white 2

  1. Evolution Dilemma in my Nuzlocke

    I am currently at the Elite 4 in my White 2 Randomizer Nuzlocke run. I am playing a Randomized rom I downloaded from a random website. I've searched in all the currently accessible areas to find a Fire Stone to evolve my Growlithe and a Razor Fang to evolve my Gligar. They have been a big part...
  2. KamikazeSenpai21

    Screenshot Unova General Teen Mon KamikazeSenpai21's White 2 Challenge Mode Nuzlocke!

    Hello, this is my first nuzlocke posted on the forums. I will be posting these via imgur albums READ THE IMGUR CAPTIONS summary: i get my starter, tonkatsu he tepig, as well as katara the azurill, battle hugh twice, go to flocessy town and ranch, and eventually defeat cheren
  3. Sid Schnitzel

    Written Story Unova Teen Mon Into the Dark

    Hello everyone, my name is Sid Schnitzel; longtime anonymous lurker, brand new forum member. I've played many Nuzlockes and variations before, mainly on Gen1-3 games and ROM Hacks, Very recently I failed a semi-blind Hardcore Nuzlocke run on Platinum, so I thought: Let's do a completely blind...
  4. Garnet

    Unova Written Log Mature Commentary Garnet Does Something Stupid - A Blind White 2 Nuzlocke

  5. Bramble

    Written Story Unova Teen Sweet Dreams

  6. Couples-Consoling

    Video Unova Teen Commentary Mon Husband and Wife Let's Play of Pokemon White Version 2! Couple's Consoling

    Hello, and thank you for checking this out! I'm David, my wife's Ali, and we recently finished Nuzlocking Pokemon White together - so we figured the next logical step was to do White Version 2! Last time around we developed quite a plot and had a main character with a lot of personality, so...
  7. Eagleheart

    Written Story Screenshot Unova Teen Commentary Parts of Valor

    Hello everyone! So, the idea of a 'Fire Emblem-locke' has been stuck in my head for a while. After much pondering and planning, I'm finally doing it. I also see this as an opportunity to show off my writing chops. Parts of Valor General Rules Fainted Pokemon are casualties of war, and must be...
  8. Uberle

    Screenshot Unova Teen Unfamiliar Faces: A Semi-Randomized White 2 Neverlocke

    Hello I am Uberle And welcome to the reposting of my current story run, Unfamiliar Faces I'm using my Neverlocke ruleset, which is quite simple I can't use Pokemon I've used before If they've ever been in my party for any reason whatsoever they can't be caught If you're wondering, here's the...
  9. Memento

    Written Story Screenshot Unova Mature Behold Our Growth: A Game of Thrones Nuzlocke for White 2. (Mature)

    Well, hello! It's been a while since I've posted something here. All thanks for this project goes to @Spectacles for helping with getting it off the ground and creating this amazing ruleset. So, this is a Game of Thrones Nuzlocke on a randomized White 2. No, there isn't Jon Snow or Tyrion...
  10. Paine

    Written Story Unova Mature Mon Haven't We Been Here Before? [A White 2 Nuzlocke]

    Notice: This run is pretty much abandoned... for now. The problems still went a little deeper than I thought, and have necessitated a true, from the ground up rebuild, starting with developing a full story behind the BW1 run. I will be leaving this unfinished set up for posterity though! (And...