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teen for language

  1. SayleeK

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Commentary Via Memory Lane V: A Sapphire Nostalgialocke

    <<<Crystal ???>>> Preeeeetttyyyyy…. Weird seagulls they have here in Hoenn Hello, double battle foreshadowing! And hello all of you, and welcome to my Sapphire nostalgialocke! This is my fifth run in a series, but you don’t need to have read the previous runs to enjoy this one, I...
  2. Moon

    Nature's Madness - A playthrough of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX.

    Hellooooooooooooo! I got bored so this exists now. It's PMD DX! Not a nuzlocke! so uh here it is!
  3. SayleeK

    Screenshot Johto Teen Via Memory Lane IV: A Crystal Nostalgialocke

    <<<Gold Sapphire>>> D’aww, what a wee cutie! What’s he gonna turn into? Ohno they’re a brand ambassador In my head, I always hear Meowth’s comment from the third movie: “Looks like alphabet soup wit’out the soup!” A shadow streaks past in the night, drawing the attention of babies...
  4. SayleeK

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Commentary Via Memory Lane II: A Blue Nostalgialocke

    <<<Yellow Gold>>> Once upon a time… this battle probably went really badly because Normal and Ghost types can’t hit each other and Gen I movepools were even more jank in Blue than Yellow Hello and welcome back to my Nostalgialocke, now in Blue version! Also known as a way for me to...
  5. SayleeK

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Commentary Via Memory Lane: A Pokemon Yellow Nostalgialocke

    Blue>>> It's Pokemon's 25th anniversary, and technically in the UK it isn't the 27th yet but it is in Japan and I'm zazzed about the new game announcements, so in honour I'm gonna start posting this run I did a wee while ago! The premise is simple: I'm gonna nuzlocke the first Pokemon game I...