short story

  1. glancesherlock

    Written Story Galar General Grimwood

    This run is the result of growing up reading a ton of old fairy tales, a love of folklore, binge-watching Monstrum, and listening to 100+ episodes of Lore. Long before mass deforestation and the construction of large, sprawling cities, forests were terrifying. They were mysterious, dark places...
  2. Fool

    Written Mature Burying Your History - PMD RP Oneshot Story

    Thousands of moons ago, a great calamity struck the land of Kingriel. The earth beneath began to crumble and shatter, the skies were darkened with malevolence, and the seas roared in agonizing fury... "But in all honesty, who gives a shit." The old Ditto yawned as they put down the book...
  3. glancesherlock

    Written Story Kalos General Gijinka A Light for the Lost [COMPLETE]

    Tell me everything that happened, tell me everything you saw. They had lights inside their eyes. They had lights inside their eyes. Did you see the closing window? Did you hear the slamming door? They moved forward, and my heart died. They moved forward, and my heart died. Please, please tell...
  4. cjapples

    Written Story Hoenn Mature Mon The God of Thunder

    Hi everyone! CJ here. This was my first ever storylocke, which I posted a year after joining the forum community. It's based on THIS nuzlocke of randomized Emerald, and specifically on the fact that in this playthrough, I ran into a TON of wild Raikou. It's a short story that was originally...