zeta era remastered

  1. Master Bryss

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Hack Dearly Me! Bryss' Life of Guardians: The Dear-ector's Cut

    Good morning internet, I'm Master Bryss. Welcome to the big one. This is the Dear-ector's Cut of my original blind Nuzlocke of the rumhake known as Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Life of Guardians. It is a re-cut of the third run of the Zeta Era and the first 'sequel' run in Bryssverse, Mirror World...
  2. Master Bryss

    Alola Written Log Teen Commentary Under The Spanish Sun

    Oh dear sweet child of 2013, how times have changed. Good morning internet, I'm Master Bryss. In the year 2013, I set out on a Quest. A quest to reclaim the written log from the hands of basicness. Did it succeed? Of course not. I am a minor splash in a large ocean. But I had fun doing it...
  3. Master Bryss

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Smoke on the Water: A Torkoal & Corsola Duolocke

    OOC: This run is near entirely presented as it was in the Zeta Era with few edits. I am re-posting it here ahead of earlier things in the reading order as a follow-up to The Dark Side, my re-cut of a Lunatone sololocke with the same main character. It fits into the ReMastered Bryssverse...