talking mons

  1. Captain Demozan

    Screenshot Teen [UCL3] Running love through the entire world (Rainbow Wedlocke run)[Cancelled]

    Heya everyone. Name's Captain Demozan, and welcome to my entry in the third Ultimate Communitylocke, and my first one. While I'm working on my comic for my Soul Silver randomizer nuzlocke, I might as well also try my hand at this community event to get myself more active in it. Anyhow, I chose...
  2. Washi

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon Wonderwall: A Yellow Storylocke

    If it had been anyone other than True Fargone, Casey the Pikachu would have said "no" to a return to life as a battler. He's been content as a part-time therapy Pokémon and babysitter; as far as he's concerned, battles mean the chance of death and defeat, two things that he's had more than his...
  3. CarrotChipper

    Comic Unova Teen Mon For Victory! A Pokemon White Nuzlocke

    Read the comic on Smackjeeves HERE! Notice! This thread is currently being re-created and is currently incomplete. But the entire comic is uploaded on Smackjeeves, so like, go read it there instead. Hey there, welcome to my very first documented nuzlocke run, For Victory! Originally posted in...