1. RagstheMimikyu

    Written Story Manifesto: A Pokémon XY Emerald Nuzlocke[MATURE]

    Rules: 1: Only catch the verrry first Pokémon caught on each route! No take-backs or redos! If the catch fails, too bad! You get nothing. 2: Every Pokémon caught must be immediately surprise-traded away. It’ll be so much fun that way! Every trade is a gamble! 3: Pokémon who faint are...
  2. Curly Boi

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Gijinka Misadventure - An Alpha Sapphire Apocalocke

    Hello everybody! This is my first nuzlocke posted to this forum, so if I'm a bit rough, that's why! Welcome to Misadventure - An Alpha Sapphire Apocalocke! First, I feel I should explain the rules of an apocalocke, as it is a bit different from a normal nuzlocke An Apocalocke is a story-driven...
  3. YinYang9705

    Screenshot Hoenn Mature Taking on Hoenn, an Emerald Screenshotlocke

    Ever since I discovered nuzlockes a deacadish ago, I always wanted to publicly do one, show off my pokemon skills to the world you know? Since i am now of a legal drinking age, I figured its the perfect time to do this thing! with screenshots, because I cant draw since this is my 1st time doing...
  4. Rainbow Robin

    Written Story Kalos Mature Found Family: A Matter Of Pride

    This run now includes "Previously On" segments. Find the most recent Here. Pride month may be over, but the run will carry on nonetheless. Originally set in motion for Pride, this run is a split-team restricted-type run of Pokemon X, and yes, I do now have two simultaneous Kalos runs, one of...