1. sir cottonee

    Written Log Mixed Media Paldea Teen Commentary Mon Good Scarlet: The Old and the Hopeless

    Spoilers ahead! This is a mostly-blind (stupid yt thumbnails...) Scarlet run in a commentary format with drawings interspersed. I hope you have fun. I mean, I want to have fun. Let's both have fun! Also, I haven't played a pokémon game since White 2. Oops. A quick word of warning - this...
  2. Nate

    Video Teen Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt Presents: Blind Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Nuzlocke!

    Hey everybody! Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt is back with a Blind Nuzlocke of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! Check it out: We're going to be marathoning the game until it's completed! We hope you'll join us! Youtube VODs:
  3. bread

    Written Story Galar Mature Mon The Coming Age - A Pokemon Sword Nuzlocke

    Hello! And welcome all to my first Nuzlocke / Storylocke - The Coming Age. LATE EDIT : Feel free to comment anything, I am admittedly response starved and crave critique ;-; [Critique Level 5]
  4. Argentum

    Aureum’s Extra Spicy Power Rangers Reviews

    Well greetings everybody, it’s me! I mean I’m guessing at least a few of you guys recognize me while everybody else is probably wondering who I am. I’m Aureum, despite being a new member compared to everybody from all the previous forums I’m quite active in the Festival Plaza and you can also...
  5. Lefington

    Apps Closed Roleplay For Glory! - A Pokemon ReBURST RP

    Good morning people of Ilottems, and welcome to Escutch News, your source of news straight from our capital city! I'm Johan Collum. Alondra Boolasis has the morning off. As you may know, the start of the new Burst season is upon us. Well it has been recently confirmed by Mayor Lee that Delta Co...
  6. Fool

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Critique [Cancelled]

    I'm going to be making an audio series that gives my criticism on SwSh based on sessions of notes I have taken. This will be a spoiler heavy, highly critical series, that will most likely have a very negative tone throughout. If you do not like cursing, yelling, or someone getting very...
  7. Couples-Consoling

    Video Galar Mature Commentary Mon Couple's Consoling Pokemon Shield Blind Nuzlocke!

    Hello! I'm David, my wife is Ali, and we've been doing a White 2 Nuzlocke run around here lately... but now that Sword and Shield are out, we're VERY excited to show the first episode of our blind Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke! We're going to be doing the standard rules - one Pokemon per area, knock...
  8. SimplyUnknown

    Thoughts and Musings Through Pokemon Shield (Spoiler Heavy)

    So as of posting this first post, there are only 6 days until November 15th, 2019. Which means there are only 6 days until the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, the first mainstream Pokemon games for the Switch! :yay: Finally, a Pokemon game with multiple save files! At least, if it's...