1. Shenili

    Written Log [INCOMPLETE][UCL2] Kanna's Active Day-Care!

    Right now I'm taking care of my neighbour's newly-hatched Bulbasaur named Suva. She's a really sweet girl! I don't usually raise Grass type Pokémon for battling purposes, but Suva has great potential! At this age her teeth aren't very developed yet, so I feed her Rabuta purée and go on frequent...
  2. Bayporeon

    Screenshot [UCL2] I'm No Impostor! - Dark Monotype

    Hewwo gamers! I'm joining very late into the UCL season because all my friends were updating their monotype runs and it made me hunger for my own. Also since a good three-quarters of my decision making revolves around music I like, I was going through my Spotify for songs that would make good...
  3. Chimeric

    Screenshot [UCL2] Thunderpunch!! - Electric/Fighting Duotype Nuzlocke

    So I'm new around here and decided to make my first documented nuzlocke this challenge because why not?? I randomized the types I'm gonna use so there's like no planning being done here, but the good news is that I'll be able to use a starter for 5/7 games ayy. also I'm gonna catch dupes...
  4. SilverDoe

    Written Log [UCL2] A New Challenge(r) Approaches! x7 - Gauntlet Mode

    Hey there everybody! I’m doing a gauntlet challenge for UCL season 2. I was having trouble deciding on what type of challenge to do because I was worried that I’d lose interest in playing the same kind of nuzlocke through seven games. Thus, I chose the gauntlet, which will hopefully keep me...
  5. Lefington

    Screenshot [UCL2] Grass Monotype - The Back of Your Bod is Sod

    Hi there. My name is bulbasaurchikoritatreeckoturtwigsnivychespinrowlet, sometimes known as snivyrowlet, but you can call me Lef. I'm doing a monotype, but I won't tell you what type. You'll never figure it out. suckers.
  6. Anemone

    Screenshot Written Log [UCL2] [Monotype: Bug] Pretend I Made A Bug Pun

    due to the fact that I am not an intelligent person, I will be doing a Bug type Monolocke. while most people are starting with Kanto, I have no access to any Kanto game so I'll just go for the next best thing: Kanto...... 2!! (aka Kalos) is this allowed? Uh. Who knows. but I am doing it anyway...
  7. Shark

    Written Log [UCL2] [Normal Monolocke] insert normal unova run joke here

    hi i'm shark! also known as cleffachi! and i'm a busy college student, which means i 100% dont have the time to do this, right? fuck it idc anyways, this is gonna be a set of written logs because i am playing most, if not all, the games i have on cart, and am also bad at taking screenshots, so...
  8. Zefalcon

    [UCL2] Silver Gauntlets

    Heyo! I'm finally getting around to reposting these on the new site. I'm a bunch of updates behind (currently finishing Platinum in-game), so I'm not going to dump everything here now, but I figure I can at least move the updates from the old site to this one. My game lineup is: Greenlocke in...
  9. Six

    [UCL 2][Nuzlocke Extreme] The Return of the New Kid

    Last time around I only got three games deep, let's see if ramping up the difficulty to a million keeps me interested. This time around I'm also trying something new. I'm going to record every second of my runs (emulator cooperation permitting). This is not necessarily with the intention of...
  10. Tired Pigeon

    Written Log [UCL2] Tired Pigeon's Gauntlet

    Hi everyone! I am Tired Pigeon and this is my first time participating in an event here at the forums! I decided on taking the Gauntlet challenge, and my games will be played like this: I started with Sun wedlocke because this is the most annoying game in my opinion. I CAN'T STAND THAT...
  11. RR Sharp

    [UCL2] ABCs Around The World!

    I'm back and to get used to the new Nuzlocke Forums, I decided to participate, because I'm bored and wanting to watch cute little critters die. Rules I want to apologize for the lack of Screenshots -- I'm using a new emulator and as such I'm working out a few bugs. Bare with me, please.