1. Nate

    Tool [Worldbuilding] Pokemon Sports Team Names 2023-05-09

    Hey, y'all! Back in the day, I used to be a driver in the Tournaments Room of Pokemon Showdown. We occasionally hosted draft-style tournaments there and sometimes players needed help coming up with ideas for team names. To help these players out, I created a list of alliterative names based on...
  2. Snake Pit Unova

    Screenshot Let's Play Mature Journey of Wrestling - Electric Boogaloo (a Golan and Globus Production)

    - Eddie Kingston CW: language, violence, blood, innuendos, the 80s, butt rock, blasphemy, wrestling The last time I posted a thread here, I was nineteen and had dreams and hope and (presumably) a future. If there is a god out there, I'd like to ask it to please bring back my wasted youth...
  3. SprungGeoduck

    Original Pokemon Motorsport World Series

    ...Vivace made me do it POKEMON MOTORSPORT WORLD SERIES As you may be able to surmise, Pokemon battling is not the only professional sport that exists in this fine Pokemon world of ours. From football to surfing, many people get their kicks from other athletic pursuits. One such discipline is...
  4. Snake Pit Unova

    Written Story Screenshot Let's Play Teen All Thorn, No Rose - Fight Night Round 3 Career Mode

    All he wanted to do was change his future. That was more than worth the lifetime of concussions to come. A sports story guided by screenshots from an old licensed sports game. This can only go well. Content Warnings: blood, injuries and realistic violence "Some people get all the luck."