sims 4

  1. SayleeK

    [FF2022] The Sims 4 nuzlocke: Newson edition [COMPLETED]

    Time to do some Nuzlocke Pioneering for the Fall Fundraiser, wherein, unlike how I usually play the Sims, I'm trying not to kill anybody, not even if it's funny! I'm playing by a mishmash of @Arowana 's proposed rules: THE GOAL: raise 6 children to young adult age without any of your kids...
  2. Spacey

    Screenshot Written Log Complete Teen [FF2022]Sims 4 Raising Toddlers Challenge

    Guys, I'll be honest, I wasn't sure I was going to have the time or energy to learn a new game to do a challenge, but Arowana posted a Sims challenge and my life schedule is relatively back to normal for the time being so now I'm just... doing that. I may have some experience in this game. Just...
  3. surfe

    Screenshot Let's Play Teen Naomi's Neckcellent Adventure - A Sims 4 Vampire Thing

    The Nuzlocke Forums are finally back and usable again, and I feel like doing a Sims Thing. Now that Tapatalk is no longer crushing my creative bones, I figure I should celebrate by doing something slightly unusual! Most Sims runs I've done in the past have been legacies, which are basically big...