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  1. Screenshot Kanto Teen Into the Depths - A Pokémon Infinite Fusion Water Type Nuzlocke

    POKEMON INFINITE FUSIONS WATER RUN INTO THE DEPTHS Alright gang, this is it. My very first posted Nuzlocke, or any other kind of run at all. A Pokémon Infinite Fusions Water Run. I've seen so many Pokémon Infinite Fusion 'Type' or 'Pokémon' video runs that I wanted to give it a try. I'm too...
  2. PMDPikachu

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Mon 7.8 Too Much Water: An Emerald Water Monolocke

    Welp. Here goes nothing! Tune in next time for another exciting episode! Constructive criticism is my drug!
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    First posted GTS Mon! Please help!