#ultra sun

  1. Requesting Eggs for Egglocke *ULTRA SUN

    Hey y'all, I am looking for eggs for a new egglocke I am revving up. Please let me know if y'all can get me some!
  2. Pentatope

    Screenshot Alola General Commentary Lofi - Beats to lose your starter to [Pokemon Ultra Sun Nuzlocke]

    Lofi - Beats to lose your starter to [Pokemon Ultra Sun Nuzlocke] “Your weekly subscription of chill, Ultra Sun Nuzlocke. Updates 1-2 Weekly” [/FONT][/SIZE] [/SPOILER]
  3. Nickytung

    Written Story Alola General Monolocke Master Alola Edition; Episode 2: Bug Maniac

    Monolocke Master is a challenge I took on last year; 18 monolockes of Ultra Sun with every single type of Pokemon existent. The RNG decided to destroy me from the beginning, assigning me Dragons, arguably the hardest type there is, due to the scarce availability and the enormous amount of time...
  4. Arie Kazami

    Screenshot Alola Teen Mon Soul of the Sun - The Adventures of Arie Alvian. An Ultra Sun Screenshot Run.

    Hello again! I Heard everyone now moving to this new forum for their nuzlocke run. That's kinda saddening, but I decided to move along to the new forum and thanks again for accepting me here. Now I'm doing a new run which is still Pokemon Ultra Sun(in Old forum, I'm doing the Ultra Sun written...