1. Lady_Sil

    Video Johto Mature Commentary Hack Other Adventure Sil's First Nuzlocke (StormSilver)

    (Tagged 'mature' just to be on the safe side; we use a moderate amount of foul language in our commentary) Hiya, folks! I'm new here. :) I decided recently to try my hand at a Nuzlocke run. Settled on the SoulSilver romhack StormSilver to play. It's going pretty well so far; time will tell...
  2. TheUltraFinder

    Johto Mixed Media Teen Hack Rock You Like a Hurricane - Storm Silver Nuzlocke in Many Media (Failed)

    Hello, Storm Silver Nuzlocke Here, but first, some Disclaimers 1. This will Update... Pretty Erratically, With School and everything else going on 2. Updates will be short-medium, with a few long for the e4 or red or whatever