1. SobaSamurai

    Written Story Written Log Mixed Media Ongoing Teen UCL [UCL4] Around the World in 581 Days: A Standard Nuzlocke Adventure

    First-time Nuzlocke player here, though I've watched several other people do various ones, so I'm not going into this completely ignorant. Though, since it is my first Nuzlocke, I will be doing just a plain standard ruleset. This first post is for rules, the table of contents, and other...
  2. Unprocessed Entity

    Screenshot Kanto Ongoing UCL [UCL4] Struggling - A Nuzlocke of All 9 Generations

    Hey hi hello, welcome to a series of simple nuzlockes, where I foresee nothing but internal and external screaming. Truth be told, though I'm not horrible, I'm not the best at nuzlocking. I know the strategies, the type matchups, which pokemon to use, but somehow it always seems to fall apart. I...
  3. JavierE64

    Written Story Teen UCL [UCL4] JavierE64 Storylocke Anthology

    Good afternoon everyone. I'm taking part of the Ultimate Communitylocke Challenge, where I Nuzlocke ALL the mainline regions in quick succession. And to spice things up, I've decided to make each of the runs it's own Storylocke. Because why not. I've had a couple of ideas for different...
  4. SilverDoe

    Written Log [UCL2] A New Challenge(r) Approaches! x7 - Gauntlet Mode

    Hey there everybody! I’m doing a gauntlet challenge for UCL season 2. I was having trouble deciding on what type of challenge to do because I was worried that I’d lose interest in playing the same kind of nuzlocke through seven games. Thus, I chose the gauntlet, which will hopefully keep me...