are you?
Sothis proceeds to explain the basics to Byleth.

And in regards to the question, I personally think Sakurai is a madman in all the right ways. Smash couldn't have been made what it is without somebody like him at the helm, and for that, Sakurai deserves nothing but the utmost respect. I mean, just look at the Rathalos boss fight. They literally made items appear and act as proxies for items in Monster Hunter! Deku Nuts are Flash Bombs/Flash Pods, Barrels are Barrel Bombs and Pitfalls are, well, Pitfall Traps. You can even knock the Rathalos out of the air by flashing it while it's flying, just like in its home series! The Rathalos' claws poison you, just like in Monster Hunter! Even the fact that Monster roars tend to stun you in Monster Hunter without the correct skills is there, ported STRAIGHT from its own series! And that's just one example of the raw attention to detail Sakurai has shown when making THIS game!
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Today we let the DLC characters get some action in the final corners of the map.

@hobohunter: Beautifully said. I swear you keep reading my mind...

@Bowser's Family Vacation: Have I already mentioned you have the best collection of clips/GIFs/reaction images? 😄
I'm looking forward to finding out-so far I like most of the Gen 8 'mons I've seen, although I haven't gotten too far in it yet...
I hope not-he deserves better than getting dumped into oblivion if Pikmin 4 ever happens (not counting Hey Pikmin >_>).
Yeah, I've heard Gen 1 Tauros was a beast. But as much as I love Gen 1, it's not super high on my replay list...now that I think about it, I have a Tauros in my wonderlocke, maybe i should use him? But I already have like 14 'mons in rotation :cybercrime:
I would happily take Mooshes over Toon Link. And that is an adorable Rathalos and I want one 😭

@CompleteWingback: You said that way better than I ever could have. The man deserves so much respect, and the way some people (*coughWaluigisupporterscough*) treat him pisses me off. And agreed about Ultimate feeling like an homage-if it's the last Smash game (I don't think it will be, and I hope it's not), it's a perfect way to end it.
I do think FE gets too much love though (and KI in Smash 4).
Not all of them, since a couple are behind really hard fights (Ryu) or are fighters I just don't really use (the Miis, Toon Link). Will be picking up most of them first, though.
I just don't get why Rathalos is only a support :c
But he's the only boss who's also an Assist Trophy, so I guess it works out?

@Neosonic97: Oh, okay. That's a really interesting (and sad) backstory...
That would be a super useful ability in real life, even if it doesn't always work. I'd kill for something like that IRL.
Why is Edelgard specifically more important than the others?
Oh, that makes me happy. I was hoping she'd be sassy in-game.
You're so right, and again, that's one of the most well-done/faithful fights in the series. I don't think a different director would have cared nearly as much, and that's why I admire Sakurai so much.

Question: I honestly idolize Sakurai-I think he's done an absolutely incredible job making Smash into such a successful and fun series. And I respect his work ethic so much-he basically worked for a year straight on Melee, and has been working through severe tendonitis the past few years-although I wish the poor man would take a vacation before he works himself into the hospital...
Honestly, I don't need a Smash 6 anytime soon if it means he can take a nice long break. I don't want the series to end, but the man needs to take some time off :c
Starting off with our prizes from Linebeck:


Very nice! And again, lots of levels as well.


And a quick check over the shops nets us some more goodies.

So I decided I was tired of getting roadblocked by sleep floors, and cracked open SmashWiki to find out where a sleep immunity was.


Turns out, I'd passed by one several times...


Although in fairness, I don't think I would have felt ready for this fight until now. Also wow Tingle got fugly...


So since the DLC characters have just been sitting there, I figured this was as good a time as any to use them.


The fight ended up being pretty easy. As for Joker, I think he's pretty cool, but his mask looks stupid IMO-he looks better either with glasses or with nothing when Arsene is out (but I like his normal outfit more than the school uniform one, so 😐). He's fun to use, though.


