1. TommyLew

    Video Kanto Teen One for the classics | Pokemon Yellow Randomized Nuzlocke | My First Pokemon Game

    How's it going people? Hope you're well, happy and loving life. This was the first ever nuzlocke I made for public viewing and wanted to start with one of my first experiences with Pokemon. I love this generation so much, I just think it's fantastic. All the sprites, over world art, music and so...
  2. Yellow Nuzlocke Part 6: Nyooming Around

    Yellow Nuzlocke Part 6: Nyooming Around

    This week in game we make it through cycling road after Tailsimp is a numpty with the bike voucher, get through all that Fuchia city has to offer, traumatize a child who thought she was a good trainer, get lost in the seafoam islands, and catch a bunch of new good babies!!!
  3. Yellow Nuzlocke Part 5: Wait, What Were They Gonna Send Out Again?

    Yellow Nuzlocke Part 5: Wait, What Were They Gonna Send Out Again?

    This week in game we got through Rock Tunnel w/o getting lost, chased the rockets out of Celadon City, got the world's cutest teammate, freed the vengeful spirit of Lavender Town, claimed the Rainbow Badge, and dealt with a very tired bear.
  4. Rainbow Robin

    Screenshot Kanto General Rainbow Robin's Cool Fitlocke For Attractive People (Yourself Included): Fat Pikachu Edition

    I haven't actually watched/read/consumed Homestar Runner, I just know of the title and thought it was hilarious so I stole it. Sue me. Please don't. *** *** "But Robin, what about Found Family?" "Well, little Timmy, I don't know what to do with Found Family, so go back to the cupboard and...
  5. Squiggy Azalea

    Screenshot Kalos Teen Yellow Temperance: A Superless Yellow Colorlocke of Pokémon Y

    okay. i know i've been hot on the heels of the completion of nonviable pokemon fire red edition, but LEMME FUCKIN TELL YOU GUYS i really wanted to make this run mostly because A: yellow is my favorite color and B: i've always wanted to return to the kalos region, but my 3ds recently died (aka i...
  6. Bowser's Family Vacation

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon [COMPLETE] Ashes To Ashes

    Thank you for the banner, @Emilianite ! Gameplay Summary (DO NOT CLICK UNLESS YOU WANT SUPER SPOILERS!) To commemorate the completion of Ashes To Ashes, I have chosen to release my Gameplay Notes. Note that I cut many fights, captures, etc. from the final story. This online...