written run

  1. erk pls

    Written Story Let's Play Teen Reaching an Understanding - A Pokemon Legends: Arceus Run

    Hey there, folks! It's been a little over a year since my last major run finished, and I finally feel ready to get back on the horse and pour my heart and soul into another writing project. I've had the concept for this story in my head since before Legends was announced, and was a bit nervous...
  2. Nighthatty

    Written Story Kalos Teen Other Adventure Keep Running And Running

    Alternative Universes existed. Of course they did, and the Pokemon World wasn’t an exception from that. A universe where the famous Kanto champion, Lance, was evil. A universe where a ten year old boy with a Pikachu would make his mark on the world. And in another universe, Team Flare wins...
  3. bumblebee

    Written Story Unova Mature Mon Strength and Other Disillusions

    Updates every other Friday. In which our protagonist kicks a bat, a duck and a sentient loud speaker duke it out, and a gift is given. [/SPOILER]
  4. Decibel575

    Written Story Fan Game Teen Mature Tarnished Bismuth: A Mostly Blind Run of Pokemon Uranium

    Sooooo, hello, A few of you may have seen me lurking here before, but this is my first time posting a run of my own. I’m not a newbie to Nuzlocke’s, but I’ve also never completed one either, since I give up pretty soon and make it a normal playthrough. Not this time though, i’ll be making my...
  5. Teacup Kitty

    Journey to Myself

    So new Forum, new drive to write, new User name, Hopefully the same appeal? CW: Abuse, hate speech Here's the story thus far (a few new chapters have been added since I last posted here :D) https://archiveofourown.org/works/17666198/chapters/67863800
  6. Garish Garchomp

    Written Story Galar Teen Other Adventure This Is a Low

    I love Galar. The region is gorgeous, the 'mons are great, and the characters are colorful as hell with so many hints and possible complexities and themes to draw from. I've wanted to do something with them for so long, but hadn't written anything other than a couple kinda drabbly things in the...
  7. Wwarborday

    Written Story Alola General Don't Fear The Reaper

    Hi there! I'm War, and this is Don't Fear The Reaper, an Alolan comedy run where I can only catch the first ghost- or dark-type that I see, while wildly abusing tokens. I hope to have it done by Halloween before Sword and Shield the end of the year eventually! It's primarily lighthearted, goofy...
  8. Obelisk

    Written Story Mature This Isn't Pokemon?! - a Nexomon Nuzlocke

    (A/N: Was advised by staff to post this here. Also, big thank you to @cross_off for beta'ing this!)
  9. hyperjono

    Written Story Unova Chasing a Challenge: A Black 2 Nuzlocke

    This is my first story based on a nuzlocke run I hope you will enjoy it. It is based on my run of Black Two as the title suggest. As of 27/9/2019 this run has been completed in game so feel free to make guess on who survives and who dies The Rules of My Challenge If it faints it is dead Catch...