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yellow version

  1. Tailsimp

    Video Kanto General Mon Lyra's Let's Play Nuzlockes: Yellow Edition

    Welcome Welcome one and all to Lyra's Nuzlockes: Yellow Edition! After a short break with a Legend of Zelda Randomizer, PkmnMasterWheeler is back with her next Nuzlocke Let's Play series! This time she's returning to Kanto to pick the most on brand starter of them all! Once again...
  2. Part 8: The Grand Finale

    Part 8: The Grand Finale

  3. Part 7: We're Under-leveled and Don't Know Where to Go

    Part 7: We're Under-leveled and Don't Know Where to Go

  4. Part 3: Dressed Like That???

    Part 3: Dressed Like That???

    We harass an "innocent by-standard," steal a T.M., and deal with Misty and her false advertising. We also catch more good babies, and one slightly terrifying baby. All-in-all a productive time. Also: Zero realizes soundbites are forever on the internet. Also, she most certainly isn't a furry.
  5. Part 2: We Need To Talk GameFreak

    Part 2: We Need To Talk GameFreak

    It's time for Brock, Mt. Moon, a missed opportunity,and a discussion because, LOOK, I'm just saying you shouldn't be allowed to name a pokemon "SANDshrew" in the dub of a game if it doesn't get any ground-type moves via level up okay??? Turn on your location GameFreak of the past I just wanna TALK.