1. Aszarun

    Written Story Collaborative Teen A Witch's Journal, Recompiled

    Back at the start of 2016 I created a Terraria server and invited members of the forum to join me in playing in order to create a story with our play through. A few other people joined in, those people being; Leafia, Raverist, Brendan, Claymore, and CasualGameFreak. Although Raverist, Claymore...
  2. bread

    Video Games Modded Terraria Server - Thorium / Calamity Expert Playthrough!

    Hey all! If you have been active on the Discord server, you may have noticed a few people talking about Terraria over the last couple weeks or so. Well, it is my great pleasure to invite the community to our next playthrough- Dr. Dastardly's Dangerous Dimension or: How I Learned to Stop...