1. Mattelonian

    Nuzforums TTRPG Hub Discord

    Hey there! Do you like TTRPGS? Do you like the nuzlocke forums? Boy howdy do I have the discord for you! The discord is not just for players, it’s for anybody, although games will also be posted there.
  2. Bowser's Family Vacation

    Written Story Screenshot Sinnoh Written Log Mixed Media Teen Commentary Mon Jenga!

    Bad Photoshopping Banner By Me! Welcome to Jenga!: a castlocke of Pokemon Platinum, featuring the elderly-killing, door-despising, inimitable Vox Machina. If that name sounds familiar, either you have also invested literal weeks of your time into nerdy-ass voice actors playing Dungeons &...
  3. SnakeWrangler

    Other It Happened in a Tabletop

    So this is basically "Greatest Chat Group Moments" except it doesn't have to be straight from a chat and you probably get the picture already But yeah share your stories and greatest moments from tabletop games and/or RPGs, from either playing or running - doesn't have to just be DnD, obviously...