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  1. Spacey

    Screenshot Galar Written Log Teen Commentary A Wonderful Phone - A Sword Wonderlocke

    Current Update Schedule: Fridays Heyyyy! Spacey here, that Nuzlocker who has only posted comics. Lowkey wanna just have a silly run where I get to be myself. Join me and discover that I can be funny too I swear I don't just make people cry I'm more than that truly I- I've been joking around...
  2. HoloMew151

    Screenshot Alola Teen Lunar Wonder - A Wonderlocke Screenshot Run of Pokemon Moon

    Howdy folks and welcome to my first Nuzlocke run on this forum. For this run, I am off to the land of Alola, the land of neverending sunshine (and tutorials). I will be running by the Wonderlocke rules, which pertain to Wonder Trade. So that’s it for this post. Next post, I’ll be hoping...
  3. crashcrashcrash

    Screenshot Hoenn Written Log General Just Another Monday: An OR Wonder/Sleeplocke

    Good morning everyone! I have some very important news to share. Ya girl is sick. It’s nothing too serious, and it isn’t The Thing; just a cold from what I can tell. But it does mean that I’m pretty out of commission today, which. Is pretty lucky actually, since classes are canceled and I have...
  4. Captain Demozan

    Kalos Written Log Teen Take what you can get: A simple Y Wonderlocke

    Heya! My name's Captain Demozan. So I recently lost my copy of Y, and it kinda bummed me out. So I purchased a new digital copy, and instead of just rushing through it to get back to the postgame, I'll instead do a challenge run to make getting there fun. I'm not going to focus too much on this...
  5. RikuKitsune

    Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova Kalos Alola Written Log Mixed Media General Other Adventure Riku Plays Too Many 'lockes: The Thread

    Thought I'd start posting my weekly updates here. FAQS: How many -locke type challenges am I doing? 13 -locke type challenges, as well as 8 regular playthroughs. How do you balance playing so many games at once? I play 4 games per week, typically in 60-90 minute hunks, trying to get at least...
  6. RikuKitsune

    Riku Plays Too Many -Locke challenges: The Thread! (Also, Looking for Eggs for my Moon Egglocke please)

    Thought I'd start posting my weekly updates here. Also, I just started a Moon Egglocke, I've gotten 6 eggs so far, but wouldn't mind a few more! Message me if you're willing please! FAQS: How many -locke type challenges am I doing? 13 -locke type challenges, as well as 8 regular playthroughs...
  7. Snow Peregrine 0

    Written Log Hoenn Teen Commentary Odd Rainfall: An Alpha Sapphire Wonderlocke!

    Ahoy! I wanted to get back into nuzlocking, and try to improve my skills. I joined this forum and felt like sharing a run, so I did! Now, the rules: I believe that's it for the rules. I'll go back and add something if I realize I've forgotten anything important. Let's begin!
  8. Second

    Written Story Kalos Teen Mon rehabilitation: a pokemon y wonderlocke

    Rehabilitation. (a story about unwanted things and second chances from the audio logs of lin baker) [first recording.] Week one of using everyone else's castoffs, and I've already managed to screw it up. This is my only chance at being a trainer, you know. This is not my ideal team, and...
  9. Rhema

    Written Story Hoenn Mature Mon [May 7, 2020] As Above, So Below [Rhema]

    "As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul.” – Hermes Trismegistus This is a story about a girl who is tired of pretending. She's spent most of her life putting on a show for the cameras, and she's finally broken free. Follow Lilian Meridian- the master of Contest...