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ucl 2019

  1. Shenili

    Written Log [INCOMPLETE][UCL2] Kanna's Active Day-Care!

    Right now I'm taking care of my neighbour's newly-hatched Bulbasaur named Suva. She's a really sweet girl! I don't usually raise Grass type Pokémon for battling purposes, but Suva has great potential! At this age her teeth aren't very developed yet, so I feed her Rabuta purée and go on frequent...
  2. SilverDoe

    Written Log [UCL2] A New Challenge(r) Approaches! x7 - Gauntlet Mode

    Hey there everybody! I’m doing a gauntlet challenge for UCL season 2. I was having trouble deciding on what type of challenge to do because I was worried that I’d lose interest in playing the same kind of nuzlocke through seven games. Thus, I chose the gauntlet, which will hopefully keep me...
  3. Killjoy

    Screenshot [UCL 2] What We Do in the Shadows [Incomplete]

    I don't have most creative title, but I guess it fits. At least it's not super edgy I guess. And while my favourite type is Dragon (and Fairy), I thought Dark/Ghost runs will be more interesting. And batshit hard. And most of my fave character specialise in those types, hell yeah. [/spoiler]...
  4. Zefalcon

    [UCL2] Silver Gauntlets

    Heyo! I'm finally getting around to reposting these on the new site. I'm a bunch of updates behind (currently finishing Platinum in-game), so I'm not going to dump everything here now, but I figure I can at least move the updates from the old site to this one. My game lineup is: Greenlocke in...
  5. Alolan Floatzel

    Written Log [UCL 2] alolan floatzel philanders across the globe

    hello it's me and im tryna bring my completed run numbers up a few these are all just gonna be fun and simple no frills nuzlockes, nothing fancy. standard two rules, pokeball and dupes clause apply. i'll try to get an update out after every completed gym, unless the space in between two gyms...
  6. DrakeX

    Video Written Log [UCL 2] A Country's Unique Culture - GauntletLocke

    G'day to all you esteemed people and welcome to my attempt (Also my first) at this year's Ultimate Communitylocke A Country's Unique Culture - GauntletLocke Time Stamp: July 12th of 2019, 09:15 UTC+01:00 Expiry Date: July 11th of 2020, 23:59 UTC+01:00 In this challenge I will play one game...
  7. Alan900900900

    Written Log [UCL2] Heir of Volcanion: a Water/Fire 7-region Duolocke (Finished)

    Oh hey, I'm late to this! Oh boy! Anyway, you've read the title, you know what's in store. But first the rules! Let's get started, with... not Kanto! We're doing this from earliest to latest game, so it's Gold time! Johto is actually one of the regions I'm least familiar with, so this should...
  8. Xerxos

    Written Log [UCL 2] Gotta Nuzlocke 'Em All

    No, the title isn't an exaggeration. I'm attempting to get through every single main-series Pokemon game with the Nuzlocke Extreme ruleset (set mode, no items in battle, and level limit). I'm also using a special rule of my own known as the Global Dupes Clause, which marks any Pokemon that I've...
  9. Raderph

    [UCL 2] Running it Back from A-Z

    We're back for UCL 2, and this time I'm running an Alphabetlocke for a little bit extra spice. I didn't document my last run, so this time I'm going to be writing it out as a Written Log (so that I can't goof up by missing screenshots). In this challenge, I'll be playing Yellow, Crystal...
  10. Fullmental

    [Failed - Lost Footage][UCL 2] Pokemon Wimpy Fire Red - Video Run [Mature]

    Because I decided to just do vanilla rules, here's the Wimpy Fire Red run! I guess that fire is a tiny candle, or a cigarette lighter, or something? I don't know, it's 3am. Don't @ me. After a long, long delay due to video editor and computer troubles, I finally hobbled together the first...
  11. Ypsilon

    Screenshot [UCL2] Tones of Yellow - A Yellow-Grey Colorlocke Adventure

    A color mixed with white is called tint, a color mixed black is shade, and a color mixed with grey is called tone. So, uh, that name is really meaningful, folks! Anyway, the miserable failure of the previous UCL was so fun that I decided to give it another try. This time with colors! Beautiful...
  12. "Absolutely Certain"

    Other Media Mixed Media #001 (Ultimate Communitylocke)

    even though Pantsing's going through extravaganza right now and is in desperate need of updating, i've decided that i don't have enough runs! I recommend reading the below spoiler to understand this run a bit more, as well as understanding why the style is... the way that it is. GAME...