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  1. Tookie

    Galar Written Log Teen Commentary Generation Games- Took Does Shield and Isle of Armour

    So I completely blanked and forgot the SwSh DLC was coming. Oops. One hurried purchase later, I thought what better way to commemorate our first foray into the unfortunate outplaying of team "wait for third version" than a dumb written log"? So! I am playing a fresh Shield run actually as I...
  2. Tookie

    Screenshot Johto Teen Risk and Reward- A Crystal Randomlocke

    What time is it? Time for a hilariously dumb, doomed to fail, GBC randomiser run because sense is so 2019 and I need all areas of my life to be hell. i mean i did want to have fun at some point this year but w/e it's about time i did something on these forums that isn't entirely self-serving...