1. turtblurt

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Sprouting from Stone | A Crystal Nuzlocke

    Howdy! I'm TurtBlurt, and this is my Crystal nuzlocke comic, Sprouting from Stone! CW: Pokemon death, occasional blood/violence i dont know how this site works yall work with me here ;w; A Crystal Nuzlocke set far into the future... so far that Pokemon have outlived the human race... Join...
  2. Trollkitten

    Written Story Kalos Written Log Teen Mon Secrets of Aetherai: Lines Crossed (INCOMPLETE)

    So @RubyClaw made this awesome lorelocke ruleset, and I've been playing several different games using this ruleset. But then sometime when I was working on a recent chapter of Ori's Gift, I started delving into the lore of an Unova/Kalos/Galar war that's heavily based off of The Ruin Maniac...
  3. Rumors

    Written Story Unova Teen Eclipsed Dawn (Moving to AO3)

    Hello. Unfortunately, this post will not be an update to Eclipsed Dawn, as much as I would have wanted it to be. I am sorry to say but there will no longer be any more updates to Eclipsed Dawn or any of my other works on the Nuzlocke Forums. I was originally intending to make a soft departure...
  4. JavierE64

    Written Story Hoenn Mature Mon Run Away, Survivors: A Trainerless Sapphire Storylocke (INCOMPLETE)

    In a World where Humanity no longer exists; A Scarred Poochyena, a young Mudkip, and many other Pokémon will begin their journey across the chaotic new region of Hoenn, with the hopes of reaching a better life. Good Evening Everybody; After months of intense planning, Here I present to you my...
  5. Salt&PepperBunny

    The Nuzlocke Forums PMD & Trainerless Content Compendium

    Hello everyone! I'm MouseWithADinosaurTail, local PMD fanatic enthusiast. As of now, there isn't a lot of PMD content on the forums. But there is some to be found, and all of it is really, really wonderful! Hence, I've decided to make this compendium of all the PMD and trainerless content on the...
  6. Robo

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Mon No Gods No Masters

    NO GODS NO MASTERS A comic by Robo Current Gameplay progress: Technically finished 6/21/2017, working on Post Game Current comic progress: Valley Windworks arc Thank you for reading! <3 Deviantart || Smackjeeves || Tumblr (needs updating) RULES 1) If a Pokemon faints, it is DEAD 2) Can only...