1. Trollkitten

    Written Fan Teen The Daily Conspiracy Pokedex

    The following text is translated from a mysterious journal picked up several months ago at the Malie City Community Center flea market and donated to the Malie City library. While the journal itself is written in code, the champion of Alola's Rotom dex has been working tirelessly to translate...
  2. rowantobias

    Nuzlocke Gijinka In-World Mechanics

    okay SO! i've been really wondering tonight about good ways to shape a gijinka story. the most key part i think, aside from design and plot, is the mechanics... i find myself troubled a little, somehow, maybe without needing to be, about how gyms work in a gijinka-verse. many people seem to...
  3. Pokemon Types and Races

    Pokemon Types and Races

    Here is a thorough and complete explanation of the various pokemon races in the world of Finding Your Roots and how everyone is categorized. Hope you enjoy! This post was originally for Fun Fact Friday on my Patreon! Info like this goes up every week for $5 patrons, so why not check it out?
  4. World Map (v1.00)

    World Map (v1.00)

    The map of the world of Finding Your Roots! This will be on the smackjeeves site as soon as I can get the image html to stop frickin breaking, but for now it'll be available here. ^w^ Note that this is only verson 1.00, and the map is subject to change at any time! I usually don't finalize city and