1. Nate

    Video Teen Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt Presents: Blind Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Nuzlocke!

    Hey everybody! Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt is back with a Blind Nuzlocke of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! Check it out: We're going to be marathoning the game until it's completed! We hope you'll join us! Youtube VODs:
  2. Nate

    Video Complete Teen [FF2022] Breath of the Wild Weaponlocke (feat. Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt)

    Hey, everybody! As part of the Fall Fundraiser we're going to be hosting a stream of Breath of the Wild using Tiefling_Beret's ruleset. You can read the details here. We're going to be starting the stream Saturday, October 22nd at 9 AM Central Time, and we hope to see you there!
  3. DreamNotePrincess

    Video Unova Commentary Mon (REDO) DreamNotePrincess's Pokémon White Nuzlocke

    EDIT: Hello, so I failed this run a couple of months ago, and after taking a break I decided to come back to it and take on the Nuzlocke again! Rules are gonna be the same Hey everyone! Since I've finished 2 Nuzlockes for Storylocke, I've been streaming on twitch for a couple of months, and...
  4. Nate

    Video Sinnoh Teen Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt Presents: Blind Pokemon Legends Arceus...Nuzlocke?

    Hey, everyone! Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt is back with a Blind playthrough of Pokemon Legends Arceus! I've been avoiding spoilers since this game was announced, so I don't even know if the game can be Nuzlocked, but I'm willing to try! We're gonna be marathoning this game every night until I...
  5. Nate

    Video Sinnoh Teen Team CobraStryke LightningBolt Presents: Blind Shining Pearl Nuzlocke!

    Hey, everyone! Team CobraStryke LightningBolt is back with a Blind Nuzlocke of Shining Pearl! Check it out! You can watch the VODs here:
  6. eshweee

    Video Galar Teen Mon eshweee's ongoing stream series (Pokemon Sword)

    Heya friends! :leechseed: Eshweee here! Thanks for dropping by to check things out - I'm an Sydney-based, Gen III Pokemon Ranger (forever in training) currently streaming my challenge weekly on Twitch. I've wanted to complete a Nuzlocke run for the longest time, so in prep for Brilliant...
  7. NothingButNuzlocke

    Video Johto Written Log Mature Commentary Hack NothingButNuzlocke Continues With Crystal

    Well, hello there. It's been a bit, hasn't it? I needed a rest after Red, but I've got plenty of Pokemon left to drill through, and you're coming with me. This'll be another combination Twitch Stream/VOD and Written Log of my adventures. I'm not as well-versed in the glitches and bugs in Gen 2...
  8. Nate

    Video Unova Teen Team Cobratryke Lightningbolt Presents: Pokemon White 2 Randomized Nuzlocke!

    Hey, everyone! Starting this week in Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt's Pokemon Friday slot, we will be doing a Nuzlocke of Pokemon White 2, but randomized! We sure would appreciate it if you stopped by! cobrastryke_lightningbolt,48530413 Check out the VOD playlist on Youtube!
  9. Nate

    Video Team Cobratryke Lightningbolt Presents: Pokemon Red - STAB-Less Nuzlocke!

    Hey, everyone! Starting this week in Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt's Pokemon Wednesday slot, we will be doing a Nuzlocke of Pokemon Red, but restricting us from using any moves boosted by Same Type Attack Bonus! We sure would appreciate it if you kept up with us...
  10. Tailsimp

    Nuzforum Twitch Stream Compendium

    Hey all! As some of you may know, the forums has an official twitch where we host various streamers from the forum playing through nuzlockes and other fun challenges every Sunday! As we're nearing the end of our blind Shield nuzlocke, I was lamenting Twitch's... less than optimal organization...
  11. SubparCelery

    Twitch Platinum Nuzlocke Series!

    Starting a streaming series on my first ever pokemon platinum playthrough...but it's a me build a team and interact with viewers! Will my team get stronger and prevail...or die horribly? Make sure to follow my channel to get updates on when I go live
  12. Nate

    Video Galar Teen Team CobraStryke LightningBolt Presents: Blind Pokemon Sword Nuzlocke

    Hey, everyone! Team CobraStryke LightningBolt will be coming to you on Sundays from 2-6 PM Central Time for a Blind Nuzlocke of Generation 8! On Sunday, we will randomly decide on which game we will be playing, and which starter we will choose! It'll be fun! For this run, I've remained as...
  13. Nate

    Stream Team CobraStryke LightningBolt Streams!

    Hello, everybody! This is the thread cataloging the wacky antics of Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt, a small group of streamers consisting of: Rusty Nate (That's me!) and my little brother Ian! I'd appreciate it if you kept up with us on our Twitch channel! cobrastryke_lightningbolt,48530413...
  14. Nate

    Video Hoenn Teen Team CobraStryke LightningBolt Presents: Pokemon Emerald Randomized Nuzlocke

    Hello, everybody! For the past month or so, my baby brother and I have been posting Twitch streams of the two of us playing a Randomized Emerald Nuzlocke! It's been super fun! I figured you guys might want to take a look: We stream Monday evenings from 6:30 PM to 9 PM Central Time over on the...