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  1. Pwapy

    Screenshot Sinnoh Teen Pwapy's First Ever Platinum Nuzlocke!

    Hey there! I'm Pwapy. This is my first ever nuzlocke, sorry if my inexperience shows 😥. Platinum was the first ever Pokémon game I'd played. It had come out in 2009, when I was 7. I have many fond memories, but I never actually went back and played it. So here I am. Part 1: I hope you all...
  2. celebrandas

    Screenshot Kanto General Commentary Hack Mon [FAILED] Celebrandas Attempts a Touhoumon Game Mostly Blind

    Hello all, this is my first run on the new forums, and my second ever documented run. Hopefully this time around my computer doesn't give out on me like what happened last time! :smashpc: This time I'm going to be playing Touhoumon Aqua+Yui/Merry's Version. When I downloaded it, it was...
  3. Gloochi

    Screenshot Johto Teen Commentary Dear God Help Me - A HeartGold Nuzlocke

    Hoo boy, I haven't done one of these in a long time, and I never finished any in the first place. Let's dive right in, shall we?
  4. Written Story Sinnoh Mature Mon Like No One - a Platinum Nuzlocke

    Hello world! Welcome to Like No One! I'm excited to be here, even more excited that YOU'RE here, and with the new forums I'm excited to relive the tale as I upload here on a regular schedule. Whether you remember this run from the old forums or are brand-new to Sam Huntsmann's tale, I hope...