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  1. Snapdeck Sylladex

    Comic Unova Fan Game Hack Ikes The Dust: A Pokemon Moon Black 2 Nuzlocke

    Since I'm still working on things, I'm making a little prologue page before I forget to later while I work on the comic pages. For now, a little prologue: Welcome to Ikes The Dust, a Pokemon Moon Black 2 Nuzlocke! I found this hack on accident while trying to get a Pokemon Black, and now I'm...
  2. the_last_winter_8_.png


  3. The Last Winter PG. 5.png

    The Last Winter PG. 5.png

    page 5
  4. aegagrusScholarship

    Written Story Unova Mixed Media Mature Mon SOMEWHERE IN UNOVA || A Black 2 Madness Combat Castlocke

    Somewhere in Unova, the region of truth and ideals: Three dissenters camp out on unfamiliar ground, making sense of a nonsensical situation. A young man sets out with his pig brother on a single-minded journey. An organization of fanatics, once weak, once a joke, rises to unprecedented...
  5. slapmychaps

    Written Story Unova Mature Hard Knock Life: A Black 2 Storylocke

    Hi, I'm Lee, and I like writing characters in pain. Because of that, this will be a fanfic-style nuzlocke about that sort of stuff. This is my first time attempting a story of this type, so I'm hoping it'll turn out okay. Please support me!
  6. Dee

    Unova Written Log General Mon A Fantastic Factorylocke!

    Hello everyone! This is going to be a very informal written log of me taking my new ruleset, the factorylocke (read up more about it here!) through Pokemon Black 2. The factorylocke is a custom ruleset that incentivizes the capture and use of atypical, "unnatural" pokemon like Vanillite or...
  7. PsyduckEnthusiast

    Unova Written Log Commentary Mon Walking to Yggdrasil- A Pokemon Black Nuzlocke

    Why hello there viewer, and welcome to my first post on this forum! Below this statement you will find a contents page (providing I can figure out how it works 🤣) where I will put all my updates on how this Nuzlocke of mine unfolds. Chapter 1 (You are here right now!) Chapter 2 Chapter 3...
  8. bumblebee

    Written Story Unova Mature Mon Strength and Other Disillusions

    Updates every other Friday. In which our protagonist kicks a bat, a duck and a sentient loud speaker duke it out, and a gift is given. [/SPOILER]
  9. pikafan96

    Screenshot Unova Teen Hack Mon Ashes of Glory - A Pokemon Blaze Black Nuzlocke [COMPLETE]

    Hello internet! It's me - Pika, and I've decided to officially go insane! After the success of my Platinum nuzlocke I knew that I wanted to keep going, and in my infinite wisdom I also decided that I wanted more of a challenge. (For some reason...) So I have returned once again, and this time...
  10. vizarding

    Comic Unova Teen Gijinka Godless Lands - A Pokemon White Gijinkalocke

    Welcome to the land of Unova, a civilization thriving under the protection of its very many Gods. Praying to the Gods grants one the Gift of Power, and the Gift of Growth. There is a God to worship for almost anything, but the major pantheon is defined by eight major shrines set up in cities...
  11. NightFlowerLuv

    Screenshot Unova Teen Mon Luv's Hot-Blooded Black Nuzlocke

    Hello, everyone! I figured since this is my first thread here and I just joined I should give a bit of background because my approach to Nuzlocke is both very standard and very weird at the same time. I'm NightFlowerLuv, Luv for short! I've been dabbling in Nuzlocke Challenges for... gosh...
  12. THKS

    Screenshot Unova Mature Hack Mon United We Stand, Divided We Fall: A Pokemon Volt White Squadlocke

    So If you're new here, hi. I've done a Nuzlocke before. Last year I did my very first Nuzlocke that was documented, and the game I played was Fire Red Omega, an enhanced version of the Fire Red/Leaf Green games, though with Elekid, Smoochum and Magby as starters, among other noted changes...
  13. DARK FALLS 2 by temmybanana on DeviantArt

    DARK FALLS 2 by temmybanana on DeviantArt

    Page two my peeps~
  14. DARK FALLS 1 by temmybanana on DeviantArt

    DARK FALLS 1 by temmybanana on DeviantArt

    I started this comic YEEEARS ago so please have mercy OTL I'm trying to update this comic more regulary (monthly I'd say, I have a full time job AND a side job) starting December 2020. ENJOY~
  15. Nate

    Video Unova Teen Team Cobratryke Lightningbolt Presents: Pokemon White 2 Randomized Nuzlocke!

    Hey, everyone! Starting this week in Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt's Pokemon Friday slot, we will be doing a Nuzlocke of Pokemon White 2, but randomized! We sure would appreciate it if you stopped by! cobrastryke_lightningbolt,48530413 Check out the VOD playlist on Youtube!
  16. lucas2

    Comic Unova Teen Mon [INDEFINITE HIATUS] Wintry Nights- A White Opponentlocke

    So I actually finished the game before posting a comic run this time kek, and I'm quite pleased with the outcome of this one! Speshul Stuff Christmas
  17. ratrascal

    Comic Unova Teen Mon For What It's Worth: A Pokemon Black Nuzlocke

    "The time is right for starting a Pokemon adventure, and Nuvema's local teens are finally ready to head off on their own. Avery, humorous and laid-back, finds herself caring for an Oshawott with a puzzling lack of confidence for a starter Pokemon. It was supposed to be a simple journey, but no...
  18. feraligatr

    Video Unova General Let's Play Pokemon Black Randomized Nuzlocke!

    I'm a masochist with no self control so it's time for a new run! In video format this time! Please be warned that I am by no means an expert editor and the quality (particularly the audio) is really not that great. I'll try to improve on it but this is just something I wanted to do for fun so...
  19. SimplyUnknown

    Written Story Unova Teen Healing Wish: A Black Nuzlocke (Completed)

  20. P

    Human Nature - A Black Story/Log

    Well, here we are. This is my first Nuzlocke I have posted on this forum (I haven't really taken notes in previous ones). This will be a mixed commentary and story run - the battles and Pokémon info will be commentary-style, but the game plot/human characters will be handled in a story format...