writing critique level 3

  1. Uberle

    Written Story Kalos Teen Gijinka I Can Break These Cuffs

    Greetings, Challengers This is an emergency message to address certain complaints that the Kalos League has been receiving. As many of you know, one of your fellow challengers is currently under arrest for a violent crime. Normally this would be grounds for disqualification, but that would...
  2. Kirilish

    Written Story Johto Mixed Media Mature Gijinka Forgotten Umbrage - HeartGold Randomized Gijinka Nuzlocke

    FORGOTTEN UMBRAGE (CLOUDED KARMA) A POKEMON HEART GOLD RANDOMIZED GIJINKA NUZLOCKE The year is...god knows what year it is. Johto is fucked, the world’s gone to shit, and Umber feels like the only non-human still trying to survive. No, that’s not right. They’re the only one still surviving...