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  1. JAUNTYedits


    [WATCH_IT_HERE] also this site is confusing
  2. Rynale

    Comic Johto Mature Mon Outbreak! Soul Ties

    Outbreak! Soul Ties a soul silver randomlocke Kerrin and Willow have returned! Due to a change in plot and art style, I shall be updating this Locke from the beginning. Due to plot changes, Willow will now be replacing Silver as the main rival. Chapters will be updated monthly I...
  3. R

    Written Story Johto Teen Mon SoulSilver Randomized: Ficlocke - A run where I kin assign every Pokemon

    Hello! I'm Sami, any pronouns. Today I'm testing out a new run idea I had, inspired by stuff like Saltydkdan's Friendlocke series. I wanted to do a run similar to that, but I don't have enough interested friends for something that big. So I had the idea for something different! Ficlocke...
  4. Bowser's Family Vacation

    Screenshot Johto Written Log Teen Commentary Paper Bowser and the Thousand-Year Grind

    Updates between training sessions. You see, it all started when Bowser got interested in the lorelocke ruleset and thought Johto, the region in Pokemon that seems to be the most “old-fashioned” or in-tune with its legends, would be an appropriate setting… [/TD] [/TR] Cragley (Route 46)...
  5. TazKoal

    Taz's Soulsilver No Healing Items TikTok Nuzlocke!

    Hey everyone! I recently started a Soulsilver no healing items in battle nuzlocke over on TikTok. I thought I'd post it here for your viewing pleasure! I'm only up to two episodes, and they're both only 30 seconds each, but I'll be updating this post when new episodes are done. The vid on the...
  6. Vixenkiba

    Comic Johto Teen Other Adventure Mon FoRLoVE - A Soulsilver adventure

    [ FoRLoVE ] Forge of Reality: the Legend of Vulcan and Eclipse A Pokemon Soulsilver Nuzlocke comic Hi, I'm Vixenkiba! FoRLoVE is my story based on my Pokemon Soulsilver Nuzlocke run, with some extra sprinkled-in ingredients of sci-fi technology, deities, yokai, geology, and a loooot of...
  7. FoRLoVE Cover by Vixenkiba Title.png

    FoRLoVE Cover by Vixenkiba Title.png

    Cover illustration for my Nuzlocke comic FoRLoVE
  8. FoRLoVE Cover by Vixenkiba

    FoRLoVE Cover by Vixenkiba

    Cover illustration for my Nuzlocke comic FoRLoVE
  9. [ FoRLoVE ] Eclipse Reference Sheet

    [ FoRLoVE ] Eclipse Reference Sheet

    I created a reference sheet for my nuzlocke webcomic protagonist Eclipse! I figured I wanted to be consistent in the way I draw her and her expressions, so I learned a lot from drawing this :D
  10. MintStarMari

    Johto Mixed Media Teen Mon Silver Light: A Pokemon SoulSilver PictureLocke

    Hello everybody. MintStarMari here with the ruleset for a SoulSilver Nuzlocke I'm currently working on. It's my very first run to be posted here. Rules: *Any Pokemon that faints, it's dead. It can't be used anymore and has to be permanently boxed in a special PC box and subsuquently released...