1. patchouli

    Screenshot Johto Commentary Reach for the Moon: A Touhoumon HeartGold Run

    hi nuzforums! so spring break is finally here for me..but I got allergies. and a cold. I should rest right? wrong. ...instead I will play touhoumon heartgold! a hack I learned about only recently and was honestly surprised it even happened. HGSS is my favorite in the main series, SS being my...
  2. Sterling-Starlight

    Screenshot Fan Game Hack Other Adventure I Can't Believe It's An Isekai! (Touhoumon Another World Nuzlocke)

    Guys, let's just turn around. We've been out here for hours, and we haven't found anything. Aw, c'mon, Shigeru! We're so close now, I can feel it! I am of a mind with Shigeru, Renko. It is getting rather late, and we do have classes tomorrow... Finally, some common sense in this hogwash...
  3. Tapu Lele

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Commentary Hack Other Adventure My Sanity, I Beg You Adue! - Touhoumon Anther World Nuzlocke

    A while back, when the Nuzlocke forums were hosted by Zetaboards, I went by a username known as Prince Doopliss where one of my first runs was a Fire Red ROM hack known as… Hello, I'm Tapu Lele and while I have plans for the actual main Pokemon games, I feel like filling a void long overdue...
  4. redninjapuffle

    Screenshot Let's Play General [CANCELLED] Another World - A Touhou Puppet Dance Performance Shard of Dreams Nuzlocke

    Hello there nuzlockers, today I will be nuzlocking Touhou Puppet Dance Performance: Shard of Dreams. This is based off of the firered rom hack Puppet Play. This game is a spin-off of a bullet hell series called Touhou Project, which is combined with Pokémon mechanics. It has its own type chart...
  5. Neotornado

    Pokemon Hack Fire Red Hack Touhoumon 1.8: April fools edition

    Helo, I don't think the fire red version of touhoumon 1.8 has enough PC98 characters in its maingame, so I fixed that. also I added in ten desires characters because one of them looks like mima Not the best at hacking atm so SAVE FREQUENTLY! You might just run into bugs. Okay so what this hack...
  6. celebrandas

    Screenshot Kanto General Commentary Hack Mon [FAILED] Celebrandas Attempts a Touhoumon Game Mostly Blind

    Hello all, this is my first run on the new forums, and my second ever documented run. Hopefully this time around my computer doesn't give out on me like what happened last time! :smashpc: This time I'm going to be playing Touhoumon Aqua+Yui/Merry's Version. When I downloaded it, it was...