type restriction locke

  1. enbygonetimes

    Hoenn Written Log Mixed Media General Teen Mon Mineralocke Omega, D&D Edition

    unfortunate announcement: this run is apparently just not meant to be, as recently my 3DS has crapped out. i had not completed the gameplay, but even if i recreated the run on citra or something, it wouldn't be the same, since i ended up using a wonder-traded mon or two. if i feel like it, down...
  2. Rainbow Robin

    Written Story Kalos Mature Found Family: A Matter Of Pride

    This run now includes "Previously On" segments. Find the most recent Here. Pride month may be over, but the run will carry on nonetheless. Originally set in motion for Pride, this run is a split-team restricted-type run of Pokemon X, and yes, I do now have two simultaneous Kalos runs, one of...
  3. Salt&PepperBunny

    Comic Hoenn General Mon Finding Your Roots

    🥉 Best Overall Comic 2022 🥉 🥇 Best Main Character 2022 🥇 Welcome to Finding Your Roots! This comic is an Omega Ruby earthlocke that is told in the style of a Pokemon Mystery Dungeons story. Meaning, this is a human-less nuzlocke! Please do enjoy! Summary: Cedar the mudkip has always been an...