smash bros.

  1. Skarmizard

    Skarm Talks Smash

    So I'm pretty sure most people here know I'm a huge Smash Bros. fan-heck, my first project since coming back to the forums was a Nuzlocke of Ultimate's story mode *casually points at the screenshot in my sig*. And one of my favorite things about that run was being able to talk about Smash with...
  2. Skarmizard

    Screenshot Let's Play General A (100%) World of Light Nuzlocke (COMPLETE)

    Welcome to my first project on the new forums! So next to Pokémon, Smash Bros. is my favorite game franchise of all time, and Ultimate may be my favorite game of the series-I've sank what's probably an unhealthy amount of time into it. The story mode, World of Light, is polarizing, though-some...