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  2. The Last Winter pg. 7

    The Last Winter pg. 7

    The end to the battle!
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    the last winter pg. 6.png

    page 6!
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    The Last Winter PG. 5.png

    page 5
  5. Dee

    Unova Written Log General Mon A Fantastic Factorylocke!

    Hello everyone! This is going to be a very informal written log of me taking my new ruleset, the factorylocke (read up more about it here!) through Pokemon Black 2. The factorylocke is a custom ruleset that incentivizes the capture and use of atypical, "unnatural" pokemon like Vanillite or...
  6. DARK FALLS 1 by temmybanana on DeviantArt

    DARK FALLS 1 by temmybanana on DeviantArt

    I started this comic YEEEARS ago so please have mercy OTL I'm trying to update this comic more regulary (monthly I'd say, I have a full time job AND a side job) starting December 2020. ENJOY~
  7. SayleeK

    Written Story Unova Mature Mon Eternal Enmity: a multi-player Black/White nuzlocke

    In Unova, four teenagers come of age and set out with their first Pokemon. All they want is to travel together and start working towards their dreams. But forces beyond their understanding are about to clash, and will turn everything they know on its head in the process... (Thank you...
  8. Zero

    Comic Unova General Other Adventure Jet's Black Nuzlocke

    Jet's Black Nuzlocke A 2011 Pokemon Black OA Comic (ongoing) Hello! Thanks for checking out my run, I hope you enjoy! You can read the whole comic on Deviant Art, Webtoons, Taptastic, Comic Fury, or JetsBlackNuzlocke.com. I know we're all really happy to have escaped the old forums, but I...