1. SqueakyToy136

    Written Story Galar Teen Mon The Brightest Night - A Pokémon Sword Wedlocke Story

    This was originally supposed to be a private personal project, but after some encouragement, I decided I'd finally get my story out in the world. It's a silly story of mine born out of my love and enthusiasm for both this game and series because I love it just that friggin' much, so I'd hope...
  2. DampieNWC

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Power of Random - A Ruby "Similar Strength" Wedlocke

    Howdy! The name's Damp. You may know me from the Nuzlocke World Cup (winning team) or Nuzvivor Sinnoh (15th place), and I have some good experience in Nuzlocking. Today, I will be telling a story of a Pokemon Ruby Wedlocke, but as a Similar Strength Randomizer. The Power of Random is a clever...
  3. reshishigas

    Screenshot Unova Written Log Critique Lv.2 Teen Hack Mon Revolving Flames: A Pokemon Volt White 2 nuzlocke

    A dragon looms in the distance... It's the remnant of what once had been, yet it's here, to watch in awe how dumb this idea can be. Hello everyone and welcome to Revolving Flames, a Pokemon Volt White 2 nuzlocke! I, Shishi, will be your (dumbass) guest during this epic tale of adventure...
  4. DIO

    Ruleset The EXTREME Flavourlocke Ruleset (from hell!!!)

    Do you like EXTREME nuzlockes? Then check out this unnecessarily complex EXTREME ruleset! Introducing the... EXTREME FLAVOURLOCKE RULESET!!!!!!!!!!!!! see? it's so extreme, the font goes off the background! THE RULES: Catch the first Pokémon per area. Shiny Clause: If you manage to find...
  5. Captain Demozan

    Screenshot Teen [UCL3] Running love through the entire world (Rainbow Wedlocke run)[Cancelled]

    Heya everyone. Name's Captain Demozan, and welcome to my entry in the third Ultimate Communitylocke, and my first one. While I'm working on my comic for my Soul Silver randomizer nuzlocke, I might as well also try my hand at this community event to get myself more active in it. Anyhow, I chose...
  6. pikasphere

    Screenshot Alola General Commentary [COMPLETE] Ultra Moon wedlocke, because I hate myself (REMASTERED)

    TL;DR for note: This was an old run I never finished documenting on the old forum. The run itself has been finished for a while, but since it's been so long I will post each part again until we reach where we left off. Enjoy! If interested, the original run is here. I didn't realize it was...
  7. khorale

    Screenshot Kalos Written Log General Commentary It Takes Two to Tango

    What's up guys? This is a small side-project of mine that I've begun a small while ago - a Pokemon X Wedlocke challenge. Once upon a time, I tried to do a X Wonderlocke, only for it to be way too easy and everyone was overleveled as heck and nobody died. So I'm doing it a bit differently this...
  8. energyball3

    Video Kalos Pokemon Y Wedlocke

    Hi. This is my first Wedlocke (or any challenge) that I'm posting somewhere, so I'm pretty nervous. I'd consider myself a Nuzlocke veteran, having attempted over 25 -locke challenges (though having completed less than ten, and won probably 6 or 7). Enough rambling, though. Let's get to why I'm...
  9. BirdkeeperRue

    Johto Written Log Teen Commentary Mon Ballad of a Stupid Idiot Poopface - A Pokemon SoulSilver Wedlocke

    Hello and welcome, one and all, to my first nuzlocke that i'm documenting somewhere and also in all likelihood the first one I'll see through to the end- provided I don't lose or forget about it. But anyway, HeartGold and SoulSilver are great, they were my first Pokemon games, yadda yadda, so...
  10. Frankied00dle

    Sinnoh Written Log Commentary Continental Conquest - A (Hardcore) Platinum Wedlocke Log

    Good Morning Gamers one and all! It's a crazy world at the moment, and to find relief for myself and hopefully you all, with this run I will begin screaming into the void (you guys) about the trials and tribulations of my... O========================================O Pokemon Platinum...
  11. N_Mareanie

    A Thread with all my Nuzlocke runs

  12. Missy

    Written Story Sinnoh Teen Three's a Crown

    Three's a Crown: a Platinum Wedlocke Three's a Crown is the story of three sisters vying to inherit their late mother's inheritance by conquering the Sinnoh League. But winning the crown isn't as simple as defeating a few gyms. Change is brewing beneath Sinnoh's mountains and lakes, forces...
  13. Couples-Consoling

    Video Unova Teen Commentary Mon Husband and Wife Let's Play of Pokemon White Version 2! Couple's Consoling

    Hello, and thank you for checking this out! I'm David, my wife's Ali, and we recently finished Nuzlocking Pokemon White together - so we figured the next logical step was to do White Version 2! Last time around we developed quite a plot and had a main character with a lot of personality, so...
  14. cyndakip

    Screenshot Hoenn General Mon Hoenn is Where the Heart is: An Emerald Wedlocke

    Hi everyone! I felt like I needed a change of pace, so I decided to do something different and start a screenshot run! This is a lot more work for me compared to a storylocke, so updates probably won't be super frequent, and they definitely won't be consistent. I'd like to update at least once...
  15. Carlos Thadeu

    Screenshot Kalos General Mon NROTM - July 2019. Healless Wedlocke, Y version.

    Hello everyone. My name is Carlos Thadeu and although I am new to this forum, I am not new to nuzlocking or pokemonfor that matter. I have decided to for my first thread/run on this forum, I would go for my second NROTM, or, Nuzlocke Run of the Month, challenge, which is... a really, really...