team building

  1. MasterMax58

    Nuzlocke Advice Video Games How this team should look ?

    Hello I'm doing Pokemon X Randomizer Nuzlocke, I just destroyed team flare machine and win vs Lysandre. The Problem is half of my team died during the third battle against him. I lost Lucario, Blaziken and Ampharose. Right now my team needs a rebuild. Can you guys help ? This is my first...
  2. sunburstblue

    Nuzlocke General Do you prefer 6-mon teams or rotation teams?

    When I first started nuzlocking, I focused on the main 6 pokemon in my party and boxed everything else. If I caught a pokemon I really wanted to use, I would switch out a current team member and they would become forever boxed. As I got better at nuzlocking and experienced less deaths (and...