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  1. SayleeK

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Commentary Via Memory Lane VII: An Emerald Nostalgialocke

    <<<Sapphire ???>>> It’s a beautiful day in Hoenn… And you are a horrible Chu. Beautifully rendered, though, look at that Flygon! Baby fell down and almost got left behind noooooo 😭 The girls are fightiiiiiiing But wait! What’s this? IT’S RAYQUAZA WITH THE STEEL...
  2. Happy Pride 2019, from FYR!

    Happy Pride 2019, from FYR!

    Happy pride 2019! To all my fellow gays, queers, transfolk, and beyond who read this comic, I hope you have a wonderful month and a wonderful life. These kiddos are marching for you and showing off their colors, haha! So let's show our pride! \(^o^)/
  3. Finding Your Roots Nuzforums Banner

    Finding Your Roots Nuzforums Banner

    Finally made a real banner for the nuzforums! I like how it came out. ^w^ Thank you @Zero for help with the background!