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  1. TheSilverSableye

    Screenshot Johto Teen Mon Perseverance: A Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    Oh hey it's my first Nuzlocke Why do I suddenly have this chilly feeling? Hello out there in Nuzlocke Land! My name's TheSilverSableye, but you can call me Silva, and welcome to my Soul Silver Nuzlocke! Me and Nuzlockes have a bit of a history; I've been reading Nuzlocke comics since I was...
  2. Written Story Johto General Destiny Is For Chumps: A Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    Hello, fellow Nuzlockers! Welcome to Destiny is for Chumps: A Soul Silver Nuzlocke! I'm silvertongue, and it's a pleasure to meet you. In this Nuzlocke, you'll find adventure, snark, antics, and shenanigans of all kinds. I hope you enjoy!
  3. Gecko

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Soul Brothers [COMPLETED; SoulSilver Nuzlocke comic]

    Corey and his adoptive brother, Ty the Totodile, are inseparable siblings ready to take the League challenge together! But their adventure may hold more than they ever bargained for... Teen rating for occasional swearing, violence, and mild blood. Open to constructive feedback about the art...
  4. Pg 67

    Pg 67

    She really thought her failure to help Alma lead to her death there for a second.
  5. BirdkeeperRue

    Johto Written Log Teen Commentary Mon Ballad of a Stupid Idiot Poopface - A Pokemon SoulSilver Wedlocke

    Hello and welcome, one and all, to my first nuzlocke that i'm documenting somewhere and also in all likelihood the first one I'll see through to the end- provided I don't lose or forget about it. But anyway, HeartGold and SoulSilver are great, they were my first Pokemon games, yadda yadda, so...
  6. NinjaBread

    Written Story Johto Teen Mon A Soul That Shines Silver

    Hello everybody! This is the very first written nuzlocke I've done based on my Soul Silver run that I've done a few years back. I actually had it on AO3 a while back but I decided to rewrite it and that became outdated and I wiped all the old stuff from AO3. Speaking of which, read it on AO3...
  7. ShiguKun

    Sigma's SoulSilver Nuzlocke REBUILD - again

    Omg a dead person Hi everyone, I kinda disappeared from the old forum and dA due to life becoming very hardcore, but I've actually been back in the Nuzlocke game for a few months now, but since I'm also very stoopid I forgot about the forum, and some friends reminded me about it and had to...
  8. Liberty Banner 1

    Liberty Banner 1

    The original banner for "Liberty" on the old nuzlocke forum's website.
  9. jadethestone

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Liberty - Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    Will really isn't interested in becoming a Pokemon trainer and would rather become an artist instead. However, due to her rare ability to speak to Pokemon, her parents and Professor Elm get the wrong idea and believe that she is destined to be a Pokemon Master. Will ends up finding herself...
  10. Pg 61

    Pg 61

    Considering she's supposed to be somewhere with a Gym, you can guess she's pretty far off~ Also! The sign was based off a sign at my old library! They had a local class (or art club?) paint the sign that said "Welcome to the Library!" with books! I tried to copy that but with flowers.
  11. Pg 60

    Pg 60

    Ahh, what an intimidating stranger.
  12. Page 59

    Page 59

    So uh... I might have a different interpretation of the togepi egg story-line;;;
  13. Page 58

    Page 58

    First real page of chapter 2 is finally here!
  14. Page 57

    Page 57

    Awww yeah baby we're back! (and with only 1 hour of August left!) New page next Friday, Sept 6th!
  15. TJ Nataku

    Written Log Johto Teen Mon Nataku's Soul is born. (Soul Silver Nuzlocke)

    Hi there, Im TJ Nataku. This will be my first nuzlocke run, I will of posted on a forum. I've decided to run SS because it my faviorte game in the series and never completed a SS nuzlcoke with Chikorita before. Im new to posting runs so any advide is welcome. Rules. You can only catch the...
  16. Tailsimp

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Step By Step By Step

    Time heals all wounds, or so they say. But scars run deep. When the past seems to offer nothing but hurt, how can you move forward? Step by Step by Step is a story of recovery, dealing with the past, looking to tomorrow, and living on despite it all. Join Alma and Cynder as they journey across...
  17. Comic Cover

    Comic Cover

    Journey of 1000 miles~
  18. SysterSyn

    Comic Johto Teen Gijinka Eye of the Storm

    Eye of the Storm is discontinued. Unfortunately it didn't work out for me, but at least you can appreciate my first few pages and the improvements I made along the way. Ocasionally it surfaces from the void, so maybe it'll make it's return someday~ Enjoy!! Start Reading!