Finally, no more sleep roadblocks! Tingle is actually useful!


So with that, it's back to DK Island...


...Wow, it's a good thing I didn't try this fight the first time.


With a sleep immunity, it was simple.


Moving on.

Music: DK Island (The Map Page)


Not sure Pikachu really fits here, but I don't guess they had many options...


Fun fight, though, especially if you get to the Uniras first-you can trap him.


That makes a little more sense, I guess?


Also easy.


Funky's another Master spirit. I've always wondered why he specifically got put in Mario Kart Wii and then got super popular...


The Bullet Bills make this fight tough-if you aren't careful/don't get to them first, you can lose easily.


Luckily that didn't happen.


He runs our fifth and final shop. I'll happily take the Skill Spheres, thanks.


I really wish they would've used an older design for Candy...


She went down to the Banana Gun. So what's waiting at the end of the area? A mini-boss, like in DKC?


Nope, it's a fighter.


Probably the most obvious one since Snake in the base.


Another simple fight gets us another fighter! I've always liked Diddy-I loved how they made him the "cool" member of the Kongs (especially in DK64 with the electric guitar and jetpack), and DKC2 was probably my favorite of the trilogy. I just wish Donkey had made it here to reunite with him... 😢
(This is a really weird time to bring this up, but I guess it's kind of relevant since it was used in that fight: I don't really like the Stickerbush Symphony remix in Smash, even though I love the original. Nothing's inherently wrong with it-it's honestly a solid remix-but IMO it's too fast/upbeat for what was originally an incredibly poignant/wistful theme. I really wish they'd have just used the original...)


Anyway, back to the main map, and heading north from the island. Pretty sure this series got reskinned with Yoshi characters and retitled as Tetris Attack here, so I never knew who Lip was until recently, even though her stick's been handy for me since Melee.


Honestly, the flower kind of helped me, since it got Arsene out faster. Jigglypuff actually landed two Rests though.


I forgot I only had to kill the Mii to win this fight.


On we go, and seeing literal children turned into spirits is actually really sad/horrifying-imagine what they must have felt...


Hero's up next. I don't really have a preferred alt-I just use the default since purple's my favorite color.


A little annoying since they like to run away, but not too bad.


Another enhanceable spirit!


We're going up the rocks next, but activating the switch first.


That makes a path for the train.


Fixing the bridge...


These guys were more inconvenient than anything, since all you had to do was Ground Pound and they fell over so you could pass.


Easy. I do love the Alolan Exeggutor as a nod to the sign he holds up.


Well, that's not very helpful for me, considering I can't perfect shield to save my life. I have no idea how pros/computers do it regularly-I don't think I've ever done one intentionally...


Moving on. Is it weird if I think these guys are kind of cute in a weird way?


I saw Magic Burst and was like "why not?"


Hero's such a mess and it's hilarious. I really want to know if someone's used Kamikazee strategically...

Anyway, there's a chest up here.




Not sure this is really necessary, since it's not that far on foot. Besides, I'd rather grab that character.


Why is "female Corrin > male Corrin" the popular opinion in Smash? Female Corrin is annoying AF, especially in WoL (she is used in some of the hardest/most obnoxious fights).


Very annoying.


But she was on her way out anyway. And the next fighter is?


The guy who foresaw Galeem's attack too late to save anyone! Although I doubt anyone (except Kirby) would have escaped anyway...
(Possible idea for a fanfic: a different character as the lone survivor?)


At least he's back on our side now. I don't really use Shulk too much, but his gimmick with the Monado Arts is pretty cool. Really don't see why they thought he needed a half-naked alt though...


Back to the train.


Ugh, more invisibility?


