world building

  1. RisingMew

    » Mew's Musings // Plotting a Black Ver. Chesslocke!

    « Mew's Musings » a place for me to ramble about anything and everything I like journaling--at least when I can type out my journals, that is! So I figured I'd write a little blog thingie and keep my writing skills sharp while I'm in-between runs. And also when I'm in the middle of runs...
  2. Swablu

    Share your pieces of original worldbuilding!

    What neat bits or facts of original worldbuilding have you come up with for your setting? In mine, Pewter city has a mine in Mt Moon. As a substitute for pit ponies (because ponytas are literally, always, on fire and dangerous to have in a mine,) they use Nidoqueens to pull the carts. It's...
  3. Aviana

    Accommodation Pokemon

    What are some concepts you've seen or that come to mind for Pokemon fulfilling accommodation roles? There's some easy swaps with IRL accommodations, like the dog Pokemon of the region as a guide dog for the blind, but there's a lot more potential with Pokemon fulfilling other roles. Would love...
  4. SimplyUnknown

    Nuzlocke Ruleset Advice World-Building Aid

    One of the amazing things about nuzlockes is the wide variety of world-building that can go into each story. Everyone has their own reasons as to why their character is nuzlocking and what affects Pokemon battling has on the world around them. But while world-building is one of my favorite parts...