1. Snake Pit Unova

    Screenshot Let's Play Mature Journey of Wrestling - Electric Boogaloo (a Golan and Globus Production)

    - Eddie Kingston CW: language, violence, blood, innuendos, the 80s, butt rock, blasphemy, wrestling The last time I posted a thread here, I was nineteen and had dreams and hope and (presumably) a future. If there is a god out there, I'd like to ask it to please bring back my wasted youth...
  2. Obelisk

    Driving Tin Cans

    Hi all, If the title isn't super clear, this is just a blog about me dabbling in/committing to competitive racing in Gran Turismo. For those who aren't aware, Gran Turismo is a wildly popular series of racing simulators that started in 1998 and is currently on its seventh entry, Gran Turismo...