soul link

  1. lucas2

    Screenshot Kalos Written Log Mixed Media Teen Mon You Can Now Play As Luigi: An X/Y Soul Link Artlocke brought to you by Lucas and Eon (2021 Extravaganza Winner- Best MC in a Screenshot Run)

    Xerneas & Yveltal, Life and Death. These two forces have clashed for longer than man can remember. And today, they've successfully convinced their descendants to set out on a Pokemon journey to destroy one another for good. But what they don't know, is one cannot exist without the other...
  2. TheTRUEgge

    Written Story Unova Mixed Media The World Torn Asunder: A Randomized Black/White Soul Link Nuzlocke

    So. Ah. This is not the thread I intended to post next. The muse calls, though. A few weeks ago, my friend @novamallow and I decided, on a whim, to do a randomized BW Soul Link Nuzlocke. This isn’t the first joint Nuzlocke we’ve done, but for some reason, my brain decided to get very...
  3. Kirilish

    Comic Unova Teen This World We Share [B/W Randomized Soul Link]

    GAME STATUS: COMPLETE | COMIC STATUS: ONGOING (PART 1) SUMMARY Luka Ersatz is a rising idol taking on the gym challenge for the sake of reality TV, armed only with his Pokedex and a Dratini who acts more like his mother than his partner. Lucy Rowan is an unregistered trainer threatening to...
  4. Vivace

    Oodles of Doodles - A Soul Link Run of Pokemon Wack with 0 Anonymous

    GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING NUZFORUMS! While we're all getting excited for the new pokemon games (or maybe not lol), 0 Anonymous and I have something really special to show you. Behold! Pokemon Wack edition! Now, before you all tab out. This may look like your ordinary joke hack, but this game is a...
  5. estralita

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side

    Hello, hello. Double welcomes for the Double Pearl Soul Link (no copy of Diamond available) and one more for the new forum! Time to get to reposting! Then, later, to replying! The gameplay was done alongside my pal RubyClaw, who you probably already know. He's not doing the writing, but has...
  6. k80

    Tool Soul Link Utility

    you have to make a copy of the spreadsheet please stop emailing me for edit perms A soul link is a nuzlocke where two or more players are "linked" and each play through their own nuzlocke, with their actions affecting the other player(s). Every catch is linked to the other player's catch in...