Now Banjo and Kazooie get in on the action.
...It still doesn't feel real to get to say that. I'd been wanting them in Smash since Melee, and when I found out they were finally getting in after almost 20 years, I lost my shit (well, I would have if I hadn't been at work when I found out). I can't even imagine how excited 10-year-old me would have been if I got that excited as an adult...and I'm so happy they have their classic designs and not the N&B crap *shudder*. Now if we could just get a proper Banjo-Threeie...
I actually only bought the Fighters Pass after they got announced-I was waiting to see if a fighter I really wanted got in.
(Also, yes, I'm old :v: )


Anyway, back to the fight. I know where you are now, Zelda~




Still wondering why none of Wart's higher-ups (Birdo excluded) team up with Bowser.


Also easy.


That outfit looks terribly uncomfortable. Also I think I remember this fight being a bitch, too...


Never mind, it was surprisingly simple.


Fixing another train track.


Maybe using a bomb by a volcano wasn't the best idea...also, if there's one thing the Light Realm isn't lacking, it's biodiversity.


...Why Ridley?
Oh, this guy's actually a dragon.


Zekrom Red-Eyes Black Dragon Black Ridley with red eyes may be the single creepiest-looking puppet in all of WoL.


Pretty easy.


I actually forgot Squawks was in WoL...I knew he had a spirit, but I didn't remember fighting him.


I ended up throwing them into a danger zone.


That's terrifying!


It started off kind of ugly since he starts with an Ore Club, but it all worked out.

Trying to choose my path carefully because I think there's a legendary fight somewhere around here...


Thought so, and nope, not fighting him. Although I wonder-would this be a happy reunion for Fox?
I really wish they would confirm whether he's actually dead or not...and why F-Zero has a racer with the same name and outfit who drives what vaguely looks like an Arwing (and talks about his son after he wins). Too many similarities to be a coincidence.


Anyway, back on the path. I always forget this guy exists, mainly because I haven't really paid much attention to non-box legendaries since about Gen 3 or 4 (didn't have access to events when I was younger, and now I just never hear about them).


He was pretty easy, although I have no idea why the sudden damage condition was a thing. Does it have something to do with Volcanion's abilities?


I had a plan for this fight-Metroids hate cold, so I started myself with a Freezie...unfortunately, I missed.


But it was still pretty simple since it flies away for big periods of time.


That's one of the most useful effects, especially in mob fights-healing 20% per KO can be a lifesaver. Will definitely come in handy later on.
It also leads to another fighter:


Seems appropriate. Normally ZSS is another really annoying opponent for me...


But she wasn't too bad. I think I prefer Zero Suit over normal Samus, but I don't really use either much. Will note that I like Samus as a character-badass women are cool. Not really sure how separating her into two characters works when they're the same person, though...I guess sometimes she fights in her suit and sometimes she doesn't?

Moving on:


I hate this guy, partially because he doesn't really do anything useful, but mainly because of the obnoxious shipping he spawned. I have nothing against LGBT+ shipping, but LuigixPeasley specifically is a big no for me. Why they made Luigi act so weird toward him makes no sense to me...


Terry's up next, although he didn't get to do much-Marth's dumb ass fell behind the stage.
Speaking of Terry, he's all right, although I'm not really big on characters with input specials (him/Ryu/Ken) because I can never get them to work.


And with that, we've revealed the whole map. We've come a long way since it was just Kirby at the beginning...hopefully we can keep it going.


Oh right, there's a beanstalk here.


These guys made up one of the worst Final Smashes IMO.


Since I had an FS ready, I figured I'd finish with style. Also one of them failed his recovery by flying over the stage.
...That seems to be a common theme when fighting Pit teams :laugh:


Man Odyssey was fun as hell. I still haven't finished it, though...too many games to play and not enough time :cybercrime:


Hard to launch, my foot. She almost died from having her shield broken.


No game, I am not fighting Ho-oh. I will go back around the other way if I want to explore those clouds.


We can explore these clouds, though. Got a nice prize right off the bat.


