1. crashcrashcrash

    Screenshot Written Log Paldea General [Gen IX spoilers] Back to Square One: a deathless violet run

    Hellohellohello. I’m back, as promised, on my monkey business. This run is a (loose) sequel to my first deathless series, nth Time’s the Charm, where I went to Galar and died times before becoming the Champion! It was wild. I won’t be doing that this time. That is, I know myself. I’m not the...
  2. Yami

    Screenshot Sinnoh Sleeping Giants - A Sinnoh Story

    Hello and welcome to Sleeping Giants - A Sinnoh Story. This is a new Platinum story run that I'm doing, the first in what will hopefully be a new series of runs! My name is Yami, and as of the day I'm posting this, it is the 4th of October, 2022, in other words, my eighth anniversary of joining...
  3. Eagleheart

    Screenshot Kalos Teen A New World

    This idea got pretty firmly stuck in my head, so I decided to take a stab at writing it. I hope y'all enjoy it! Chapter 1 - Arrival
  4. UPDOG

    Written Story Screenshot Unova General Mon "A Follow Me" - A Pokemon White Randomizer Run

    Helloooo! I've loved this forum since I discovered it for the first time in 2011, and I'm finally here with A Follow Me: A Black Randomizer run. (The title might seem awkward but i'll explain it once we get further into the story) I've always wanted to contribute a story to this forum and this...
  5. Smoothie

    Written Story Screenshot Hoenn General Hack Mon Seigi No Ken (Sword of Justice) - A Theta Emerald Renev StoryShot

    Hello everyone, I would like to welcome you all to the pinnacle of my creativity. My most ambitious work to date which I hope will inspire you a little bit too. This StoryShot (A Screenshot run combined with a Written Story) was born from the desire I have had for so long to share a story with...
  6. Screenshot Johto Teen Hack Mon Whispers and Bells

    Hey, everyone. I'm very new to trying to make stories work, so please enjoy and let me know what you think. Whispers and Bells is a Dark/Dragon Locke through Storm Silver. The rules are pretty basic, but the game is going to be hard enough to manage while trying to make sure I get all the...
  7. Tokyo Oranges

    Screenshot Let's Play Teen Skies Everlasting - An Explorers of Sky Screenshot Adventure

    With the upcoming release of Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX my want to play a mystery dungeon game, as well as flex my creative muscles at the same time has been renewed. So I figured, why not play Explorers of Sky for about the hundredth time. There's no special rules or shenanigans or...
  8. sky_

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Mon Reckless Renewal: A Pokémon Reborn Storyshot Nuzlocke (Update: sadly cancelled due to significant ethical concerns about the fangame's origins)

    "I shut my eyes, and it all floods back..." Update: This run has been cancelled. Please see my post on Page 2 for more details as to why I want nothing more to do with this fangame. Lucia leapt at the chance to challenge the hardest League in the world. What waited was an underbelly of...
  9. Uberle

    Screenshot Unova Teen Unfamiliar Faces: A Semi-Randomized White 2 Neverlocke

    Hello I am Uberle And welcome to the reposting of my current story run, Unfamiliar Faces I'm using my Neverlocke ruleset, which is quite simple I can't use Pokemon I've used before If they've ever been in my party for any reason whatsoever they can't be caught If you're wondering, here's the...
  10. Dustox

    Screenshot Sinnoh Teen Mon A Bug in the System

    "Every explicit duality is an implicit unity." - Alan Watts Now, the biggest thing I need to talk about is as I've mentioned in BiB's epilogue, I'm not just doing a Buglocke anymore!!! After Z-nogyroP's amazing run of Obsidian, I wanted to try my hand at it as well. I was initially...
  11. Leafia_Barrett

    Screenshot Unova Mature The Twin Gardevoirs: Scorched Unova

    So, it's been a very long time since I first started this run. Many of the people who followed that run no longer come to this site at all, and I suspect that the number of people who even recognize me can be counted on two hands. Now, 3 years after the last update, I have decided to come back...