1. Zefalcon

    Pokemon Black/White Exclusionlocke

    It’s time for the fifth generation! These games are a bit different than the four gens leading up to them. Black and White were a soft reboot of the series, and as part of that, only Unovan Pokemon are available until postgame. Because of this, they added a whopping 156 Pokemon, the most that...
  2. lilycelebi

    Video Unova Teen Commentary Mon LIVE White Randomizer Run w/ Commentary -- First Ever Nuzlocke Attempt!

    I'm doing a randomizer nuzlocke on an emulator for Pokemon White for my first ever attempt at a nuzlocke. I marked this teen for swearing and the type of humor I had, just in case. The playlist of videos will be here: Some information about the run: - Any Pokemon that faints must be boxed...
  3. Vaporwave-Man

    Screenshot Unova Mature Commentary Hack What took so long?- A Pokemon VoltWhite Nuzlocke(Unsuccessful Run)

    Hey it's been a while, hasn't it? If you've been wondering what I've been doing since my hiatus, I've played a fuck-ton of games to the point of me just forgetting about this site. I doubt you want to hear about a guy ramble on about his life, you want to see the nuzlocke. Just as a heads up...
  4. Smolocke: Chapter 4 -Trio Badge-

    Smolocke: Chapter 4 -Trio Badge-

  5. Smolocke: Chapter 3 -Striaton City-

    Smolocke: Chapter 3 -Striaton City-

  6. Smolocke: Chapter 2 -Route 1-

    Smolocke: Chapter 2 -Route 1-

  7. Smolocke: Chapter 1 -Nuvema Town-

    Smolocke: Chapter 1 -Nuvema Town-

  8. SaintsGarden

    Written Story Unova Teen Mon Our Revolving World - An Illustrated White Version Storylocke

    Ashilda is fourteen years old, received her trainer's card more than two years ago, and hasn't stepped in a classroom in three. If you ask her, she's managed to cope just fine with her shut-in lifestyle. But learning that her closest, and only, friends are going to be leaving to travel the...
  9. Twi

    Screenshot Unova Teen Mon Be Yourself: A White Version Nuzlocke

    Well, hello. Let's try something a little different, shall we?
  10. Couples-Consoling

    Video Unova Teen Commentary Mon Husband and Wife Let's Play of Pokemon White Version 2! Couple's Consoling

    Hello, and thank you for checking this out! I'm David, my wife's Ali, and we recently finished Nuzlocking Pokemon White together - so we figured the next logical step was to do White Version 2! Last time around we developed quite a plot and had a main character with a lot of personality, so...
  11. Sarbear

    Written Story Screenshot Unova Mixed Media Teen Mon The Pale King - A White Villainlocke

    Hello again. This is a concept I've wanted to do for a while, so I figured that I could do this as a way to fill in the gaps while Atychiphobia is on hiatus. The Pale King A White Version Villainlocke Rules 1. All Pokemon that are fainted are considered dead and must be boxed...
  12. Couples-Consoling

    Video Unova Teen Commentary Mon Couple's Consoling Pokemon White Nuzlocke!

    Hello, and thanks for checking out the thread! My name's David, and I'm doing a Let's Play of Pokemon White with my wife Ali, who BARELY remembers this game from when she played like 9 years ago. We're having a blast, and have episodes coming out every Monday at 9 am on youtube! We'll be...
  13. CarrotChipper

    Comic Unova Teen Mon For Victory! A Pokemon White Nuzlocke

    Read the comic on Smackjeeves HERE! Notice! This thread is currently being re-created and is currently incomplete. But the entire comic is uploaded on Smackjeeves, so like, go read it there instead. Hey there, welcome to my very first documented nuzlocke run, For Victory! Originally posted in...