1. Liberty Soul Nuzlocke

    Liberty Soul Nuzlocke

    By Bast13 on DeviantArt Anime-style Will!
  2. Random Liberty Doodles

    Random Liberty Doodles

    Some scribbles based on comments about Chapter 7, practice drawings of Lorde, and lots of outfits for Will.
  3. Twins AU: 'Bring Your Siblings To Work' Night

    Twins AU: 'Bring Your Siblings To Work' Night

    By Billiam-X on DeviantArt I think it was around here that Billiam and I decided that both Wills would be twins in a different universe in addition to being nametwins.
  4. Cameo Practise

    Cameo Practise

    By Upygoo on DeviantArt
  5. Happy B-Day Jade :)

    Happy B-Day Jade :)

    By Pokewolf44 on DeviantArt
  6. jadethestone


    By XISoulxArtIX on DeviantArt
  7. Nuzlocke Sketches

    Nuzlocke Sketches

    By Aerorwen on DeviantArt
  8. That feel when...

    That feel when...

    By Billiam-X on DeviantArt
  9. PL: That was so 2014 though.

    PL: That was so 2014 though.

    By Billiam-X on DeviantArt
  10. riveting


    By grottofied on DeviantArt
  11. Will - Reverse Gijinka

    Will - Reverse Gijinka

  12. Confused


  13. Clothing Swap Meme

    Clothing Swap Meme

  14. Will Ref

    Will Ref