Three Lucinas would've been my nightmare back in Smash 4...I remember I couldn't stand her at first because she gave me hell in the unlock battle. But now she's arguably my favorite of the FE characters :psyduck:

The fight was pretty intense, but eventually I got my FS.


For the longest time, I thought he was saying "Terry with a big one" in his FS. Still not 100% sure that's not what he says...apparently it's supposed to be "Here's the big one", but I just don't hear it :psyduck:
...I have a hard time understanding a lot of what Terry says, to be honest.


It killed one of them, and the other went down right after.


Man I love SMRPG. Been thinking about doing an LP of it since way back on Zeta...still kinda tempted to, to be honest. And Mallow is a hella underrated partner-he has the only area attack until Bowser joins you, the only healing spell until Peach (sorry, Toadstool in that game) joins you, and the only electric/ice attacks.

This fight was messy, though. The Robins weren't too bad, at least until one of them touched the Flying Man. And then one of them got a Lightning Bolt, so of course I got shrunk, and with the Flying Man going berserk...


Terry unfortunately became the third to fall.

Honestly, this one was just horrible luck. I had so many things working against me that there wasn't a lot I could do-it's like the weather/poison killing a Pokémon after it just barely survived a crit.
I was probably overdue for a bad luck death, since I've had a lot of good luck in this run. It sucks, but I don't know what I could've done differently...
It really sucks for Terry, though-maybe he should've declined the invite...


Guess it's Byleth's turn now.


That's more like it.


I like to think I'm pretty knowledgeable about the Yoshi series, but I have absolutely no idea who this is...


Silly Yoshis, that's the worst place on the stage you could go!


They made it back, but went down right after.


A Hydra? 😱
(Spoiler: it's not the only one-Hydreigon's in the Dark Realm.)


Three Ridleys should be terrifying, but they were easy.
Heh, they all have different personalities? Sounds like it'd be funny.


And that leads us to another sub-area.


This area is a little weird-you go down the paths collecting food, but you aren't allowed to backtrack.

Music: Gourmet Race (64)
(I'm partial to the Melee version myself. The orchestral version was so damn beautiful...this version is fine, though.)


The more food you collect, the stronger spirit you can face. There's a fighter in here if you get enough.
Amusingly, your character will usually taunt at the end, especially if they got a lot of food.


You face this one if you get 6 or less foods.


Ridiculously easy.


Between 7 and 10 lets you fight this one, who was a bitch for me my first playthrough.


Luckily he wasn't too bad, although a little annoying.
So to reach the fighter, you need 11 food items. The only path that'll hit 11 is pear -> soup -> tea -> hot dog -> yellow soup -> salad -> bread -> apple -> kebab -> chicken -> grapes. You'll know the right ones because each plays a note when you grab it, and they form the melody of the music. I didn't know they formed the melody until recently...


Ta-da! And the fighter is...


Also pretty obvious.


He put up a decent fight, but wasn't too bad. I like Dedede all right, and luckily he has a decent Final Smash now (although Waddle Dee Army was memetic as hell).
And another heavyweight is greatly appreciated-now Bowser won't have to do all the tanking.


With that done, we'll stop for today. Next time, we take the fight to Galeem.

Game stats:
Fights cleared: 282
Fighters alive: 36
Fighters lost: 3​


Next time...we finally take on Galeem. Will the Lord of Light fall, or will our run end at his feet wings?

You guys get to choose my fate going forward. Assuming Galeem goes down, we'll head into the Dark Realm, and have another choice of three paths. Which one do you want me to take first?
Up: Mysterious Dimension (Marx)
Left: Sacred Land (Ganon)
Right: Dracula's Castle (Dracula)
I haven't played any farther than the Galeem fight, so it's up to you which way I go (if I take him down).

Question of the update: how do you feel about Smash's DLC overall (both in 4 and Ultimate)?


