1. Dravos Argentium

    Screenshot Unova General Commentary Mon What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - White Vanilla

    What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - A Pokemon White vanilla Nuzlocke run Hello anyone and everyone! My name is Dravos, and I will be attempting, for the first time, in front of a live* studio** audience, a Nuzlocke. As someone who's been part of the fanbase for a long (long) time, I've of course...
  2. A Great Big Goose

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon My Pokemon Adventure Doesn't Live Up to Expecations - A Pokemon FireRed Nuzlocke

    Hello, my friends! My name is Ryan, and I am A Great Big Goose. And welcome to my first-ever Pokemon Nuzlocke! ...yeah, I've been a Pokemaniac since the anime came out, and while I didn't start my Pokemon journeys until a little later in life, this game ruined my life forever by turning me into...
  3. QueenFroslass

    Screenshot Hoenn General Ups I spilled paint all over Hoenn - randomized Nuzlocke with vanilla rules

    Welcome to my first Nuzlocke here on this forum. Not long ago i found a Emerald randomizer that also randomizes the color pallets of Pokemon. It's a pretty old randomizer so i chose to only use it for the colors and do the other randomization with a better randomizer. This is the first...
  4. Kamekkouskous

    Screenshot Kanto General Commentary FireRed: Forging Ahead!

    Greetings, The Nuzlocke bug has bitten once more, so I'm back on the forums to share the tales of my hardcore journeys with y'all! Each of my past Nuzlocke attempts, which were accompanied by hilarious and/or highly engaging commentary and minor storytelling on the old forums, did not go so...