1. Champ Siggi

    Play by Post Nuzlocke Forums Chaotic Yu-Gi-Oh Meme Duel(s?)

    Hi, do you have Yu-Gi-Oh cards? Actually that question is misleading... Have you ever heard of Yu-Gi-Oh? No that one also is... Do you want to play a fun dumb chaotic meme game? If so you have come to the right place. Note: I shall try to update this post with cards in hand and life points for...
  2. REDalchemist

    Video Games Anime/Manga Other DRAW! Monstah Cardo! (YuGiOh Tournament)

    Think this forum has an abundance of too much pokemon and too little Yu-Gi-Oh So I've decided to start a casual tournament to celebrate and take advantage of the fresh Master Rules 5 which releases many archtypes from being tied down by link summoning. We'll be taking the more casual approach to...
  3. Second

    Screenshot Unova Teen Millenium Nights - A Yugioh Castlocke

    second presents MILLENIUM NIGHTS a yugioh castlock Hi guys! I was last on the forum a good... year? Two years ago? With a randomized run that never got anywhere. Well, "never got anywhere" was kind of a lie- I made it to the elite four in that run but never actually... posted it. And then lost...