volt white 2

  1. reshishigas

    Screenshot Unova Written Log Critique Lv.2 Teen Hack Mon Revolving Flames: A Pokemon Volt White 2 nuzlocke

    A dragon looms in the distance... It's the remnant of what once had been, yet it's here, to watch in awe how dumb this idea can be. Hello everyone and welcome to Revolving Flames, a Pokemon Volt White 2 nuzlocke! I, Shishi, will be your (dumbass) guest during this epic tale of adventure...
  2. Harrie

    Comic Unova Teen Hack Mon POPLOCKE - A Volt White 2 Run

    Rules Gotta catch the first Pokémon I see in an area A new area is anywhere that the map and encounter table changes. a.k.a, two floors in a cave with different encounters are different areas. No Dupes Clause Shiny Clause Nickname Every Pokémon If a Pokémon faints, it's dead and must be...