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Jul 5, 2019
*teleports behind you*
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often forgets that selfdestruct exists

as a big, hardcore banjo-tooie stan (I've played the original as well and liked it fine, I just think it's too generic compared to how unique tooie was) seeing banjo and kazooie on smash really floored me in a good way, and they've made it pretty easily into my big five along with mac, link, capt. falcon and incineroar. they're so fun to play with, very unique too. I definitely share your sentiments

regarding james mccloud, I've looked into it but aside from the really in-your-face references, there's no direct link between f-zero's james and star fox's. shame the cowards at nintendo won't let f-zero out of their attic for us to get an explanation >:(

anyway, the question:
smash 4 was a bit too far back for me to remember how I felt about the DLCs, my memory sucks, but I do remember staying up late for mewtwo. as for ultimate, well, up until byleth I was 100% pleased with the DLCs. I've never played persona, or whatever hero's game is, but I really liked joker and hero for how unique they were (especially hero, since "anime guy with a sword" usually doesn't translate to uniqueness in smash). then terry and banjo, which not only had me screaming in joy after being announced, but proved to be really good characters to use.
then, they just HAD to finish it with another fire emblem protag... well, I guess I was being naive to expect three houses not to have a rep in the roster since smash is like a big showcase for nintendo's games as well, but seriously; I hope it's the last. I'm already a bit against having too many reps from one single series, but with mario/zelda/dk around we can't really do much about it. however, FE's characters are all so... samey, and I know damn well that three houses had characters which were wayyyyy more interesting than the mute protagonist.
this is just me venting a bit however; all in all, the ultimate DLCs were positive for the most part, a solid 8/10, and I'm looking forward to the next ones :)
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The reason why Shulk has a half naked costume is because in Xenoblade Chronicles, your party's cosutme would change based on the equipment. And that was what Shulk would wear if you removed all his equipment from him. So it's a nice little easter egg there. Also you can't censor that 6-pack. It needs to be seen by the world.

It's not just Smash that loves Female Corrin over Male Corrin. Almost all the entire FE fanbase prefers female Corrin. Same with Male RObin and FEmale Byleth. Why? Honestly couldn't tell you. There are very slight differences based on which sex of them you pick. Ultimately it's up to design, and usually girls are better designed than boys I guess?

Yeah Medeus is the final boss in Marth's two FE games. Usually in Fire Emblem the endgame boss is some sort of dragon, with exceptions of course.

I say go up. I like that boss the most (and Tabuu from Brawl is definitely based off of him)

I love the DLC characters. Hoenstly I was super surprised about Cloud and Joker the most compared to everyone else (Even though Cloud got spoiled to me, thanks youtube). But I'm always happy for more characters. I was super pumped that it meant Mewtwo, Lucas, and Roy were coming back in Smash 4. And Now we finally have my boy Banjo and his life partner, Kazooie. And since i love Fire Emblem, I'm like one of 20 people who was actually happy that Byleth got in (and it was obvious, despite what all the people on the nuzdiscord were saying. Suck it you people). No matter who else gets added, It'll just add to the amazingness that's already here.

Bowser's Family Vacation

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"Am I Mario's babysitter? Are you going to call me every time that guy blows his nose, or what?"
Tingle, like Rathalos, can be made cute or not-cute depending on the artstyle.


Not cute.

Moral of the story? Wind Waker's art style is amazing: the cell shading, the cartoony designs allowing for a broad range of emotion...

Oh, right. Back to Smash. :P

I actually think Pikachu is a pretty good fit for Zinger! Pikachu has been known to give a good zinger every so often!


Yeah, keep laughin'... >_>

It's all fun and games until a character dies. :(


Man I love SMRPG. Been thinking about doing an LP of it since way back on Zeta...still kinda tempted to, to be honest. And Mallow is a hella underrated partner-he has the only area attack until Bowser joins you, the only healing spell until Peach (sorry, Toadstool in that game) joins you, and the only electric/ice attacks.
In other news, I would love to see you LP Super Mario RPG! ^^

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