ultra moon

  1. Sillyseth14

    My first nuzlock

    Hello. I am doing my first nuzlock in ultra moon and I would like some advice. I am playing with standard nuzlock rules like dupes and shiny clause. I am playing with no items In battle and no over leveling. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do. Also this is a nuzlock that I am doing...
  2. crashcrashcrash

    Written Story Alola Critique Lv.3 Teen Mon The Lesser of Two Evils

    Greetings! Crash here. Locker, writer, ‘vivor, that one. Yes I know Nuzvivor hasn’t even been over for a week saldagfdfjah but there’s only so much summer left, and no time like the present, right? So! The Lesser of Two Evils An Ultra Moon Nuzlocke Basically: Alola but axe the player, Hau...
  3. zombie-zcorge

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Bloom: An Ultra Moon Nuzlocke

    Bloom: An Ultra Moon Nuzlocke Comic By Zombie-Zcorge Hey! Welcome to my Nuzlocke comic, Bloom! This is based off a real playthrough of Ultra Moon that has been documented from start to finish. The actual playthrough ran from 2/20/22 to 3/4/22. Some fights will be altered and some Pokemon will...
  4. QuietGuardian

    Alola Written Log Teen Other Adventure By the Light of the Moon

    Happy February, folks! This is the month in which I will turn thirty years old—so I thought why not do something to enjoy the occasion? And in this case, “something enjoyable” is playing a new Pokémon game. Now, I don’t have a Nintendo Switch (still debating over whether I should get one), so...
  5. glancesherlock

    Alola Written Log General Commentary Incineroar and I Go to the Gym (at Home)

    So before all of this happened (you know, this) I was going to the gym on the regular. Was trying to lose weight both for health reasons and for my bestie's wedding later this summer--I'm the maid of honor. I was working with a personal trainer and actually making good progress! Then everything...